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Does Frequent Sex Affect Male Fertility?

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It takes two to tango! Both men and women are equally responsible for a healthy fertilization and delivery of the baby. Female fertility is the ability to conceive and deliver the baby, whereas, male fertility is the ability to impregnate a woman by providing healthy, good quality sperms. Unlike ancient era, wherein women were solely responsible for not bearing a child, advancement in science has identified male fertility equally responsible for failed conception. One of the most common myths attached to male infertility is frequent sex!
Sex and fertility
It is generally said that frequent sex may cause fatigue and decreased sperm production. Let’s attempt to uncover the facts on whether frequent sex can cause male infertility.

  • Understanding The Male Reproductive System
  • Negative Effects Of Infrequent Sex On Sperms
  • Does Frequent Ejaculation Affect Sperms?
  • How Often Should We Have Sex To Conceive?
  • Tips For Boosting Male Fertility For Conception

Understanding The Male Reproductive System

The scrotum is a pouch like organ beneath the penis containing testicles. Testicles produce male hormone testosterone and sperms. On ejaculation, the sperms are released from the urethra. During sex, the penis lies near cervix, from where the sperms travel further inside and reach the ovum. The sperms produced inside the testicles are directed out from testes to epididymis for maturation. Here the sperms are stored for about 15-25 days, if not released.

Negative Effects Of Infrequent Sex On Sperms

Research indicates that storage of sperms in the epididymis for prolonged period causes changes in their DNA. This is caused by the free radicals in the body. The sperms are very sensitive to heat and the greater the duration they spend in the body, the higher the threat from heat exposure. The motility of the sperms is affected with heat and radiation. These factors lead to abnormal shape of sperms, low sperm count and mobility contributing to male infertility.

Does Frequent Ejaculation Affect Sperms?

It appears logical that frequent ejaculation will lead to lowered sperm count. This is because the body needs time to prepare the optimum quantity of sperms. It may take anywhere between 24-36 hours. But the catch is, the fresher the sperms, the more the virility. They are more live, motile (mobile). The sperms already stored in the body may not contain many live sperms, or have less motility. The researchers indicate that infrequent ejaculation can thus not guarantee optimum male fertility. The period of one week is the maximum a man can go without ejaculation.
Sex for conception
The number of sperms increases with delay in ejaculation, but the accumulated sperms are at a hazard of being morphed genetically and quality-wise. The greater the amount sperms spend in the testicles, the greater the risk of being exposed to heat which may kill them.

How Often Should We Have Sex To Conceive?

It must be noted that sperms thrive in the womb for up to three days. So having sex every 2-3 days can ensure that the sperms are always available for the egg released after ovulation. This increases the chances of conception.
Experts suggest having sex daily for a week before the ovulation of their partners for best results. Now timing sex with your partner’s ovulation can be stressful and quite mechanical, it is best t keep the romance alive by having sex every 2-3 days. The famous research conducted in Australia led by Dr David Greening found that sex daily for seven days resulted in more active and motile sperms, though there was 12% decrease in the genetic damage. This, however- led to a drop of sperm concentration but still continued to rem ain in the healthy range. Based on these results, the researchers found that having sex, daily for a fortnight could lower the sperm count rather too much. Therefore, you need to take a break here!

Tips For Boosting Male Fertility For Conception

Here is a bit of advice to keep your guy’s fertility in check and make the most of those passionate youthful years:

  • Engage in morning sex: Your guy’s hormones are at the peak during morning. Studies indicate higher sperm concentration during morning. Of course, a goodnight sleep and no anxiety would render him and his sperms healthy!
  • Get rid of that fat: Obesity is positively linked to infertility
  • Boost folic acid intake: It’s true not only for women but for men too. Folic acid or Vitamin B12 is necessary for preventing genetic abnormalities in the sperm
  • Avoid soy intake: Soy intake has been linked to decreased male fertility. Yes even serving of soy product can lower the potency. So keep your guy’s intake clear of soy products such as tofu, tempeh, soy milk, soybean chunks and soy kebabs! There are plenty of other sources to provide protein
  • No laptops on laps please: The excessive heat from laptops increase scrotal temperature thereby damaging healthy sperms. Such long term exposure is known to cause male infertility. Know how laptops affect male fertility here
  • Get a mobile phone belt pouch: The low frequency radiators such as mobile phones and pagers need to be stored away from the reproductive organs as well heart. They cause unwanted changes in the functioning

The key is not focusing on performance, its rather leading a healthy, stress free and happy relationship with your partner.
Male fertility and sex
A word of caution before generalizing these results! Each body is unique and very frequent sex may not be recommended for men suffering from fertility issues such as low sperm count. In this case, frequent sex may further reduce the sperm count. Despite the presence of fresh cells, inadequate number of sperms may also render fertilization difficult. It’s recommended to get an appointment at the fertility clinic if you feel have been unsuccessful in conception even after six months of regular, unprotected sex.
Rather than counting numbers, indulge in passionate lovemaking when you both get heated up. So, all in all, frequent sex boosts male fertility. It is a great way to bond over and release tensions too!

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