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Is Botox Safe During Pregnancy?

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You are in one of the two below categories if you are reading this:

  1. You know you are pregnant, and you want to get Botox injections for cosmetic purpose. So you want to find out if it is safe
  2. You have been taking a Botox treatment. You have recently got a Botox shot, immediately after which you realized you are pregnant. Now you are worried if the Botox shot will have any impact on your unborn child

Botox during pregnancy

Is Botox Safe During Pregnancy?

Are the above suspicions adding stress lines on your face? Read on to know if Botox is safe during pregnancy or not. Before getting into details, let us briefly answer the above questions first.

  1. If you belong to category 1, that is, if you are pregnant and wondering if you should go for a Botox treatment, DO NOT. It is advisable you wait till you give birth before going for a medical procedure that is not a necessity
  2. If you belong to category 2, that is, you have already got a shot because you did not know you are pregnant, then DO NOT WORRY. There haven’t been any studies that show any impact of Botox on the unborn child, so you and your baby are most likely safe
What Is Botox?

Botox is short for Botulinum toxin. It is a toxin produced by a bacteria called Clostridium botulinum, which is more commonly known as the botulism bacteria (that is right, the same one that causes food poisoning).
It is interesting to note that the Botulinum toxin is extremely poisonous (1 gram of the toxin can kill a million people). However, when administered in extremely small quantities, it is known to have both cosmetic and therapeutic benefits.

Why Is Botox So Popular Among Women?

As we get older, we start getting wrinkles all over our skin, thus, showing our age. If injected below the skin’s surface, Botox can temporarily weaken the facial muscles, even paralyzing it. This will make the wrinkles or lines less visible on the face. The effect will last only for few months, after which you will need to get another shot.
Botox is also used as a treatment for muscle spasms, migraines, dystonia and few other conditions.

What Are Some Of The Side Effects Of Botox?

Whether you are pregnant or not, it is important to understand the side effects of Botox, although it appears only in few people:

  • Headache
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Temporary dropping of upper or lower eyelid
  • Dysfunction of gallbladder
  • Double vision
  • Rashes
  • Wheezing

There are few more such side effects, please talk to your dermatologist for further details.

You Are Pregnant. Should You Go For Botox Treatment?

No. It is better to avoid Botox treatment when you’re expecting. Here are few reasons why:

  • There is no research that has studied the effect of Botox on pregnancy. Why? Because to conduct such study, one would need to inject this drug into a pregnant woman. There is no medical reason to conduct such a study and potentially risk the pregnancies and babies of the study group as Botox is not a life-saving drug
  • When Botox was injected in pregnant lab animals, it showed many problems including miscarriage, low birth weight and few birth defects. Of course, you are not a lab rat. But still, why take a risk
  • During pregnancy, your skin is anyway bound to glow. The natural pregnancy glow is far safer to adorn than the one medically induced
  • Pregnancy also changes your skin, thanks to the number of hormonal changes that take place during this period. Why do you want to attempt a cosmetic procedure when you have no idea how your skin will look like post pregnancy?
You Have Already Taken A Botox Shot. Will It Affect Your Pregnancy?

Most likely, No. Here is why:

  • We know we said the effect of Botox in lab animals were not positive. However, it has to be noted that the pregnancy problems and the birth anomalies were detected only when a higher quantity of Botox was introduced to the test animals. What is administered during a regular Botox treatment is much lower
  • Secondly, Botox is injected in extremely small quantities into facial muscles. Studies have shown that the toxin does not really enter our system. If it does not enter the bloodstream, then there is potentially no risk of it reaching the baby. So there is nothing to worry

Botox in pregnancy

How Can You Reduce Fine Lines Naturally During Pregnancy?

Instead of getting Botox, here are few ways in which you can naturally reduce those fine lines during pregnancy and not worry about harming your unborn child:

  • Using a serum that is natural: Using a good serum that is safe during pregnancy can help reduce fine lines to a large extent. Many brands these days sell serums that are made using natural ingredients and can be used safely during pregnancy. Ask your dermatologist to recommend a good one for you
  • Proper CTM routine: Always follow a proper cleansing toning moisturizing (CTM) routine even on the days when you are very tired. This will help clean away any dirt from your skin and replenish all the lost moisture back to your face
  • Exfoliate your skin: Exfoliating opens up your skin’s pores and helps get rid of all the dead skin. This results in a visibly bright and clean skin. So don’t forget to exfoliate your skin atleast once a week to keep those fine lines at bay
  • Drink plenty of water: Keeping your skin hydrated by drinking atleast 8-12 glasses of water everyday helps to keep the wrinkles away
  • Eat plenty of antioxidants: Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and other foods that are rich in Vitamin A, C & E and antioxidants. These are good for the skin and help to fight wrinkles
  • Never squint: Squinting can overwork the muscles around your eyes and cause wrinkles. Use sunglasses when stepping out in Sun so that you do not have to squint

There are no studies that conclude that Botox is a bad idea during pregnancy. There are no studies that also say that Botox is safe during pregnancy. So if you are pregnant, it is advisable to wait it out for a year before you start the treatment. If you have already got the shot, relax. There is nothing you can do about it. It most likely will not have any impact on your pregnancy and child. Pregnancy is a time to be happy so stop worrying about those fine lines and enjoy these moments.

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