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How to stop menstrual cramps fast

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Menstrual cramps can be annoying and also interrupt our daily life putting our already slacken mood into frustration and pain. Whether you will like it or not, these unwelcome symptoms of menstruation are a natural way of life. It may be just a muscle cramp or it could be a sharp stabbing pain in your lower body; you have got to deal with it! But does this mean that we women have to suffer in silence? Absolutely not! That’s why we have curated 10 best and simple home remedies to lessen or alleviate the cramps.
How to stop menstrual cramps fast

  1. Replenish with Water

Water is by far the best medicine nature has given us for any condition as it is the lifeline of all major functions in our body. Water helps in treating the painful bloating that occurs during menstruation. It is always best to have a bottle of water with you around and during menstruation time because drinking more water will prevent water retention which is the major cause for bloating. If you are tired of drinking plain water, add a dash of lemon and mint for flavorful water which also aids in relaxing your muscles.

  1. Healthy Diet

During menstruation and cramping, your body will crave for comfort food. But ensure that you choose your treats wisely this time around because fattening junk food such as cakes, hips, chocolates and ice creams will not calm your mind than your body. consuming a lot of low fat and high fiber food such as green leafy vegetables, lentils and beans, whole grains and fruits an help your body cope with the cramps. Another suggestion would be to limit or avoid dairy products during menstruations.

  1. Cut down Caffeine

We know it’s difficult, but try and avoid caffeine in the days leading up to and during menstruations and replace your morning dose of caffeine with a fruit or vegetable juice. No caffeine includes energy drinks, chocolates and teas as well!

  1. Warm Your Belly

How to stop menstrual cramps fastTake a heating pad or hot water bottle and apply heat on the lower abdomen to relax your stressed muscles which are causing the pain. If you are at work or out and still want to do this, use the microwavable heating pads and attach it to your body under your clothes.

  1. Exercise

We know you are going to hate us for saying this, but, the truth has got to be said! The best thing to do while having cramps is to do some mild exercise and stretches which will relieve the painful cramps. This is because your brain will release the feel-good hormones called endorphins during an exercise. Trust us on this!

  1. Massage

If you hate us by now for the previous point, here is something that you will love. Massages! Period cramps are an extremely good reason to get yourself some good massage to calm your pounding nerves. Massage your abdomen for a few minutes every day to promote blood circulation and easing the tensed muscles. Using essential oils such as lavender, clary sage and marjoram is a good option as they have pain-alleviating properties.

  1. Acupressure

Acupressure is an ancient tradition of using pressure points on the body to treat ailments. This can also be applied to relieve menstrual cramps and other period symptoms.

  1. Yoga

Stretching your muscles will promote relaxation and there are certain yoga poses which is good for curbing cramps such as bridge pose, staff pose and bound angel. Also, a lot breathing asana will help you.

  1. Sleep Well

Sleep is an important factor at this time. It will be difficult to sleep with cramps but prepare your mind and body for sleep by not watching television or using your Smart phones. Keep the room dark and cool and a comfortable position to sleep. One you wake up, you will feel refreshed.

  1. Tea

We did say no caffeine in point 3. But consuming small amounts of herbal teas can help in alleviating ramps. You can use herbal teas such as hibiscus, lemon, peppermint and chamomile teas. You can begin drinking this a week ahead of your periods.

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