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Is Lunar Eclipse Harmful During Pregnancy?

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Though there is no strong evidence supporting the notion that a lunar eclipse is harmful during pregnancy, but in many cultures across the world an eclipse is considered a bad omen. However, this is superstition has been a part of our lives since generations now. So, how true is it? Does moving out in pregnancy during a lunar eclipse cause a baby to be born deformed? Can cutting something with a knife during an eclipse result in a baby to be born with a harelip? Or touching your belly during that time can really cause a birthmark on your baby?
Lunar eclipse
We have been exposed to such superstitions all our lives but are these truly baseless? What’s the truth behind them?
The truth is, whether you want to believe and act upon these superstitions it is totally up to you. You can follow them if you want to, it’s only a matter of few hours and you and your family will be at peace. But in the event you are unable to follow the customs, you should know that not following these will not cause your baby any harm. You might just want to follow them as a gesture of respect towards your elders or to avoid the unnecessary blame game if God forbid there is some actual pregnancy complications.

  • Will Lunar Eclipse Truly Harm Unborn Baby?
  • What Restrictions Are Followed During An Eclipse?
  • What Exactly Is Lunar Eclipse?
  • Things To Keep In Mind if You Decide To Follow The Precautions During An Eclipse

Will Lunar Eclipse Truly Harm Unborn Baby?

This particular superstition is ingrained in India. As our culture defines us, you will get a lot of instructions of do’s and don’ts from your elders during your term of pregnancy. If it’s your first time then you are bound to be confused by these myths. Our suggestion is that science has an explanation for everything, even the myths. A lot of myths can be explained scientifically. They are just moulded in forms of stories and incidences to make people believe in them. However, there are no reasons or instances for science to believe that exposing yourself during lunar eclipse can cause deformity in your baby.

What Restrictions Are Followed During An Eclipse?

Pregnant women and their babies are said not to be affected by the lunar eclipse if they follow certain restrictions. Some of these common precautions that are advised to pregnant women are:

  • Not going outdoors during the duration of the eclipse
  • Not getting exposed to the light or rays of the sun during the day. Heavy curtains are pulled out and windows are lined with newspapers
  • Not keeping anything in the house that was cooked the last day
  • Not coming in contact with sharp objects such as knife, scissors
  • Not sew or knit on the day of the eclipse
  • Fasting during the eclipse

What Exactly Is Lunar Eclipse?

Eclipse is a mere shadow caused by the moon and earth when they come in a particular position while moving in motion. A shadow cannot do any harm to your baby. Most of the myths recited to you are baseless and have no proper scientific implications. To avoid the guilt trip if you are planning not to follow then read about eclipse on related websites where every astronomical even is explained in detail. You will soon feel content that a mere eclipse cannot harm your baby.

Things To Keep In Mind if You Decide To Follow The Precautions During An Eclipse

It is most likely that you will be asked not to eat or drink anything during the eclipse. This could cause dehydration in your body and can be harmful for your baby. Also, with all the hoopla around you about the event and numerous instructions from your elders about what to and what not to do, it is but obvious that you will become over conscious and anxious. This might result in increase in blood pressure, which can be harmful for the baby. So,whether you follow the age old superstitions or not, it is important to keep yourself hydrated and your blood pressure under control to affirm well-being of your baby. Especially if the event of eclipse is in the summer, then take extra care. Make sure you are not showing the following symptoms if you are not drinking or eating during the eclipse:

  • Severe headache
  • Dizzy spells
  • Acidity
  • Fainting sensations

If you encounter even the slightest of these symptoms, consult your doctor immediately. Take an appointment with your doctor beforehand if a lunar eclipse is going to take place and your family would want you to follow certain customs. Discuss about your options and things you should and should not do to keep your vital signs in tandem.
Eclipse is a natural phenomenon, but if you have your concerns, then remain indoors and follow the precautions. At the same time make sure you do not come too harshly on your body. You will be following the instructions to make sure well-being of your baby likewise you should take care of your vital signs too.
Bottom line is, no eclipse, whether Solar or Lunar, has any effects on your pregnancy, but following the customs and beliefs is your personal choice. Just relax and let the natural phenomenon pass by. It’s just a matter of few hours!

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