600 Popular Baby Girl Names That Start With D

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Written by Aparna Hari

Aparna Hari

Popular Baby Girl Names That Start With D

Every letter in the English alphabet series has some significance. The letter D denotes a loyal and trustworthy person, who is keen to help others. These letter names have a definite purpose, and they even think larger than life. Some girls with names starting with the letter D are obsessive with cleanliness and hygiene as well. In this article, we list 600 popular and unique baby girl names that start with D.

The letter D in alphabets is associated with business and wealth. People with this starting letter are workaholics and very successful. They can even be seen as leaders in their respective fields. They are perfectionists as well. Some articles also suggest that communication is an issue with girls with D as their starting initial. They may find it difficult to maintain relationships and may be suspicious of all around them.

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Numerology suggest that letter “D” represents four attributes that are balance, hard work, patience, and security. They are people with an eye for detail and are great thinkers as well. They are good at planning and have a great knack to organize things as well. It is easy for girls with the letter “D” to impress people around them due to these qualities.

People are warm, liberal with amazing willpower, fantastic memory and are warm-hearted. They do not love surprises or changes in their lives and even take time to adapt to new changes concepts and uncommon ideas.

Given below is a list of traditional, modern, trendy, colourful, classic, and short names with meanings. These names can be used by any religion and are not culture specific as well.

