Just looking around for the perfect name for the precious addition to your family? One everlasting and unique gift that you can give your darling baby is his or her name. All parents search high and low looking around for a unique and lovely name that will be best suited for their little bundle of joy. Since your precious mite is undoubtedly the most beautiful thing in your eyes so why don’t you name him or her something that means beautiful? This is of course a lovely theme to name your baby after and if you find this interesting then have a look at the names mentioned below.
beautiful meaning baby names

50 Lovely Baby Names Which Mean “Beautiful”

Complied below is a comprehensive list of 50 baby names that have the meaning “beautiful” and can be perfect for your little mite.

  1. Arabella : A sweet Latin name for your little angel which means “elegant, beautiful and lovely”
  2. Bella: Another Latin short and lovely name for your little girl which means “beautiful”
  3. Charvi: A lovely name of Indian origin which again has the meaning ” beautiful”
  4. Jacintha: Of Greek Origin, this is a nice pick for your little doll which means “beautiful”
  5. Atiqah: An Arabic name which means “beautiful”
  6. Abigail: One more interesting and unique name for your daughter which means “beautiful”
  7. Isa: Another short and simple name of Spanish origin which means” beautiful” and an apt name for your little girl
  8. Katylyn: A wonderful name that means “beautiful young child”
  9. Rachel: This popular name also has the meaning ” beautiful”
  10. Vashti: One more unique Persian name which has the meaning ” beautiful”
  11. Zinnia: This exotic flower name also has the meaning “beautiful”
  12. Rosaleen: Another exclusive pick for your baby girl, this names denotes ” beautiful”
  13. Shayna: Try out this unique and lilting name for your little darling which has the meaning ” beautiful”
  14. Nazneen: A nice and popular Muslim name which means “charming” and an apt name for your girl who is currently the most charming person in your life
  15. Aarathana : A beautiful and unique Indian name which means “soft and beautiful”
  16. Abeena: A wonderful pick for your princess which has the meaning “beautiful”
  17. Abhirupa: Another Indian name which means “beautiful woman”, go ahead name your little girl with this name
  18. Amrita: Try out this gentle and popular name which also has the meaning ” beautiful”
  19. Abila: This is a name of Latin origin and means “beautiful”
  20. Alika: An exclusive name of Nigerian origin which has the meaning “most beautiful”
  21. Subha : This baby girl name of Indian origin has the meaning ” beautiful”
  22. Sapphira: This name of Israeli origin again means” beautiful” and a wonderful choice for your little girl
  23. Aoife: This is a lovely Scottish name which has the meaning ” beautiful, radiant”
  24. Aoibheann: This exotic name would be a nice name for your daughter which means ” beautiful”
  25. Shakina: An African name that means “beautiful one” and an ideal pick for your baby girl
  26. beautiful baby name

  27. Turua: A lovely Polynesian name for your little daughter which again means” beautiful”
  28. Waseemah : An Arabian name for little girl which has the meaning ” attractive, beautiful”
  29. Yaffa: A Hebrew name for your baby girl which means” beautiful”
  30. Shifra: With Israeli roots, this baby girl name also means” beautiful”
  31. Ani: Of Slavic origin, this really short and lovely name for your little girl again means “very beautiful”
  32. Calla: A lovely Greek name which means” beautiful” and so apt for your baby girl
  33. Satine: Of Australian origin, this is a nice choice for your girl that means “beautiful”
  34. Calista: This exotic name of Latin origin also has the meaning “fairest, most beautiful”
  35. Wyanet: This native American name has the meaning “beautiful”
  36. Beau: An ideal choice for your baby boy, this French name means “beautiful”. After all your little boy is the most beautiful gift send from heavens
  37. Ervin: This Scottish name for your baby boy also has the meaning “beautiful”
  38. Gamil: Of Arabic origin, this name for your male child means ” beautiful”
  39. Hasan: Another nice pick for boys , this name of Arabic origin has the meaning “beautiful, handsome, good”
  40. Finneen: This lovely Irish name is also perfect for your boy and means “beautiful child”
  41. Laquan: A Spanish name for your little guy that has the meaning “beautiful”
  42. Lalit: This popular baby boy name of Indian origin means “one who is beautiful”
  43. Naveen: A popular Indian name for boys that has the meaning “beautiful, pleasant”
  44. Sabeh: An African name for boys which means ” pretty, handsome, beautiful”
  45. Tegan : This Welsh name is an ideal choice for both girls and boys which has the meaning ” beautiful person”
  46. Kane : Another Welsh name which means” beautiful” is an excellent pick for your little prince
  47. Kevin : Another nice pick for boys which has the meaning “beautiful”
  48. Mailie: Of Chinese Origin, this name for your prince also means ” beautiful” and is pronounced as “My- Lee”
  49. Yue-Yan : This is a Chinese name ideal for your little girl. This name means “happy, beautiful”
  50. Yvettia: Of American Origin, this is a nice pick for your princess which means “beautiful”
  51. Vartouhi: This Armenian name is a wonderful choice for your daughter and means “beautiful as a rose”

The above compiled list is just a few of the umpteen names from which you can take your pick from. All of them have the meaning beautiful and aren’t they an ideal pick for your little girl or baby boy who are indeed the most beautiful gift from God that you will treasure forever? For more baby names see here.