Common Complications Of Second Pregnancy

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As someone once said, “There may be no relationship….that’s closer, finer, harder sweeter, happier, sadder, more filled with joy or fraught with woe, than the relationship we have with our brothers and sisters.” Do you also believe that a single child feels lonely and siblings are so important in one’s life? And now, you are planning to get your second bundle of joy in your family? Planning for your second baby can be a lot of fun, as your first one waits to get a brother or sister and you are happy to have a more lively family. But precautions and reading up as much as you can about second pregnancy is a must. Yes, that is an advisable thing to do as there are some common complications that often come along with a second pregnancy.
It is very much possible that though you are well-versed with symptoms of expecting a baby and labour and delivery, it is not necessary that it will be identical to last time. As a matter of fact, complications are more likely when you’re expecting your second kiddo. More so, if you had some complications such as high blood pressure (BP), premature baby, gestational diabetes, etc in your first time, you might in fact be at an increased risk of similar issues this time around. On the contrary, if your first pregnancy did not have any complications, doesn’t guarantee that all will be fine this time too. But still, nothing to worry! Let’s cross the bridge when it comes and be prepared with necessary precautions. Knowing about what all signs to watch out for, helps you take requisite precautions and steps and meet a doctor on time.
There are some serious complications such as the risk of placental abruption or postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) that go on rising with each pregnancy. But there is no definite statistics to prove that these ailments or conditions are very likely to happen in the second pregnancy.
These conditions typically occur after one has had multiple pregnancies. It’s scary, but you better know that PPH is dangerous and could be life-threatening if one doesn’t take proper care or placental abruption may cause complications. So, watch out for placental abruption symptoms and PPH; and do not waste time in seeing a doctor if you doubt any of these.

  • How long to wait before getting pregnant the second time?
  • What are the second pregnancy signs or symptoms?

How long to wait before getting pregnant the second time?

  • Wait at least one and a half years or minimum 18 months between one delivery and second pregnancy.
  • If the time duration between pregnancies is lesser than this, it increases your risks as your body isn’t ready yet.
  • Use measures of birth control till you feel you are ready for a pregnancy again.
  • Babies born out of a healthy pregnancy have lower risk as compared to premature babies who could have higher health issues if they are not born on time.
  • Not spacing pregnancies and children properly also increases chances of autism in the second child.
  • But that doesn’t mean that you should wait endlessly to plan a second child. Waiting for five years or more for second pregnancy enhances the risk of high BP, pre-eclampsia, etc. In fact, pre-eclampsia, if not treated well and on time, can be fatal for both the mom and the baby.

What are the second pregnancy signs or symptoms?

1. Spotting:

So you must be knowing the Science? That within six to 12 days post fertilization, the embryo attaches itself to the uterine wall. This at times gives you a mild cramp and spotting. You might take these symptoms as your due period, but the fact is that the bleeding in this case is much lighter and doesn’t last as long as a period. Sounds familiar?

2. Belly gets bigger, much faster:

The bad news is that in your second time, your uterus is already stretched or conditioned by your first pregnancy. So this time, your belly seems to grow much faster and in fact, it starts to swell right from when you find out about your pregnancy.

3. Morning Sickness or nausea:

Morning sickness or nausea or vomiting is not common in all pregnancies and everyone has different symptoms. But in most of second pregnancies, these symptoms come up as early as just a couple of weeks after you have conceived.

4. Fatigue and ever-tired feeling:

One main reason for getting more tired in your second pregnancy is that you also need to take care of your first toddler. Along with that, the high progesterone levels are responsible to make you feel tired right from your early pregnancy or first few weeks after conception.

5. Leaking:

Don’t be shocked if you leaking colostrum at about 25 weeks during your second pregnancy. Though scientifically, this is a good sign showing you that your body is getting ready to breastfeed a new-born, but as this generally doesn’t happen in first pregnancies, it can get you to worry.

6. Pelvic pain contractions:

You could also experience increase in pelvic pain, pressure and lower back pain this time around. You could also have more contractions. There could be an upward trend in the frequency and also the intensity of Braxton-Hicks contractions in your second time.

7. Changes in your breasts:

Breast changes start showing up right after couple of weeks of conception. The hormonal changes that your body is going through causes the tenderness, soreness or fullness. The skin circling the nipple or the areolas also becomes darker at times.

8. Headaches:

You could also experience sudden headaches after conception. This is again because of hormonal changes in your body. At times, you could get the headache on the same time, every day.

9. Gaining the extra pounds faster:

During your first time, you might not have put on weight for several weeks of your pregnancy, right? But mostly in second pregnancies, your midsection tends to become heavier and your outfits will not fit you right from early months. This is basically because your abdomen muscles were previously stretched and now they stretch more with every pregnancy.
All this sounds scary? No, there is a silver lining to the cloud too. When you are expecting the second time, aren’t you better prepared to welcome your little one? It’s not an unknown arena now. This time, you are completely aware of how lovely is the experience of motherhood and how delightful little babies are. So, stay strong and prepare to welcome your little angel in your arms.

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