600 Popular Baby Girl Names That Start With D With Meanings

Popular Baby Girl Names That Start With D

Here are some baby girl names that start with the letter D. The names are sorted in alphabetical order for easy reference.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Daaiyah The one who follows Christ
2 Daania Beautiful person
3 Daarina Lovely and beautiful
4 Dabria An angel of death
5 Dabida Beloved; favorite
6 Dadhija daughter of milk
7 Daena One from Denmark
8 Daevisha goddess
9 Daffodil Rare flower
10 Dafina High worthy individual
11 Dafiya Worthy daughter
12 Daganyah Ceremonial grain
13 Dagian Beautiful dawn
14 Daija Already in making
15 Daijah The one in progress; remember
16 Daile Valley of love
17 Dailyn Pretty flower
18 Daima Forever beautiful
19 Daina Good natured individual
20 Daisey Variant of name Daisy
21 Daisha The one who is alive
22 Daisia Another name for daisy
23 Daisy A beautiful flower
24 Daivi A majestic goddess
25 Daivya A divine being
26 Daiya A gift from God
27 Daizi Light
28 Daizy Everlasting light
29 Daja Exist
30 Dajana Creation of God
31 Dajshi The glorious one
32 Dakini A demon
33 Dakshakanya Daughter of Daksha
34 Dakshata Skillful one
35 Dakshayani Name of daughter of Daksha
36 Dakshina Competent person
37 Dakshita The modest one
38 Daksina Donation made
39 Dalaja Pure honey
40 Daleah To tease
41 Dalee One who lives by the valley
42 Daleela A Guide
43 Daleka Distant battle
44 Dalena Small valley
45 Dalene A beautiful valley
46 Dalenka Distant battle. A Form of Daleka.
47 Dalenna Precious little jewel
48 Daley An assembly
49 Daleyza Delightful
50 Dalia Grape vine
51 Daliah Gentle one
52 Dalibora Distant battle
53 Dalila A desired individual
54 Dalilah Languish; weak
55 Dalinda Noble Serpent
56 Dalis Draws water
57 Dalisha Delightful and happy personality
58 Dalla Dwelling in the meadow
59 Dalleen The educated one
60 Dalles One from the meadow
61 Dallin Belonging to the meadow
62 Dallis One from the Dales
63 Dally To delay
64 Dallys A resting place
65 Dalma Made of metal
66 Dalmatia A woman
67 Dalr From the valley.
68 Daluchi Thank God.
69 Daluh Wish; a desire
70 Dalw Belonging to a valley
71 Dama A noble woman
72 Damali One with best vision
73 Damalis A Calf
74 Damandeep One who destroys
75 Damara An educated woman
76 Damari Gentle and kind
77 Damaruki The sound produced by emotions
78 Damayanti Subdues; name of a Princess
79 Dame A lady
80 Dameka A little lady
81 Dameta Methodical; process
82 Damhnait One who cannot be tamed
83 Damian The soft one
84 Damini Lightning; powerful
85 Damira Heart, mind, or secret
86 Damisona Intelligent and brave
87 Damita A little noble lady
88 Damiya Nature Goddess
89 Damla A drop
90 Damrina Amazing
91 Damsa A silk of white color.
92 Damya A Goddess
93 Damyanti Wife of Nala; beautiful
94 Dana Another form of Danu, a Celtic goddess of fertility
95 Danae Mother of Perseus
96 Danah The one from Denmark
97 Danaiah Peaceful nature
98 Danala White Swan
99 Danalyn A judge
100 Danamir Looking for someone
101 Dananir Most beautiful woman of Earth
102 Danara Determined and confident individual
103 Danataya The one who is pure
104 Danay A mythological mother
105 Danaye Mythological mother
106 Dandra A brave woman
107 Dandret An ethical person
108 Danea A mythical mother
109 Danee Mother of Perseus; lovely lady
110 Daneen A Princess
111 Daneira God rules all
112 Danek y God’s Will
113 Danelea God is judge of all
114 Danell God is a wise judge
115 Danella By God’s permission
116 Danesha A fictional name
117 Danet From Denmark
118 Danette God has ruled on us
119 Daney God’s rule
120 Daneysha One who is at cross
121 Dani God is all powerful and kind
122 Dania God is all powerful
123 Danica Morning Star
124 Danice Feminine God
125 Danie A good worker
126 Daniela God is powerful
127 Danielan God is my judge.
128 Daniele God is a judge
129 Daniell God protects all
130 Daniella God has ruled a decision
131 Danielle A Biblical name
132 Daniil God is a judge who rules
133 Danijah Beautiful woman
134 Danijela God protects
135 Danika Element name; morning star
136 Danique God Judges
137 Danise Lord is a judge
138 Danishara One who always learns
139 Danita A Prophet
140 Danitza A feminine Lord
141 Daniyah The close one
142 Danjela An intelligent one
143 Danna Feminine God rules
144 Dannah Strong and together; Name of a place
145 Dannell Love of God
146 Dannelle French variant of Daniel
147 Dannette A Prophet; Strong
148 Danni A strong woman
149 Dannia One with influencing personality
150 Dannie Good natured
151 Danniel Calm and soothing
152 Danniell A promise by God
153 Danniella God is my protector
154 Dannielle God is a judge
155 Dannika Lord is supreme; morning star
156 Dannin God is protecting
