Loss Of Pregnancy

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Loss Of Pregnancy

Losing a pregnancy is one of the most difficult times in a woman’s life. Loss of pregnancy may happen with anyone. There are several reasons associated with it. Hormones, accidents, stress, bad relationships, wrong medication, etc can be some of the reasons to cause this irreparable grief. Sometimes the reasons are not even identified in many cases. Miscarriage is the most common type of pregnancy loss which many women suffer at least once. It may be due to some chromosomal abnormalities or abnormal shape of uterus structure or any infection and even sometimes stress can also become the reason for the loss of pregnancy. Immunologic disorders, Uterine Abnormalities, Incompetent Cervixes, untreated illness like thyroid, diabetes are other reasons for the loss of pregnancy. Truly speaking reasons for miscarriage may vary case to case.

When you loose a pregnancy it is very obvious and normal to feel sad, shocked, depressed, and alone. Every woman who experiences miscarriage goes through all these feelings. A man may not express his sadness or feeling the way women does. Their way of expressing themselves in such circumstances is different which their partner should understand. You both should understand each other’s feeling and should support each other in such a difficult time. Give time to yourself that it is not your mistake. It happens with other couples too. Never presume on your own that after miscarriage you cannot become pregnant again which is rarely a case. Consult your doctor for the same. Try to keep yourself busy in whatever gives you peace. Take a few days off from work. But do not run away from your friends and family, face them! You will not realize how your loved ones will support you to cope with the situation. Give yourself some time to heal, slowly and gradually understand the loss and face life. pregnancy pillow

When you face this situation, you may try recollecting when you went wrong or all about your medical checkups and many other things. This is very normal which we all do when we become unsuccessful in anything. You seem to blame yourself for everything! Try to understand it is no one’s fault it just happens sometimes. Share your emotions with those around you who have already gone through such trauma. It may help in healing quickly. Be positive about your pregnancy in future. Start adopting your daily routine slowly. Along with the emotional aspect of loss of pregnancy, there are some physical affects also which are not very serious in most of the cases. But it should be consulted with the doctor to make sure everything is perfectly fine within you after miscarriage. Do not try to conceive before seeking medical advice. Do not bottle up your feelings, apprehensions or traumatize yourself with the loss. Talk to your partner, family members and friend and find peace in yourself.

Every woman has her own way to cope up with this situation. Try meditation, relax your body and clear your mind. Seek medical help when you are ready to conceive again.  At the end, being positive in life helps to face anything with courage.

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