Curbing Aggression in Children

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Toddlers and tantrums go hand in hand. Though there are some reasons why a small child would throw tantrums, but when your child behaves indecently and shows aggression, you feel you have been let down by your child, especially if that happens in a public place. Aggressive behaviour begins with some temper tantrums initially but if not nipped at the right age, can make your child hot-tempered.  You start feeling that you have not been a good mother/father in bringing up your child and resort to blaming yourself, and even others for your child’s aggressive behaviour.

Aggression in Children

Ignoring your child will make her shout more initially but then she will calm down

Aggression in children can also be a symptom of something that may be bothering your child – mood issues, behaviour or conduct disorders, psychotic illnesses or cognitive issues. There are a number of ways to curb aggression in the growing children. All you need to do is follow these simple tricks and see the desired change in your child:

Ignore Him– When your child is throwing too many tantrums, the best way is to leave him alone and not try to explain him anything at that moment. As they rightly say that you can take the horse to the well but you cannot make him drink water. Similarly no matter how much you speak but if the child is not ready to hear you he will not understand anything.

Give Him Space– The other way could be to give him some space that he wants and let him get rid of all his irritation so that he calms down to his normal self after that.

Give Him A Hug– A hug can do wonders at times. If you hug your child tight when he is angry he   feels secured and calms down immediately knowing that you are trying to understand his behaviour.

Change The Topic– This can be a solution when you find your child getting irritated in certain situation or conversation. If he is getting finicky about something, just change the topic and start   talking about something else.

Distract Him– If your child is getting cranky about something, divert his mind to something else. Start telling him a story or talk to him about his friends. This will divert his mind from the thing that was bothering him.

Change Of Place– There can be times when just by changing the place you can change the mood of your child. Take him to the other room or leave him with his father or grandparents. This will help him overlook the issue.

Aggression in Children

Aggression in Children

Let Him Express Himself-Children at this age often get angry when they are not able to express themselves properly. Teach him the keywords so that you understand him better. Sometimes, children cannot put together more than two words together and those two words should be able to tell you what he actually needs.

Explain Politely– When your child is out of his aggressive mood, then try to explain to him that his behaviour was wrong and he should not behave like that. Quote examples of his friends behaving nicely with others. This will teach them better.

Ensure Discipline– Together with pampering there has to be some amount of discipline when it comes to children. Your child should develop the habit of hearing “NO”. He should know that there are things that have to be done and there are others that should not be done.

Teach Him Manners– Teach your child to behave nicely in public so that you don’t cut a sorry figure in front of others. Tell him what effect it has on others when he is crying or shouting.

Lastly, praise and reward him for behaving nicely and appreciate his efforts. In a short duration, you will see that your child has less aggression and has developed polite, socially acceptable manners. However, it is best to consult a doctor if you feel that your child has a behavioural problem.


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