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50 Amazing Baby Names That Mean Water For Girls And Boys

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Busy going through various themes and names that will be ideal for the little bundle of joy who has just entered your world? Wouldn’t it be a good idea for you to name your little darling with something that means water? You cannot live without water just like you cannot imagine your life now without your precious bundle. Water represents strength and calm and aren’t these traits really desirable in your child as they grow up?
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50 Amazing Baby Names That Mean Water For Girls And Boys

Given below are some lovely names that mean water for your little boy or girl that you may fancy. So go ahead and take your pick.

  1. Kendra: A beautiful American name for your little girl that has the meaning “clear water”
  2. Maya: A lovely name of Hebrew origin for little girls which means “water”
  3. Mira: An Indian name that means “sea or ocean” in Sanskrit
  4. Moselle: Another unique name of Hebrew origin for your little girl that has the meaning “drawn from the water”
  5. Nerida: A Greek name for your adorable princess which means “sea nymph or mermaid”
  6. Talise: A unique and beautiful name of Native American origin apt for your little girl which means “lovely water”
  7. Tallulah: An Irish Anglicized variation of Tuilelaith, or Choctaw, this is a beautiful name for your little doll which means “leaping water”
  8. Kai: This appealing name of Hawaiian origin means “sea” and can be a lovely choice for your baby girl
  9. Darya: A name of Iranian origin which has the meaning “sea” and a perfect water inspired name for your little princess
  10. Cordelia: A perfectly elegant name of Latin, Celtic origin which means” daughter of the sea”. This name will be apt for your little girl as it has style and substance in it
  11. Furat: An exclusive Arabic name for your princess that means “sweet water”
  12. Sejal: A popular Indian name for baby girls which has the meaning “pure flowing water”
  13. Bayou: An exclusive girl name of Native American origin which means “a small stream”
  14. Aqua: The Latin meaning for water, this is surely an exclusive name for your girl baby. It invokes a calm, blue-green-sea feeling
  15. Anahita: A stylish name of Persian origin which means “water or river goddess”
  16. Hali: A unique baby girl name with Greek roots which has the meaning “sea”
  17. Lynn: A lovely Irish name which means “lake”
  18. Marilla: A beautiful, delicate and sweet Latin name which means “shining sea”
  19. Rialta: A unique name for your daughter which means “deep brook.” This name has a pleasant antique feel to it
  20. Rio: This popular Spanish girl’s name which means “river”
  21. Sedna: A simple water themed baby girl name that belongs to the “Inuit Goddess of the Sea”
  22. Rosemary: A beautiful Latin name for your daughter that means “dew of the sea”
  23. Zarya: Name of a “water priestess” in Slavic mythology and a lovely pick for your little princess
  24. Salila: One sweet Indian name for your little princess which means “water”
  25. Firth: If you are looking for an highly unusual name for your little girl then Firth can be your choice. It is a Scottish name inspired by water, which means “”estuary or arm of the sea”baby names mean water
  26. Namra: A Muslim name for your little girl which means “delicious water”
  27. Toya: A nice Indian name for your daughter that means “water”
  28. Jaladhi: A lovely Sanskrit name for your little girl which has the meaning “treasure of water”
  29. Arroyo: This is a Spanish name which means “a gully or stream “. An exclusive name inspired by water for your little prince
  30. Arno: A nice and unique pick for your baby boy which means “flower water”
  31. Douglas: A name of Scottish origin that means “dark water.” This name has a romantic swag attached to it
  32. Beck: An all time favorite English name for boys that means “stream “
  33. Conway: A lovely name with a spiritual touch for baby boys as it means “holy water”
  34. Dylan: It is a Welsh name tied to the sea which means “son of the sea”
  35. Calder: A conventional name of English origin which means “rocky water”
  36. Coburn: A unique Welsh name for your baby boy that also has the meaning “rocky water”
  37. Dover: Another Welsh name for water and is an ideal pick for your prince
  38. Irving: A Scottish name that means “green river or sea friend”
  39. Lir: A simple and beautiful name that is the “Irish God of sea”
  40. Murphy: A nice English name for your little boy which means “sea warrior”
  41. Neptune: It means “God of freshwater “in Roman mythology. A beautiful meaning name for your precious baby boy
  42. Trent: This strong single-syllable boys’ name of Latin origin that has the meaning “gushing water” can be perfect for your little boy
  43. Zale: A Geek name which has an appealing sound and meaning is apt for your little boy. It means “power of the sea”
  44. Llyr: A beautiful name of Welsh origin that means “the sea”
  45. Destan: A name of French origin which means “by the still waters” and is a great choice for little boys
  46. Nile: A serene and cool name for your baby boy. It’s something different and of course really popular too
  47. Brook: Another name inspired by water for boys. It’s cool and simple too
  48. Bourne: It means “one who lives near a stream” and is a wonderful water themed name for your baby boy
  49. Adrain: One of the most popular names inspired by water for baby boys
  50. Wade: An ideal water inspired name for your little man, which has the meaning “river crossing”

These are just some of the most popular names that have been inspired by water and would be a wonderful pick for your little girl or boy. So go ahead and choose the perfect name for your little darling. For more baby names look here.
If you have more names to add to this list do share it with us in the comments section below.

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