Your Baby- Month 20

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Baby Development- 20 MonthsA twenty months old baby is a child in every sense. He/she would show excellent communication skills along with locomotion. A child of this age is often the centre of attraction at social events and community gatherings. Also, since school is not far now, it may be helpful to give your child some preliminary idea regarding the same. A preschool may help in this regard. Another trait can be development of fears, which is the result of being highly imaginative at this age and unable to understand what is safe and what is not. Aggression may also develop at this age.

What most babies can do

Twenty months is a lot of time for your child to develop his/her speech properly. Therefore, he/she should be able to carry out vocal communication with relative dexterity. Apart from the essential words, he/she can be expected to have a vocabulary that totals almost 50 words or more. On top of that, the pronunciation can be expected to undergo vast developments, with your child managing certain syllables that were difficult to pronounce a few months back. Moreover, many children are introduced to toddler books and interactive toys. Some may be able to identify and distinguish the basic colours. Games such as matching the lids with the colour of the containers would be accomplished without much difficulty.

The energy of a twenty months old child would make him/her move around a lot. He/she can be expected to use a cycle without much difficulty.

At twenty months, a child is still learning from the world around him. He/she may touch dangerous objects such as wires or chemicals. At times, a bitter experience would be instilled in his/her mind and he/she would remember to avoid that thing from then on. A lasting memory develops profusely around this time.

You may consider sending your child to a crèche or a preschool if both the parents are working. This may make it essential for the baby to manage him/herself for the times when his/her parents are away. Activities such as going to the toilet and eating without help are often regular for children of this age.

What some children can do

A lot of improvement could be expected in the physical development. Climbing stairs should no longer an issue for some children. He/she would be able to climb up a flight of stairs with little support. Toilet training should proceed to advanced stages by this time and your child may even show good ability to follow an established toilet habit. Bed wetting is expected to come down rapidly from this point onwards. Some children may even show the ability to do tasks that require some level of applications, such as the use of a spoon or learning to unbutton a shirt.

What few children can do

Depending on the level of aptitude and grasping capacity, some children may be able to write a few letters of the English alphabet. This of course would not be without errors such as writing the letters in the opposite manner. The same can be said for the numerical digits. An even fewer proportion of children would be able to dictate rhymes or the English alphabet from memory.


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