157 Danuja Knight; a ruler
158 Danylynn A lovely person
159 Daphna One who always attains victory
160 Daphne One from Bay tree
161 Daphney One from laurel tree
162 Daphnie Branch of a tree
163 Daragh An Oak
164 Daraja One who is valuable and important to everyone.
165 Daralice Very noble
166 Daralis One loved by all
167 Daralyn Derived from Airelle
168 Darareaksmey A bright star
169 Daray Dark skinned
170 Darbara Exotic and rare
171 Darbee A Deer Park
172 Darbey Grazing Park for Deer
173 Darbiana A free man
174 Darbie Name of a place where Deer graze
175 Darcelle Dark; determined
176 Darcey Girl from Archy
177 Darci A stubborn, dark person
178 Darcia The dark one
179 Darcie Dark one
180 Darcy Dark haired
181 Dareca Vindicated one
182 Dareen One who has wisdom
183 Darejan Unique
184 Darejani A form of Darejan, meaning unique
185 Darel One from the Airelle; Lovely
186 Darelene Sweet and lovable
187 Darell Word for huckleberry; beloved
188 Darelle Gently loved
189 Darena Wealthy one
190 Dari One who keeps things well
191 Daria Trustworthy natured person
192 Dariana Royal name
193 Darianna Female version of Darius. It means preserver.
194 Darianne Female version of Darius, meaning preserver. A variation of Darianna.
195 Darice Known for knowledge
196 Dariela The near and dear one
197 Dariga Pity, regret, or surprise
198 Darik Persian royal name
199 Darika A lovely maiden
200 Darin God’s gift
201 Darina Wonderful gift from God
202 Darion Silent one
203 Daritree Coming from Earth
204 Darja One who has God
205 Darkhshanda Splendid and astonishing
206 Darla Very dear one
207 Darleane Lovely person
208 Darleen One who has charming personality
209 Darleena One who is brilliant
210 Darlena Lovely individual
211 Darletta A beloved child
212 Darlina A sweet, innocent child
213 Darline Darling baby
214 Darlita Young Girl
215 Darminee A religious person
216 Darnetta Hidden from everyone
217 Darnisha A good worker; hidden
218 Darolyn A beloved individual
219 Darpana Tiny mirror
220 Darpanika Small mirror
221 Darpita The proud one
222 Darra Wisdom; Oak tree
223 Darrelle A darling person
224 Darrellyn One who is dearly loved
225 Darreth Rich Pearl of wisdom
226 Darrian Gifted poet
227 Darrien Soothing poem
228 Darryl A beloved, talented person
229 Darsameen Valuable, expensive, and costly.
230 Darsana Process of seeing
231 Darsha To see
232 Darshana Watching; to see
233 Darshani A blessed individual
234 Darshi Blessing; to help and nurture
235 Darshika One who is intelligent and wise
236 Darshini One who blesses people
237 Darshinika Seeing quietly
238 Darshita One on display
239 Darthula Beautiful eyes
240 Daruka Pine tree
241 Darva Honeybee; sweet
242 Darya One who is good
243 Darylene Meaning dearling
244 Daryll A devoted darling
245 Daryllyn Beautiful one
246 Daryna The gift of God
247 Daryon Good person
248 Dashaun Yahweh is great
249 Dasia Lebanese term for daisy flower, excellence
250 Dasie One with stable personality
251 Dassah A tree
252 Datha One born with special talents; flower
253 Daulat One who brings good fortune
254 Daumaa Sea or ocean.
255 Daunaree An analytical, diligent person
256 Davalyn A beautiful and loving person
257 Davan A fascinating name
258 Davana A sweet-smelling herb; some fruit
259 Davanee A merciful, gentle and the name of Puritans
260 Daveigh One who is much loved
261 Davene A beloved darling
262 Davette A determined good worker
263 Davia Feminine of David; One who has strong spiritual powers
264 Daviana A beloved person who is everyone’s favourite
265 Davianna Beloved and lovely person
266 Davida Adopted from Hebrew; beloved person
267 Davignon Dearly loved person
268 Davina Adopted from Hebrew; a divine person
269 Davinah Much loved individual
270 Davine A lovely and brave individual who rules
271 Davinee A bright and brilliant Finn
272 Davinia A cherished and lovely individual
273 Davita A unique cherished individual
274 Davon Determined worker
275 Davonna A leader who shows the way and guides
276 Daw Bright and beautiful stars
277 Dawana A daybreak: one who needs to be avenged
278 Dawha A lofty tree
279 Dawn Daybreak time
280 Dawna During daybreak
281 Dawne A serious-minded, energetic individual
282 Dawnelle The sunrise; spiritual
283 Dawnetta First appearance of daylight
284 Dawnette Refreshing daybreak
285 Dawnielle Protective by nature; emerging daylight
286 Dawnika A romantic individual
287 Dawnita An inspiring and leading personality; daybreak
288 Dawnn A patient and charming personality; dawn
289 Dawnna A wholesome and diplomatic person
290 Dawnya Daybreak: they seek freedom
291 Dawnyelle An efficient and natural individual
292 Dawnysia Time when light appears
293 Daxa One who is clever.
294 Day A female servant; hope
