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10 Tips To Raise Well Behaved Boys

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Raising Boys
Raising boys is an altogether different ball game than raising girls. Boys are surely the tougher gender to raise with their adventurous and risk taking nature. Brains of girls and boys are wired differently, right from birth, and where raising girls will make you deal with the fussy fashion sense, and the hate-love stories with pimples, boys will give you a good time with the Emergency department- for they are the injury prone, truck lovers, and video games addict little guys. This roughness also translates into behavior, and as parents, you need to ensure that boys are as well behaved as they are adventurous. Following are a few tips that can help you raise your tot into a well-behaved man:

10 Tips To Raise Toddler Boys
    1. Break the stereotype: Encourage your kid to express and deal with his emotions. Following the typical macho ideology leads to holding emotions and pain as well as renders him weak within. Let him go slow on his self control when it comes to expressing sadness, despair, loss and happiness
    2. Teach empathy: How often do you complaint to your husband for not understanding you? Get moving, teach your boy to step into others shoes. Start by his interests. Sit with him and cheer for his favorite soccer team, then sneak in, “oh! Rooney must really be under pressure if that goal doesn’t go through!”
    3. Be a role model: Children learn more from their parents than anyone else, and they replicate the same environment that they are exposed to at home. Be strict with rudeness and answering back attitude. Your kid will imitate you, so be polite and respect others and you can expect the same from him
    4. Set him free: Most Boys are full of energy and feel good running out and playing with toy guns. Channel this energy positively. Some boys would be avid readers, music lovers and even quiet, sheer personalities. Do not stick to the masculine ideologies and set him free to choose and do what he likes
    5. Rope in the father: As your boy grows he will relate more to the father. He will scrutinize and form understanding of how his behavior should be by observing him. His social behavior, especially with the opposite sex is detrimental. The physical touch of the father, exclusive time spent playing cricket/baseball etc. provides sense of security and affirmation
    6. Praise and reinforce: Boys are generally zeroed down and taught a lot about what ‘should not have been done’. Even when boys do try and be well behaved, their efforts are ignored. Changing this attitude is a must. Praise him when he follows set rules, behaves well, socializes, negotiates, shares or caresses the pet. Make sure that he doesn’t adopt chauvinist ideas. Teach him that he must make his own bed, do dishes or set the table

Rope in the father

  1. Make him independent: He is more likely to scream and throw things because of frustration and sense of no control. As he grows up this will be apparent in his lousy mood and disrespect. Start by letting him decide what he wishes to wear or play. Encourage him to solve his problems, but be there to guide him. Do not do his assignments, he must learn to achieve things himself
  2. Teach manners:
    • Teach your son that hitting a girl, even his sister is not acceptable
    • Train him to open the door for others
    • Speaking confidently – not mumble
    • Maintaining eye contact
    • Giving a firm handshake
    • Being polite and saying “Thank you”/”Please” implies that he recognizes and appreciates others efforts
    • Be strict with inappropriate language. Tell him he should never use vulgar language in front of girls, adults and elders, it represents the family and upbringing
  3. Increase social interaction: Boys are more shy than girls when it comes to facing a herd of people. Some boys are very private people with a few close friends and may feel alone when in a crowd. Organise play dates and family get-togethers to build his confidence, increase tolerance and practice manners
  4. Teach appropriate body language: Don’t you get irritated when someone you are talking to is cooped in the phone? Teach your kid to maintain eye contact and be attentive when speaking with others. Explain him to maintain a pleasant persona by wearing a smile, standing erect and connecting with eyes. This increases self confidence, expresses sincerity and strengthens bonding
  5. Be a role model

As boys grow up, they may resist public affection. But giving them hug once in a while is comforting. Engage him in activities which develop patience, such as solving puzzle or planting a seed and watch it grow. Do not focus only on winning, praise the efforts. This will ward off aggressiveness and you will avoid those cringing complaints of violence or misbehavior.

5 Surprising Facts About Raising Boys

And that is not all!! If you have a little guy in your life, rest assured you have many surprises your way that will unfold themselves!! Here are 5 interesting facts about raising toddler boys:

  1. Longer breastfeeding: Studies indicate that breastfeeding boys for six months or longer boosts their cognitive abilities. This leads to higher scholastic achievement
  2. More adventurous: Boys are fearless, more prone to action and will engage in rough activities such as climbing trees. This makes them more accident-prone. So occasional bruising, cut and scratches are routine
  3. Expands horizon: Due to his curious and exploring nature, you are likely to benefit discovering a lot of things. You will also be acquainted with the WWE stars, soccer players, Pokémon and ninja turtles!
  4. Limited communication: The listening and speaking skills of the toddler boys are not as developed as of the girls. You may have to repeat and use touch to attract his attention
  5. Never-ending energy: Your boy is a bundle of energy which will always be on the move. Try to calm him down before sleep. Get into bed with him, read story and gently pat him to sleep

Nonetheless, we wish that this bundle of energy never stops rolling. Touch wood!

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