50 Precious Gemstone Baby Names

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Are you getting ready to welcome your little one and are busy searching for an exclusive and beautiful name? How about choosing a gemstone inspired name that sound absolutely lovely to the ears as well as enchanting too? It is believed that naming a baby after a precious gem stone will bring lot of prosperity and luck to the baby. So read on and pick out a perfect name from our list of 50 exclusive names that are gemstone inspired and let your baby’s personality dazzle.
Gemstone baby names

50 Gemstone Inspired Baby Names

Here is an exclusive list of 50 glittering baby names inspired from gemstones:

  1. Diamond: As it is popularly said that “A diamond is always a girl’s best friend”, this name would be a lovely choice for your baby girl
  2. Ruby: One of the all time favorite gem stone name for girls
  3. Crystal: This is sure having your little one sparkling. You can call her ‘Kris’ for short
  4. Beryl: This is the crystal that has no color but gets its color from the impurities inside it. This name is becoming very popular these days
  5. Pearl: Birthstone for June born babies, this name would be an ideal choice if you are expecting your baby in June
  6. Coral: Although not a gem stone actually, it can be a lovely oceanic name for your little princess
  7. Amethyst: An exotic lovely purple colored stone is February’s birth stone and would be a good choice if you have your little one coming in February
  8. Penina: The Hebrew word for pearl, this name has an exotic touch to it
  9. Amber: If you wish your princess to have a generous and warm nature, go for this name that will be an excellent beginning for the same
  10. Agate: An unusual gem stone that is believed to make you strong and protect you. Try naming your little one with this lilting name
  11. Emerald: A rich and symbolic name after the lovely precious stone with immense power
  12. Topaz: This golden colored stone is an ideal choice for your baby princess
  13. Galena: A truly exotic name which is actually a grey mineral having a metallic luster
  14. Sapphire: This lovely gem stone name is one of the popular names today
  15. Lolite: This fascinating gemstone name would be rare and sweet too
  16. Hyacinth: Apart from being the name of a common flower, this is as a lovely gemstone that guards you from nightmares and malicious spirits
  17. Ruri: The Japanese version for “lapis lazuli”, this would be an ideal pick for your baby
  18. Ula: This lovely name means “gem of the sea”
  19. Giada: Italian version of the stone Jade and would be a lovely choice for your daughter
  20. Opal: Birthstone of the ones born in October, this stone is known to bring luck and good fortune
  21. Peridot: Birthstone for the month of August, this is an ideal pick for a baby boy
  22. Turquoise: A rare and precious gem stone for people born in December, you can name your baby after this lovely gemstone
  23. Jacinth: Reddish orange shades of this rare gemstone that would be a good choice of name for a baby boy
  24. Onyx: The black gemstone can be a perfect name for your little prince
  25. Garnet: Birth stone of people born in January, you could name your boy after this beautiful gemstone if you wish
  26. Citrine: Birthstone of November babies, this stone is also known as “success stone”. Go ahead and name your boy Citrine
  27. Silver: A very trendy name that is becoming quite popular these days
  28. Jade: Very common in US, this name is used for both boys and girls
  29. Esme: Emerald’s short form, this lovely name would be perfect for your little princess
  30. Marit: This means “pearl” in Aramaic and would be a good choice for your baby girl
  31. Carnelian: A breathtaking red stone not as expensive as the ruby, but sounds nice to the ears and will be an exclusive name for your baby
  32. Esmeralda: This is the Spanish name for emerald and would be wonderful to name your daughter
  33. Gemma: This name that has the meaning “precious stone” in Italian could be considered for your baby girl
  34. Gretchen: This means “little pearl” and would be a wonderful choice for your little darling
  35. Greta: This means “pearl” in German language and sounds sweet to the ears too
  36. Jewel: An apt choice for a name associated with gem stone as it means “precious gem “in Latin
  37. Jett: A beautiful name for your boy and comes from the jet black coal that is utilized for making jewelry
  38. Soraya: This name would be good as it means “jewel” in Arabic
  39. Olivine: A sweet name for your princess and actually another version of Peridot
  40. Bijou: A short and enchanting name that means “jewel” in French
  41. Jasper: An ornamental stone and means “lord of treasure.” Can be a good pick for your boy
  42. Flint: It is actually a black or grey color hard rock. Flint would be a wonderful name for people looking for tough-guy name for their baby boy
  43. Pietersite: A type of quartz, this would make a nice name for your boy who could be called Peter for short
  44. Morganite: The pinkish orange version of beryl, this is also commendable pick for your baby boy
  45. Alexandrite: A very uncommon gemstone that changes color often and would it be nice to name your boy after this gemstone. You can even consider making it shorter to Alexander as a proper name for your baby boy
  46. Sapphira: Greek word for Sapphire, this name would be exclusive and unique for your princess
  47. Margalit: Yet another Hebrew name that has the meaning “gemstone or pearl”
  48. Rita: Greek word for pearl
  49. Diamanda: Another version of diamond and has English roots
  50. Margaid: This also means “pearl” in Armenian

So go ahead and name your little gem after a gemstone and let them shine throughout their lives. More on baby names in our section here.

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