Pregnancy At 4 Weeks

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fetus week 4

Week 4

 This is the time when you might have missed your periods. Your body may be giving early signs of pregnancy or if you do not feel anything new, there is nothing to worry about. However, if you have already found out about carrying a baby inside, we wish you the best! Don’t just blast this news on the radio yet, out of excitement and happiness, instead, start taking folic acid (if you haven’t yet started) and try to maintain a good, balanced diet. The body is trying to prepare itself for the pregnancy. This is the time when you should take a pre-pregnancy test as the hCG level in the blood would be on an increase. It’s advised to take the test in the early morning when the hCG level is quite high. If the test is not positive and you are expecting your periods, you should wait for another week and then do the test again.

You have been carrying your baby since two weeks your periods is due, but as pregnancy is calculated from the onset of your last period, you are 1 month’s pregnant.

This week is filled with lot of activities / action happening inside you. From now and till 10 weeks, the baby’s organs will begin to develop. The embryo, has two layers, the epiblast and the hypoblast, and the cells have already multiplied like crazy. It has found a place in the uterus to cling on and in next 36 hrs would fix itself in the uterus. The placenta is also developing along the line of the uterus, and it will be providing oxygen and essential nutrients to the fetus in the weeks to come. The amniotic sac and the fluids are beginning to form a protective, soft layer for the baby’s residence.

Physical and Emotional You:

You might be suspicious of being pregnant since you were expecting your period and it has not begun yet. Unless you have a medical condition, or have had an unsuccessful attempt previously, you could simply rely on your home pregnancy kit.

There may be many apprehensions and you might be going to the washroom to check often, waiting to see if you have your periods. This might feel like waiting for eternity.

  • You may feel pain in the lower pelvis or cramping. The visits to the wash room to pee may be quite often as the blood volume has increased and the full uterus is pressing against the bladder.
  • Bloating is common, since progesterone is on the job.
  • The morning sickness and nausea starts, it is advised to eat frequently and drink plenty of water.
  • You might have slight spotting or light bleeding or a brown discharge, due to implantation. This happens because the uterus is oozing with lot of blood.

Emotionally you might feel blotting, mood swings similar to PMS (Pre menstrual syndrome) and a lot more emotional than usual. If you have been trying to conceive from quite a time now and the tests were turning negative, this period might be stressful. Trust your intuition, and avoid panicking.

Your Baby at 4 Weeks:

While you have been apprehensive about having missed your periods the single cell embryo has divided itself in three distinct layers. Your baby is like a size of a poppy seed and might not be visible to the naked eye. The outer layer which is called ectoderm will become eyes, skin, hair, nervous system, brain and even the enamel of their teeth. Mesoderm, the middle layer, will become the baby’s skeleton, muscles, kidneys, tissues and blood. The layer on the inside of endoderm will eventually become internal organs. At the early stage of pregnancy the embryo has a tiny yolk like sac which provides nutrients. The yolk is surrounded by fluid inside the amniotic sac which later develops into placenta. The placenta grows deep in the walls of uterus to for a rich blood supply to the embryo.

Things to Note

  • You should decide on which gynaecologist to consult. The doctor should guide you about prenatal care and advice on nutrition and lifestyle.
  • If you are not taking any supplements, should start taking folic acid supplements as it reduces the risk of spinal cord related defects in the baby. A prenatal vitamin is also a good choice.
  • Limit the intake of caffeine and soda, this is hazardous for the baby as well as mother. Might lead to miscarriage as well.
  • Avoid having fish which is rich in mercury content.
  • Smoking and drinking may affect pregnancy and the might also lead to defects in the baby, quit, quit, quit NOW.
  • All what you eat goes directly to the baby so be careful in what you choose.
  • Don’t be anxious about telling people wait for some time and let the tummy show!!!!

PS: Every baby grows differently in the womb and outside it. The information presented here is on generic terms, and it does not necessarily holds true for everyone.

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