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13 Uses Of Coconut Oil For Babies

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Coconut oil for Babies
There is no human skin that can be as tender and sensitive as a newborn baby’s skin, and therefore all new parents go to all lengths possible to ensure that the products they use for their baby are of the highest quality possible. But no matter how much care you take, the products purchased from stores will always have chemical components which will lead to highly undesirable consequence and therefore it is always recommended to use natural products and what can be more natural than coconut oil.
Several qualities of coconut oil make it one of the healthiest foods available. It is equally beneficial for external use. It is very beneficial for your little one as well. It helps to soothe the skin during a rash or an allergy attack. It helps in strengthening and reducing the hair fall. No the list is not ending here. Continue reading to understand the amazing benefits of coconut oil for babies.

Different Varieties Of Coconut Oils

Coconut oil mainly comes in two types – unrefined or the cold pressed oil (virgin coconut oil) and the refined coconut oil

which is mainly used for cooking purposes and it is usually a staple cooking product in most Malayali homes. There are several other variants under these two main categories such as organic coconut oil. This oil is extracted from the coconut palms that are grown using the eco-friendly fertilizers such as animal manure. For babies, the virgin or the unrefined oil is the best because it is made from the dried coconut flesh and is extracted in the oil mills by a quick dry process which involves extracting the oil by pressing it mechanically after quickly drying it. This is referred to be beneficial because it does not have any chemical and is considered to be one of the purest usable forms of coconut.

13 Uses Of Coconut Oil For Babies

Following are the ways by which coconut oil can be used on babies.

  1. Helps To Treat Cradle Crap:It is a reference to the dry scalp condition of the babies that usually occurs after a few weeks of their birth.  It is usually characterized by presence of flakes on the scalp and it would seem to you that your baby has dandruff and is mainly around the area where the head meets the cot of the baby. Massage the oil on the affected area and let it remain for about 20-25 minutes and use the comb to eliminate the flakes. Rinse out the hair using lukewarm water.
  2. Alleviates Eczema:It is a condition where dry skin prevails on most of the skin area which leads to itching. Using coconut oil on the affected area before the bath and once before the bedtime will help the skin remains hydrated.
  3. Soothes Diaper RashThis is a very common ailment among the babies because of the frequent urination. Apply coconut oil to the baby’s rash-prone area after bath. It comes with good antibacterial properties that ensure that there is no infection.
  4. Smoothens Hair:The babies have smooth hair after they are born but gradually it becomes dry and tangled so to avoid that apply coconut oil on hair at night and washes it off in the morning.
  5. Prevents Dry and chapped lipsDry and chapped lips can make breastfeeding a tough task for the baby and therefore the coconut oil can surely be a helping hand. Take a Q-tip dipped in coconut oil and apply it on lips and nearby areas so as to prevent this condition.
  6. Instant Relief From Insect Bites:Because of the sensitive skin, babies are more prone to the insect bite and cause swelling in the affected area. Rub a littleamount of coconut oil in your hands to warm it up and then apply it to the affected area. It will instantly bring relief to the affected area.
  7. Good To Treat Lice:Lice can cause discomfort and itchiness and if left untreated, it can cause infection in the eyes if the lice get to that area. Use a bit of cider vinegar and rinse out the hair. Once the hair is dry, apply coconut oil and if possible use a shower cap so that the oil remains on the hair as much as possible.
  8. Eliminates Baby acne:This could be surprising because acne is usually associated with puberty hitting males and females but yes, this condition can happen to babies as well. Rub some coconut oil between your palms and apply on the affected area and wash it off after some time. Check with your pediatrician before you do it.
  9. Treating the baby’s thrush:This kind of rashes happen in those areas of the body where moisture can be found the most. If your baby suffers from this condition while breastfeeding then you can drink a spoon of coconut oil so that baby receives the cure through breast milk. Or you can apply it to the nipples so that the baby can get it while breastfeeding, But before you proceed, consult your doctor.
  10. Sooths Teething pain:Teething can happen after the first four months. It is accompanies by pain and irritation in the gums. To soothe this pain, you can gently dab coconut oil on the gums or on the teething toys.
  11. Coconut oil for frizzy hair:At times, your baby might not agree to get the hair combed which can lead to frizzy hair. Rub some coconut oil and warm it up. Apply on hair and take special care to apply it to the areas where the hair makes maximum contact with a pillow or bed.
  12. Coconut oil Is Good For Massage:Coconut oil is an excellent baby massage oil. Warm up some coconut oil between your palms and massage nicely. If you want you can add a bit of lavender. The oil is full of antibacterial properties.
  13. Coconut oil for bumps, burns, and cuts:Coconut oil has a cooling effect on the skin. Therefore it can be used to alleviate the pain and burning sensations after burns and cuts. Apply the oil on the affected areas but please seek professional help before you do so.

Therefore, the effect of Coconut Oil on your baby’s body is immense and beneficial to bring the required effect on the different types of ailments suffered by the baby. Also, the baby will get a proper nutrition while coconut is applied to the baby for a healthy massage.

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