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50 Baby Names That Mean Rain, Wind Or Monsoon

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Monsoon inspired names
Are you due to deliver in the monsoon season and seem to be quite busy searching for a unique name for your baby to be born? Wouldn’t it be a wonderful idea to name your baby something inspired by the monsoon, signifying the season she or he will be born in? This would be an ideal option if you happen to be a lover of nature and seems to be overwhelmed by the wonderful blessing bestowed to us by nature. Look ahead to find out some wonderful and unique baby names for both boys and girls which mean monsoon, wind or rain. There are some lovely names which would be perfect for your precious bundle in every sense of the word. Go ahead and read on to find out what suits him or her best.

50 Names That Mean Rain, Wind Or Monsoon

  1. Reva: This is a lovely name of Hindi origin, which means rain
  2. Talia: This beautiful name also means “rain from heaven” and comes in the top 300 names for the year 2015
  3. Aria: Yet another lovely name for your princess which means “air”. With its increasing popularity due to the “Game of Thrones” series, Aria has climbed up to the list of top hundred names
  4. IIma: A popular and sweet name inspired by nature with the meaning “air”
  5. Esen: With Turkish origin, this beautiful name means the “wind”
    and is no doubt something really unique for your baby girl
  6. Corentine: This name has the meaning storm or tempest and is slowly becoming quite popular these days
  7. Zephyrine: Another sweet name for your darling baby which means “west wind”
  8. Varsha: This a lovely name for your daughter of Hindu origin and means “rain”
  9. Rainn: This is just a direct version of the many names that are inspired by rain. It can also be spelt Raine, or Rayne
  10. Wendy: A simple name for wind and nice to the ear
  11. Alizeh: A beautiful name which again means wind and would be lovely for your darling princess
  12. Iravat: This wonderful and unique name has the meaning “rain clouds”
  13. Barkha: This would be ideal for your princess and also means “rain” again
  14. Hanuel: This name is of Korean origin means air or “wind”
  15. Bayu: A lovely name for your little boy which means “wind”
  16. Zephyr: A Greek name which has the meaning “west wind”
  17. Naseem: A name of Arabic origin which means “soft wind or breeze”
  18. Tal: Another monsoon inspired name which means “rain” or “dew”
  19. Sameer: A beautiful Indian name that means “wind”
  20. Vrishti: A lovely name for your baby girl that again has the meaning “rain”
  21. Neha : A short and sweet name which means “rain”
  22. Anil: A beautiful Hindu name which mean “wind” or air
  23. Dalfon: A unique name of Hebrew origin which means raindrop
  24. Ermir: This is yet another rare Arabic name which has the meaning “good wind”
  25. Govad: Yet another name which has the meaning good wind
  26. Wayra: This name of American origin again has the meaning “wind”rain and wind inspired name
  27. Enlil : This lovely name would be perfect for your little boy and means” Lord of the Wind”
  28. Zeferino: This means west wind and is of Portuguese origin
  29. Souta: This is a Japanese name which has the meaning “sudden sound of wind
  30. Mehul: This is a lovely name which means rain and sounds lovely for your prince
  31. Pawan : Yet another Hindu name that means “wind”
  32. Neeraj : This Indian name means ” born in water”
  33. Amaya: A nice name for your daughter that means “rain” in Arabic
  34. Hafa : This also has the meaning gentle “rain”
  35. Pravarsha: Another Hindu name which mean “rain”
  36. Rehaam: This lovely name means light or gentle “rain”
  37. Varshini: This unique name means “Goddess of rain”
  38. Sraboni: This also means “rain”
  39. Vrushti: Another lovely Indian name for your princess which means “heavy rain”
  40. Tal: A very short and lovely name which has Hebrew roots and means dew or “rain”
  41. Hadad: This name of Syrian origin means the “God of rain and storms”
  42. Lokni: A totally unique name of Native American origin, which means “rain falling through the roof”
  43. Salil: A beautiful Indian name which means “water”
  44. Aruth: This Indian name also has the meaning “wind”.
  45. Iraja: A beautiful Indian name which has the meaning “daughter of the wind”
  46. Maushmi: This name means “monsoon wind” and would be lovely for your princess
  47. Anila: This name also means “wind”
  48. Aura: This lovely name for your baby girl also has the meaning “wind” or breeze
  49. Kharqa: A unique name which means “strong wind”
  50. Himavarsha: This Indian name has the meaning “snow rain”

You are sure to find the perfect name for your precious child in the above given names if you are looking for some lovely name inspired by monsoon, rain or wind. More on baby names in our section here.

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