295 Daya Bird of prey; a compassionate person
296 Dayamani A kind and generous individual
297 Dayamayi A kind person; regards nature and its beauty
298 Dayami One from the friend
299 Dayan A judge and a peacemaker, who finds joy in small things
300 Dayana A judge; Latin of Diana
301 Dayani She who is friendly
302 Dayanita A tender human being
303 Dayashree A very efficient teacher
304 Dayawanti A Goddess of mercy
305 Dayeah Name of a bird; Goddess of kindness
306 Dayena A valley and leader of church
307 Dayita A beloved and caring being
308 Dayla A silent valley
309 Dayle Valley; an assembly
310 Daylee A dale; sensitive and emotional
311 Daylin A beautiful and productive day
312 Daylof An idealist; a youthful and lonely being
313 Dayluue A youth and excitable being
314 Dayna Variant of Dana; from Denmark
315 Daynan Kind-hearted being variant of Dana
316 Dayo Arrival of joy
317 Daysha A present from God
318 Daysi Name of a flower; lovely
319 Dayton Name of a dairy town
320 Dayvee A godlike, divine, and determined individual
321 Dazi One with great sense of detail
322 Dea A Goddess: one who rules
323 Dealla An early invader; protector
324 Deana One who is excellent in philosophy
325 Deanda One who has deep truths hidden inside
326 Deandra One who is a perfect blend of divinity and power
327 Deandrea One who has a passion for creativity
328 Deandria They are the guardians who protect
329 Deangela An angel or a messenger of God
330 Deanica A beautiful morning Star
331 Deann A church leader who resides in a valley
332 Deanna Girl who resides in a valley
333 Deanndra A divine being who is beautiful of all
334 Deanne They are swift and beautiful
335 Dearbhail Fal’s daughter; an ancient name
336 Dearbhla Talented daughter of a poet
337 Deb A prophetess: they have a unique personality
338 Debadrita A talented and fantastic individual
339 Debadyuti They are as bright as the light
340 Debanjali One who pays homage to the girls
341 Debanshi One who is a part of God
342 Debaprita A person who is very nice to poor; a Bee
343 Debara One who has paid homage to Gods
344 Debbie One with strong desires and aspirations
345 Debby One who is a Bee; untiring
346 Debecca A balanced and daring person
347 Debelah A friendly and charming person
348 Debera One who is as busy as a Bee
349 Debi One who writes victory songs
350 Debjani A beloved and adorable human being
351 Debopriya One who is the favourite of the Gods
352 Debora From the Old Testament; A Bee
353 Deboron One who is in search of something new
354 Deborrah Song written in the book of judges
355 Debosmita One who has godly smile
356 Debra Bee; a song writer
357 Debrah Queen Bee; a prophetess
358 Debralee One who is part of te book of judges
359 Debroah Bee; a victory song
360 Debyanne Fate; One who is certain of the future
361 Dechen One who can reach out for happiness and joy
362 Decima Tenth in number; a talented individual
363 Dedra A steady, raging, and versatile being
364 Dedre Most powerful woman; a tragic character
365 Dee Dark and sacred Goddess
366 Deeana One who has fulfilled the desires and is divine
367 Deeandra A sacred and most beautiful Goddess
368 Deeann Divine person: one who is loved by all
369 Deeanna A divine being who is and master of many arts
370 Deeba Silk; a soft-hearted individual
371 Deebasri One who is as soft as a silk
372 Deebe A Bee which collects honey
373 Deedra Beautiful melancholy of a broken heart
374 Deeher One who has strength of Durga and Shiva
375 Deeksha One who is filled with happy feelings
376 Deekshaa Initiation of a good work; capable one
377 Deekshana A donation made to God
378 Deekshita Concentration: one who shows direction
379 Deema A cloud which brings rain
380 Deena A divine valley; decoration
381 Deenal A divine, great person; chief
382 Deepa Radiant ray of light; Goddess Laxmi
383 Deepaanshu Bright light coming from lamp
384 Deepakshi One who brings happiness in others life
385 Deepal Light; Brightness; Shining; Radiant; Luminant
386 Deepali An electromagnetic person; filled with light
387 Deepamala A row of light; decoration
388 Deepana One who lights lamp
389 Deepansha Light of lamp; efficient
390 Deepanwita One which is lit by a lamp
391 Deepaprabha Most beautiful and fully lighted
392 Deepashikha One who is filled with soothing rays of light
393 Deepashiki One who helps other people; organized
394 Deepitha An illuminated and glowing person
395 Deepshika An everlasting flame of light
396 Deepta Person who spreads light; Laxmi
397 Deepti A glowing and brilliant light
398 Deeptika A lantern; lighted individual
399 Deeptikana A bright beam of light
400 Deeptimoyee A lustrous and efficient human being
401 Deesha One who shows ways to others
402 Deeta Name of Goddess Laxmi; fortunate
