Happy Pregnancy!

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[blockquote style=”1″]Happy mothers have Healthy Babies.”[/blockquote]

They are many factors that support this statement of staying happy. We know that under stress, one tend to sleep less, or lose appetite or over eat, has headaches, mood swings, frustrations and many other such negative results. All these can affect the development of the baby. Pregnancy along with joy accompanies many fears and discomfort. Maybe like what kind of parents one would be, financial concerns, health of the unborn baby or even the new changed body would trouble you sometime. So pregnancy becomes a challenge to stay happy after all these gush of emotions.

Stress releases stress hormones that weakens the immune system of the mother and it is necessary for the mothers to stay fit and strong. Stress can also increase the risk of miscarriage, premature delivery or low birth weight infant. It is important for the mother to stay happy and forget all her worries and stress for baby’s sake. If the mothers are constantly exposed to stress, then it will affect the development of the baby’s brain.

Staying happy gets little difficult during pregnancy because of hormonal and physical changes.

Here are some tips to stay happy –

–          Engage yourself in activities that give you joy and delight like reading books, or watching movies. Always watch and read happy and positive things and avoid depressing ones.

–          Never keep yourself isolated for long. Share your thoughts and feelings with your near and dear ones. If you have any concerns about your pregnancy or any other worries, always share it with the people whom you trust and who will help in finding solutions for it. Share your positive thoughts too, as it will help you in retaining positivity and happiness.

–          Sleep well and rest as much as you can. Being sleep deprived can increase your stress. Naps and sleeps relaxes your mind and helps in keeping your mood better.

–          Pregnancy exercises, yoga or walking also releases stress and keeps the expecting mother active and happy. It makes the body flexible during the time of labour and helps in building stamina. It also prevents constipation and keeps you stress free.

–          Spend quality of time with your partner. Enjoy the calm moments with him. Exchange your thoughts and feelings with each other as it will help in building up strong bond. The thought of having your partner’s emotional and physical support will give you immense joy and will remove your stress.

–          Eat healthy and stay fit. Be careful about your diet plan and avoid food that can be harmful for the baby. Eating healthy food will keep you active and strong. It will help fighting weakness and mood swings.

–          Pamper yourself. Go for manicures, pedicures, body massage and other such girly things that gives you happiness. Have a girls day out and enjoy the moments with them.

–          Always wear comfortable dresses. Colours also play an important role in changing the moods. Go for bright vibrant colours instead of dull gloomy ones.

–          Do not assume things on your own, ask for help and support in case of any doubts. Never keep it to yourself, be expressive and strong.

–          Always stay in a happy surrounding with no stress and worries. Keep yourself engaged in creative and productive work so that your mind doesn’t wander in scary fearful thoughts.

Enjoy every moment of this beautiful journey of parenthood. Create beautiful memories by clicking pictures of every special moment of your pregnancy. Always remember, no matter how fat or unattractive you may become, you are still special and important for your loved ones. So always wear a beautiful smile on your face. If mothers are happy, then the babies too are happy seeing their mothers smiling. Always remember, happy mothers have healthy babies.


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