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Going To The Movie Theatre With The Baby

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There is a new movie and your favorite actor stars in it. But you do not want to hire a sitter for your time in the movie theatre. What are your best bets when you have an infant? Going to a movie theatre with a baby is a much debatable topic. Some people strongly oppose this idea, whereas some parents do not see the harm in tagging along their baby to a theatre.
Here, we bring light to the pros and cons of taking your baby to a movie theatre.
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  • Why Should I Avoid Taking My Newborn To A Movie Theatre?
  • At What Age Can I Take My Baby To A Movie Theatre?
  • I Want To Take My Baby To The Movie Theatre, How Should I Prepare?
  • What If My Baby Cries In The Middle Of The Movie?
  • Taking Your Toddler To The Movies With You

Why Should I Avoid Taking My Newborn To A Movie Theatre?

Many specialists do not recommend taking newborns and infants to a movie theatre. A newborn baby is prone to infections. Taking a newborn or an infant to public places, especially enclosed public places like theatres and museums can be risky. The baby is exposed to a lot of people at the same time and can catch infections easily.
The second thing that works against taking your baby to a movie theatre is the risk of strangers touching your baby. When people see a baby they instinctively touch or play with baby. While the gesture is sweet and harmless, it is not very conducive to your infant’s health. Unlike the family members you cannot vouch for the cleanliness of the strangers and asking them to stay away from the baby can be very rude. An infant is very sensitive and susceptible to germs and infections and hence you must be careful about the baby’s surrounding and the company.
Lastly, the atmosphere of a movie theatre isn’t very favorable for a baby. The auditorium can get very dark and cold and it might scare some kids. Also the blaring noise can damage the baby’s ear drums or it might severely frighten the baby, neither of which is good for the baby’s health.

At What Age Can I Take My Baby To A Movie Theatre?

You can take your baby to a movie theatre any time; there is no hard and fast rule against it. Although many specialists suggest you avoid taking babies to the theatre until the child turns 2. By the age of 2 the immune system is much developed and stronger also the child begins to understand music and enjoy visual treats. This makes things way easier for the parents and even the rest of the audience.

I Want To Take My Baby To The Movie Theatre, How Should I Prepare?

If you are planning to take your infant to a movie theatre you need to be cautious and go well prepared and equipped with all the things you might need.

  • First and foremost, avoid going to the theatre if your baby is unwell or under the weather. Theatre auditoriums are very cold and if your baby won’t be able to handle it, it is better to cancel the plan rather than risking your baby’s health
  • If you are taking your infant to a theatre make sure you carry a warm and cozy blanket for your baby. Also make your baby wear socks and cover your baby’s ears. Covering your baby’s ears while in the theatre will also muffle the loud noise
  • Carry milk and pacifier if your baby is small and if your baby is older don’t forget to pack in your baby’s favorite snack. This will keep your baby preoccupied in case your baby doesn’t enjoy the movie
  • Opting for an early day show is also a great option since not many people watch those shows so people might be more tolerant if the baby cries

Mother and daughter in theatre

What If My Baby Cries In The Middle Of The Movie?

Although it is common abroad, unfortunately in India there aren’t any theatres that have shows specifically for parents with kids. Most movie goers do not like to be disturbed even a bit while watching a movie. Certain theatres have a strict policy to maintain silence and decorum in the auditorium.
In such situations, bringing your child to the theatre could be tricky. It is best to seek help from a friend or a babysitter and avoid taking your baby to the theatre. If your baby is small, schedule your movie, according to your baby’s nap time. Some infants sleep through the major part of the movie since the auditorium is dark.

Taking Your Toddler To The Movies With You

If you are taking your toddler to a movie theatre make sure you speak to your baby beforehand and explain your toddler that you cannot yell, scream or cry in the theatre. In case your baby begins to cry or throw a tantrum in the theatre and you are not able to calm him instantly. It is advisable that you excuse yourself and take the baby out of the auditorium.
To take your baby to the theatre or not is a subjective choice. Some parents avoid taking babies, simply to evade awkward stares and requests to leave, in case the baby cries. Parents know their child pretty well. If you know for a fact that your child will enjoy a particular movie without disturbing anyone in the auditorium, you can most definitely take your child, but always be prepared to exit in case the child starts crying or making noise. It is the most civilized thing to do and it will also set a good example.

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