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Going On A Khichdi Diet After Delivery

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Well, after delivery many elders suggest that a new mother be given the khichdi diet in India. Though it may appear as a tasteless start to motherhood, but the very fact that your body after birth is weak and needs time to recuperate, along with many other discomforts, it may not be very wise to have foods that stress your digestive system.
Moong dal Khichdi

  • Why Is The Khichdi Diet Recommended After Delivery?
  • Is It Enough To Have Khichdi After Delivery?
  • What Is Khichdi Made Of?

Why Is The Khichdi Diet Recommended After Delivery?

Since the body is very weak after the delivery, it is believed that the khichdi will be easy on the stomach and thus is highly recommended due to its digestible properties. The gastric organs are not as motile as they should be, owing to the stress of delivery. Hence, you are likely to have an upset bowel and urinary movement. Moreover, you will have difficulty in passing stools, which can stay there for a few days. Diet thus needs to be modified because you could be experiencing pain and discomfort in stitches, especially if you have had a C-section or an episiotomy. Add to that the emotional anxiety and post-partum mood swings, which can wreck hormones. Hence, your diet should comprise of food that does not put a lot of stress on the digestive system, is easy on you and provides ample nutrition. Not recommended medically though, but there is no harm in opting to eat healthy and light khichdi

along with other foods if you like.

Is It Enough To Have Khichdi After Delivery?

For the fact, a new mother’s body needs lots of iron and protein, and a lot of calories as well. In our country, elders of the family make traditional sweets like panjiri, halwa, goondh k laddoo, harira etc. which are made from ghee nuts, and sugar and are high in calories. They are also traditionally believed to help the new mothers in recovery and in the production of breast milk. However, let your hunger be guided by your body’s needs and activity levels. You must know that during pregnancy you have deposited some fat stores in your body, so you do not really need to consume a fatty or sugary foods. Some people say that eating calorie rich foods will boost the production of breast-milk, though that is not completely true. Some foods can definitely help moms who are not producing enough breast-milk, but largely your body is well equipped to produce milk to feed your baby.

What Is Khichdi Made Of?

Khichdi essentially is made up of daal and rice – and has proteins and carbohydrates, hence it is imperative to compensate your diet with other healthy foods across all food groups. It is soft to chew and can be easily prepared fresh as it takes little time to cook. Since it is soft and easy to eat, Your body also needs iron, calcium, minerals and vitamins, and hence the diet needs to be complemented with fruits, vegetables, milk, and other sources of protein. If you are doing so, then going on a khichdi diet is not a problem. Fresh fruits and juices are also recommended, though packaged juices should be avoided owing to high sugar content. Further, a regular and intake of fluids, especially water is recommended to check on constipation. Many diseases are water-borne, so always ensure you have filtered, boiled or packaged drinking water only. A well balanced complementary-diet consisting of varied food groups will ensure that you get enough nutrients to be on khichdi as the mealtime dish.

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