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How to Prepare for a Business Trip with a Baby at Home

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Going on a business trip is a common part of many jobs these days. Even though you just got back from maternity leave, it doesn’t mean that you are automatically exempt from going on a business trip. Things get back into the swing really quickly after you return to work. You’ve been used to staying home with your baby and taking care of them, but suddenly you are back to deadlines, meetings, and business trips.
Having to go on a business trip can bring anxiety to any new mother. Being separated from your child is the most difficult thing that you will ever do, but it is possible. The best thing to do if you have to leave for a mandatory business trip is to prepare a lot beforehand. This way, your spouse or designated caregiver for your child has clear instructions.
But, there are so many aspects of parenting that just become routine and are hard to prepare for. That’s why this list was created, to help you clear your head and think about what is most important for your baby. Let’s get into it.

How do you feed your baby? Do you give them formula, or do you prefer breast feeding? Whatever you rely on will affect how you prepare.
If you give your child baby formula, you will need to make sure that you’ve stocked up enough for the entirety of your business trip. It doesn’t hurt to stock extra as well, in case something happens, and you can’t get back until later than anticipated.
On the other hand, if you breastfeed, you’ll want to stock up on breast milk bottles. This is as simple as buying a breast pump well in advance and creating a stockpile. Having a stock of extra bottled breastmilk on hand is necessary even if you are not going on a business trip. When buying your first breast pump , note that you should determine how much milk you need to pump and what is most comfortable for you. The length of time affects what brand you should buy.
Sleep Schedule
Creating a sleeping chart for whoever is watching your baby is essential. Nap time is different for every child,and you want to make sure that your child maintains their Circadian rhythm.
The chart does not have to be elaborate. It can simply state the hours your baby normally stays awake versus when they like to sleep. If needed, note any rituals or special toys/blankets your baby needs in order to sleep.

Explaining to someone how you want them to change your baby’s diaper is extremely important. Everyone has a different way of doing it, and one technique might not work for your child. You should either write instructions or teach the person hands-on how to change the diaper.
As well as explaining how to change the diaper, make sure that you have enough stocked up. There are so many diaper brands out in the market these days, and getting the right brand is crucial for your baby’s comfort. Again, stock extra in case anything happens.
Learning Activities
You want to keep your child stimulated and learning while you are away. Give your babysitter books or activities to do with your baby. This way, they are able to continue to absorb and learn material even when you are gone.
Being away from your baby is an extremely difficult thing. But if you have someone trustworthy with them, it makes it a little easier. Just make sure to ask for updates often and facetime when you can.


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