403 Deetya Goddess Laxmi has answered the prayers
404 Deevena One who resembles God and has beautiful eyes
405 Deevitha One who has divine powers; blessing
406 Defena A popular and sweet being
407 Defne A laurel tree; tall and majestic
408 Dehateh A wealthy and intelligent person
409 Deianira Greatest destruction ever
410 Deidamia One who remains calm in war
411 Deidra One who has delicate heart
412 Deidre An individual who died of broken heart
413 Deiondre A valley which is filled with flowers
414 Deisy One who achieves dreams; passionate
415 Deity A hidden person; growing
416 Deja One who has already been made
417 Dejah A fun-loving person; pleasant one
418 Dejalena A refined person; sensitive one
419 Dejana God is combining.
420 Denisha A stable and fun-loving person
421 Denisia Follower of God; a true being
422 Denisse One who is intelligent; a creative and excellent being
423 Denita A practical and efficient person
424 Deniz Sea of happiness
425 Denize A devoted being, who can make significant change
426 Denna One who lives in a valley
427 Denni The one who follows Dionysius; passionate
428 Dennise A follower; graceful being
429 Denyce A wise and majestic follower
430 Denyse Of Dionysus
431 Deondra A courageous person; divine being
432 Deondre Self expressing person; dedicated one
433 Deonisia An innocent and charming being
434 Deonna A church leader of a valley; follower of Dionysius
435 Deonne A valley: one who follows church
436 Deonysia A daring, strong and a doer
437 Deor A beloved baby; golden one
438 Deora Name of a town in Colorado
439 Derora Freedom
440 Derowen Cornish vocabulary name meaning oak.
441 Dersima The name comes from Kurdish city Dersim.
442 Derwa Short form of Derowen, meaning oak.
443 Desarae The one desired by everyone.
444 Desdemona Misery or unlucky. Name of Shakespeare’s heroine.
445 Deshane God is merciful or Yahweh is gracious.
446 Deshna Gift
447 Desislava Glory or finding glory
448 Destiny Word or Virtue name
449 Deva Celestial Spirit; Divine and Spiritual Being
450 Devanshi Divine, divine power
451 Devarika One of many names of Goddess Durga;
452 Dhriti One who has courage and patience.
453 Dhruti A patient and long lived individual
454 Dhruvi One who has a lot of energy; is firmly fixed
455 Dhuha Time before Noon; perfect one
456 Dhuka One who has power and energy of the Sun
457 Dhul Fiqaar Prophet’s sword: they search truth
458 Dhundhun In tune, they are versatile and creative
459 Dhuthi One who has brightest glow and shine
460 Dhuti Splendor; glowing beam of light
461 Dhvani Sound made to create an ambiance
462 Dhvija One who has taken birth to perform great things
463 Dhwani Sound; Melody
464 Di Goddess of moon; huntress
465 Dia Daughter of morning; day
466 Diah A young and powerful girl
467 Diahann Diana; a divine woman
468 Dian Divine lady; filled with beauty and brains
469 Diana A divine lady: one who has magical powers; childbirth
470 Dianda They protect men; Goddess of hunt
471 Diandra Goddess of hunting and childbirth
472 Diane One who is depicted as a huntress; divine
473 Dianell Virgin Goddess of Moon
474 Dianelys A Dominic Republic version of Diana. It means luminous or perfect.
475 Dianey Goddess of Moon and hunting
476 Dianie One who has great sense of humour; steady one
477 Diann A burning candle; Lord of wine
478 Dianna Goddess of swiftness and beauty
479 Dianne A huntress who is also a Goddess
480 Dianora A divine person: they are advanced
481 Diblin The fragrance of soul.
482 Dibya One who spreads joy and light; open door
483 Dicle A wonderful river; life providing
484 Dicy One who can provide shelter
485 Didina One who is desire and loved by all
486 Didja One who lives in between
487 Dido Virgin queen of a land
488 Didrika Place where the folk rules; harmony
489 Diksheeka A simple and sober person; silent type
490 Dil A reliable and faithful human being
491 Dil Shad A worthy person whose heart is filled with happiness
492 Dila Right from the heart.
493 Dilanne A restless and creative person; created name
494 Dilara One who is an ornament of beauty
495 Dilreet A Lion: they are hearty traditions
496 Dilruba A beautiful and charming person
497 Dilshadkhatoon One who lived between 730- 750
498 Dilva From the heart.
499 Dilwyn A genuine and fair one
500 Dilys A genuine and perfect individual
501 Dimah Silent rain falling without thunder
502 Dimaia Worth seeing; daughter of Maia
503 Dinadi Trembling water body; a river
504 Dinah A vindicated being; Jacob’s daughter
505 Dinihari Dawn
506 Dinika The beautiful rising Sun
507 Dinitia They follow Dionysius; a friendly character
508 Dinora A form of Hebrew name Dinah, meaning avenged.
509 Dinorah Avenged one; they are Jacob’s daughter
