Enjoy Your Pregnancy!!

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Editorial Team

Enjoying your pregnancy ensures sound health of the baby

Old timers would swear on the need to remain happy and cheerful during pregnancy for the sound health of the baby. They say it affects the growth and behavior of the developing child. But staying happy always may not seem possible with the growing levels of stress and fatigue that comes with the passing trimesters. Here are some tips that can really help you to stay more cheerful:

Go shopping: No woman can ignore the wonders that shopping does to their mood.  In fact, most of them say that shopping helps when they are sad. Go for shopping with your partner or your friends and get some good stuff for yourself. These days, there are a number of shops specializing in maternity wear and stuff for pregnant women so you need not worry whether they will have clothes to fit you or not. You could also start shopping for the baby if you like! pregnancy pillow

Go for a makeover: If your ever increasing size during pregnancy is frustrating you, just go for a new haircut. If that does not help you much, then buy some nice clothes and other accessories and change your complete wardrobe. The new look may help you feel good about yourself.

Pamper yourself: This is the time when you have the maximum “me time”. So make the best use of it because after the baby’s arrival, you will not find much time for yourself. Go in for facials, pedicures and manicures, visit massage parlors or spas. Spend time with your friends. Give time to other hobbies and things you have been longing for, say reading books or watching movies. If you are worried about painting your nails, know about it here.

Make friends with other mothers-to- be: When you have friends who are sailing in the same boat, you will be able to share your feelings better with them and they will also be in a better position to understand you. You know that you are not the only one who is facing the kind of uneasiness but there are many others like you who are also undergoing the same changes in mood and body shape. It gives you inner strength and confidence.

Write a diary: A very common practice till a few years back, maintaining chronicles has now taken a back seat with the growth of modern technology gadgets. But keeping a diary or maintaining a personal blog and writing down your feelings in it—the ones you cannot or you don’t want to share with others—is the best way to express yourself without being judged. It really gives you a refreshing feeling.

Go for outings: Ask your friends to take you out to places where you like to hang out with them. Go to malls, exhibitions or cultural events, if you like. This will rejuvenate you and your mood. Only friends know how to make you happy, the most.

Spend time finding baby names: This could be a subject of debate between the partners. Make a list of all the boy and girl names that you and your partner like. This activity gives the mothers-to-be a great sense of pleasure.

Click pictures: Take pictures with your partner of all your happy moments spent together waiting for the new member of the family to arrive. Also, take pictures of some of the first things that you do for your little one, like going for a trip or the first purchase for your baby or anything that is special to you. Taking pictures of your tummy and your growing size is also a great idea. It gives you immense satisfaction to feel your baby grow and you can always cherish those moments later.

Enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest and overcome all the anxieties!

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