Why does it matter?

Every year, More than a million families lose a child to a preventable injury. When a child dies due to preventable injury, the lives of those families are changed forever. Every 30 seconds we lose a child to an injury that could have been prevented. But this is a problem that we can fix! Come let's explore how we can make this world a safer place for kids!


What we do?

  • A group of Health care professionals passionate about integrating best of current medical science and technology to bring curative and preventive power to the general public.
  • We are committed to prevent Unintentional Injuries & Accidents in children by
  • Educating all stakeholders
  • Creating safe ecosystems where children live, learn and play
  • Providing end to end solutions for a safe environment : Awareness, consulting, Execution.

Kridavat is a global organization dedicated to protecting children from preventable injuries; the number one cause of death in normal children and a global epidemic. Kridavat works with more than 40 members in India and partners in 12 countries to keep kids safe at home, on the road, and at play. We educate parents, raise awareness, create safer environments, and advocate for improved laws to protect children from unintentional injuries.


Who are we??

  • A young dynamic group of multidisciplinary Paediatricians with a vision of providing holistic care for all children.
  • Having trained in best institutes in India and Abroad, our daily work life brought to fore plenty of preventable, non-communicable Child-health issues which needed to be dealt and corrected at community level.
  • With a mission to reach out into the community to address the fears, apprehensions and knowledge gaps of current day parents, caretakers and teachers
  • We at KRIDAVAT live for providing a safe and healthy childhood to the next generations.

Common Questions

  • Q. Why are children more prone for injuries?

    A. Children more prone for injuries for the following reasons:

      a) Infancy: Large head -->Top Heavy -->Toppelable , Mouth everything , Weak legs
      b) Toddler: Curious & Fearless
      c) School going age: Exposed to the outside environment
      d) Teenagers: Physically strong, mentally weak and emotionally labile

  • Q. What are the changes in our immediate environment which puts children at risk?

    A. The changes that put children at risk are:

      a) We are too busy …being busy.
      b) There is no-one to give time and attention to child in their exploratory and curious age group.
      c) Family structure has broken down from big joint families to nuclear families to single parents and child are being left under care of maids and baby centres too early in their life.
      d) Children depend on us for 3 Ls ( Love , Laughter and Learning)…Lets add an S (Safety) to that.

  • Q. What are the common areas where children put themselves at risk?

    A. The common areas which put children at risk are:

      a) Home and Backyard
      b) Schools
      c) Roads
      d) Unsupervised Outdoors

  • Q. What are some of the safety rules in the kitchen?

        Indian kitchens are magical. For a child, an egg turning into an omelet is magic.

    A. Some of the safety rules in the kitchen are:

      a) Do not allow role play inside the kitchen as scald burn injuries are caused with hot oil, hot vessels and hot food.
      b) All cooking vessels with long handles - turn the handles towards the wall.

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