10 Simple Tips For A Speedy C-Section Recovery

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 Tips For A Speedy C-Section Recovery

Recovering from a Caesarean or Lower Segment Caesarean Section (LSCS) section is a time taking process and requires care and concern. After the surgery, you will be wheeled into the recovery room and you will be under the observation of your doctors. Soon enough, the anesthesia will wear off and the doctor will give you a dose of morphine or other pain killers to address the pain. Speedy c-section recovery is all women needed.

The hospital stay will vary from 3-5 days and the nurses will help you get onto your feet and take a shower. In the coming days, you would want to have a speedy c-section recovery so that you can head home with your baby. Follow the tips which will help you recover and promote healing.

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How Long Does C-Section Recovery Take?

C-section is a major surgery, and you will probably feel nauseated, uncomfortable and somewhat groggy post the surgery. You will be given some painkillers to address the pain and your stitches will probably hurt. The lochia or vaginal bleeding will still be there as you have in the normal delivery. Soreness and numbness may be present around the incision site and your scar may appear as a raised area in comparison to the neighbouring area. It is usually darker than the surrounding skin tone.

In other words, C-section is considered as a major surgery, and so c-section recovery takes some time, precautions, and a good load of will. Look at the baby and that should be enough motivation.

10 Tips for Speedy C-Section Recoverymom and baby after delivery in hospital

Here are some simple tips for a speedy c-section recovery:

1. Early Ambulation After C-Section

Walking soon after the surgery is a useful tip to expedite the process of recovery. After 24 hours of surgery, your doctor will ask you to get up from the bed gently. In the next 24 hours, try to walk a few steps. Gradually you should start walking down the corridor and you will be amazed to see a speedy and exponentially fast recovery.

2. Regular Walking

Make walking a daily routine and increase a few steps stroll every day to long slow walks. After being discharged from the hospital, develop a regular routine for walking. These walks will increase blood circulation, keep you agile, and will give you a sense of accomplishment.

3. Nurse Often

mom breastfeeding in hospital

Start nursing soon after birth because it hastens the process of recovery and helps in bringing the uterus back to pre-pregnant state. Besides fast recovery, nursing also helps the proper development of your baby in the long run. Breastfeeding can be painful is a wrong notion and a misconception.

Hold the baby in a ‘football hold’ and keep it to your side instead of holding it across the chest. You can also seek the help of a doctor to learn the ‘football hold’. Read about breastfeeding positions here.

4. Avoid Itching

During the first few weeks, you might experience itching around the scar. Itching is a great healing sign, but make sure you do not scratch around the scar. Remain faithful not to touch or pick at it, the scar should be left alone to heal. Read here about C-Section scar care for quick healing and recovery.

5. Avoid Lifting the Baby

Lifting the baby can be a painful experience for the Caesarean section patient. Make sure you seek the help of a friend or a maid. Do not put the burden on your stitches as it can be very harmful. Even when you breastfeed, find a position that puts the least pressure on the stitches.

6. Diet and Lot of Fluids

diet for C section moms

Nutrition is an important part of healing. Make sure you eat fibrous fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink a lot of fluids. Say no to ice and cold drinks and do not use a straw as this can cause flatulence. Take anti-gas tablets and syrups because if gas is not expelled from your belly it can cause pain and spasm. Read here to know the best diet you can follow after cesarean delivery.

7. Use a Stool Softener

Due to surgery, your bowel movements slow down and defecation can become a problem. You can ask your doctor to give you a stool softener. Stool softener facilitates help in evacuation of bowel without any pain and discomfort. Eating a banana at bedtime can also be helpful.

8. Take Adequate Sleep

mom sleeping after c section

Sound and adequate sleep are essential for the proper healing of your C-section scar. When your baby sleeps, ask your relative or nurse to look after him/her while you take a nap. Play soft music and this can make your baby sleep and it can also give you some extra time to feel relaxed. Do not hasten anything, your body has just been through a lot, so give it lots of relaxed time and take good rest.

9. Enjoy Your Motherhood

Motherhood is a precious time, so enjoy every moment of it. Spend time with your baby. The mere sight of your baby will fill you with love and affection and will release happy hormones that will expedite the process of healing.

10. Maintain Hygiene of C-Section Scar

Good personal hygiene is vital for a healthy and speedy recovery of a C-section scar. Take a bath and change your clothes regularly and keep the scar area clean.

You will be tremendously happy and euphoric while you hold your tiny baby in your arms. The sight is overwhelming and will make you forget all the pains and discomfort you have experienced so far. Soon after the C-section you will feel nauseated and somewhat groggy. All this will usually last for 24 hours and will pass by. However, back pain will last for a few days to a few weeks. Avoid going up and down the stairs too much and take good care of your own health. Keep your spirits high, and enjoy motherhood. If you feel the postpartum blues at some time, remember it is the hormones.

Do not bother too much about the cesarean scar. Remember, “it is a mark of beauty, of a body’s purpose fulfilled. You have earned this battle scar.” Follow the c-section recovery tips and you will have a speedy c-section recovery!

So feel proud!


1. Should I Exercise to Speed up Recovery After C-Section?

No, don’t. Consult your doctor first. It is not advisable to exercise for a few weeks after delivery.

2. Should I Follow a Specific Diet After C-Section for Speedy Recovery?

Yes, this can help. Eating nutritious foods can help you heal and lactate better. Avoid gassy and spicy foods.

3. Should I be on Bed Rest After C-Section?

No, you need to be active. Doctors advice you start walking the very next day. Start slow and slowly increase intensity.

4. Can I Wear a Maternity Belt for C-Section Recovery?

Yes, you can. It might be uncomfortable. Speak to your doctor about your options.

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