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50 Beautiful Baby Names Inspired By The Winter Season

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Choosing your baby’s name is quite a pleasant task which most parents enjoy even though it may turn to be quite confusing and tedious if you have no idea about what you would like to name your little one. If your little mite has been born during the lovely winter season, it would be a great idea to name your baby something inspired by the winter. You will find no dearth of winter inspired names which are quite rare and lovely to the ears that seem just perfect for your little prince or princess.
Read on to find some of the most popular winter inspired names which may be perfect for your little darling.
Winter baby names

Beautiful Baby Names Inspired By The Winter Season

    1. Olwen: This a lovely name for your boy and means “white foot print”
    2. Noelle : This is a wonderful choice for a baby girl born very near to Christmas
    3. Nicholas: This is a lovely name for your little boy and something Santa would be happy to share
    4. Neve: Yet another wonderful name of Latin origin which means snow
    5. Lumi : This again has the meaning “snow”
    6. Krystal: A beautiful name which has the meaning “snow flakes”
    7. Jenara : A beautiful name of Latin origin which means the winter month of “January”
    8. Icyln : This is a beautiful pick for your little girl which means”” ice”
    9. Holly: It means lovely winter berries and is a very popular name for little girls born during Christmas time
    10. Aubin: This is the French version for “white” which signifies winter in every aspect
    11. Bianca: This is yet another lovely name for your princess which means “white” again
    12. Gwendolen: It means “white circle
    13. Gwenyth: This beautiful name is ideal for your princess and is the Welsh version of “white”
    14. Gabriel: This is the name of the lovely angel so popular in the Christmas story
    15. Eirwen: Another lovely name which has the meaning “white as snow”
    16. Eira: An unusual name of Welsh origin which means “snow”
    17. Carol: A wonderful name with a festive touch for a baby born during Christmas
    18. Demi: A rare name which is the name of the Greek Goddess of winter
    19. Crispin : An ideal name for a sweet baby born during the crisp winter season
    20. Wren: This is a lovely name which is the name of a beautiful winter bird
    21. Whittaker: An ideal name for your baby boy which means “white field
    22. Robin: Yet another beautiful baby name after a lovely winter bird
    23. Quilo: A rare name which means “the wind from the north
    24. Alaska: A wonderful name for your princess which makes you remember the lovely snow capped state of Alaska
    25. Blanche: This name also means “white” in French
    26. Merry: This immediately relates to the lovely Christmas season so bright and joyous
    27. Alba: This beautiful name has the meaning “bright and white”
    28. Frostine: Another French origin name which has the meaning snow
    29. Neva: This is yet another name which has the meaning snow

Winter inspired baby names

  1. Oakley: This a lovely name after the Oak tree which signifies winter and Christmas.
  2. Douglas: A very popular name for your little boy which is an all time favorite winter or Christmas tree
  3. Yukio: This name reflects the lovely winter season
  4. Yas: This implies the exotic snow capped scenic beauty of winter
  5. Nevada: Another beautiful name which means “snow clad”
  6. Dong: An unusual Chinese name which means “winter”
  7. Lixue: This beautiful name has the meaning “pretty snow”
  8. Kari : A name of Turkish origin which has the meaning “covered with snow”
  9. Jasper: This is much related to Christmas and means “bringer of treasure”
  10. Aspen: This a nice name after the lovely tree with leaves that are heart shaped
  11. Rudolf: Yet another lovely and sweet name for your son after the much loved red nosed reindeer of Christmas
  12. Bodhi: A nice name after Bodhi day which means “awakening”.
  13. Aster: Named after the beautiful star of Bethlehem
  14. Noel: This is the male version of the name Noelle
  15. Himesh: A nice Hindu name which means “snow king”
  16. Collins: A name of Irish origin, this name has the meaning “holly”
  17. Ebenezer: A typical Christmas name meaning “stone of help”.
  18. Mistral: A very cold winter wind in the southern part of France
  19. Janus: Of Roman origin, this is where “January” comes from
  20. Holmes: This has the meaning “holly” and is of English origin
  21. Hollis: This signifies the holly tree which is so popular during Christmas

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