510 Dinpal A small indication made when one smiles
511 Diona One who is a mother of Aphrodite
512 Dipa Radiant Goddess Laxmi; lighted one
513 Dipal A charming, beautiful person
514 Dipali A joyous little person; happiness
515 Dipashri A lighted lamp; heavenly and bright
516 Dipjyoti Light coming from a lamp; radiant
517 Dipta Bright shining Goddess Laxmi; talented
518 Dipti A shining last ray of hope; bright
519 Dipu A shinning and light-hearted individual
520 Diqrah A female narrator of Hadith.
521 Dirran A fragile and generous person
522 Disha One who can show the right direction
523 Dishita A focused person: one who goes in a direction
524 Disney One who has a lot of happiness
525 Diss One who is spirited.
526 Dita One who spoils; a happy warfare
527 Diti Beautiful daughter of Daksha
528 Ditya A name of Goddess Durga. It means answer of prayers.
529 Dityaa Goddess Laxmi who answers the prayers
530 Diu One who is down to Earth and is practical person
531 Div An evil spirit; obtain power and wealth
532 Diva A divine person; beloved and beautiful
533 Divi One who is from the heaven; glorious
534 Divija One who is born in heaven
535 Divina A divine; Godlike creature; respect
536 Diviyani Shukra’s daughter; part of divine
537 Divjot A beautiful and bright light; divine light
538 Divya A divine lustre: they are brilliant
539 Divyamani A beautiful raga; inflaming one
540 Divyana A loving and divine being; flaming
541 Divyanka A divine person who is a gift of God
542 Divyanshi The one who is part of divine power
543 Divyaprabha Divine luster
544 Divyarani A queen who has arrived from heaven
545 Divyata A heavenly and divine being who are great ruler
546 Dixie The French word for ten; southern state
547 Diya Radiance coming from a candle
548 Diyana Name of an Assyrian village in Iraq
549 Diyanah Quick one; they have power of the Sun; religion
550 Diyanwita A lighted lamp: they spread light
551 Diza A joyous individual: they bring happiness
552 Djamila A very pretty and beautiful girl
553 Djin A courageous and head-strong person who will never escape hard work and struggle.
554 Djuana They are majestic and precious beings
555 Djuna An intelligent, patient and a self-empowered woman; invented name
556 Dmitriana Twin; a kind and compassionate being
557 Dnyanada An intelligent person.
558 Dnyaneshwari It means ‘Bhagavad Gita’ in Sanskrit language.
559 Do A person who is independent, confident and has qualities like a leader.
560 Doaa To Pray, a voice of heart, Source of connection with God.
561 Doanna A person who is smart, intelligent, and fun to be with
562 Doanne Low and rolling hills.
563 Doba A person who is studious, clever and of practical nature
564 Dobre In Judaism it means good or kind
565 Docia A person with good reputation
566 Doda A person who is reserved, dignified, and well loved
567 Dodd It is used to denote a lumpish person
568 Dodde A person who is adaptable and creative
569 Dodi A well-loved person; famous and versatile
570 Dodie It means ‘Gift of God’
571 Dody God’s Gift, A person who is well loved
572 Dofi The second child after twins
573 Doga It means ‘Nature’; they are in love with nature and God
574 Dojin It means path of love
575 Dol A variant of Dorothy, meaning gift of God.
576 Dola Swing, Oscillating; one who is eager for knowledge
577 Dolan Unlucky, Unfortunate; a black-haired person
578 Dolf Noble wolf: they are responsible and kind people
579 Doli Its historical meaning is ‘Bluebird’
580 Dolina It means ruler of the world.
581 Doll Vision, it means Gift of God
582 Dolly Gift of God; a blessing
583 Dolora Its a derivative of German name Dolores which means ‘Sorrow’
584 Donalda They are the masters who rule many
585 Donaldina World Ruler; a great leader
586 Donata Given by God
587 Dorthy a gracious person who is a gift of God
588 Drashti Sight, a self-reliant person
589 Draupadi Daughter of fire
590 Drishti Sight
591 Drishya Something visible or that can be seen
592 Drsika A person who is independent and efficient
593 Druhi Daughter
594 Druki Peace loving
595 Dua Worship
596 Dulari Loved one
597 Durga Hindu goddess, power, and intelligence
598 Durnaz adorable and as beautiful as a pearl
599 Dvita Spiritual being who exists in two forms
600 Dyuti One who is field with splendor

Choosing a name starting with the initial D is very easy keeping in mind the attributes one wants in the child. Apart from that, there are some inherent qualities that are there as per astrology and numerology. Parents can easily select a name depending on that. Name is a part of the personality of the child and gives the baby girl a uniqueness and a standing of her own, so it is important to be cautious while keeping one.

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