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How To Dress Your Little One For The First Six Weeks

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Just about to deliver your much awaited darling and busy shopping for new born baby clothes for the little one? It is always better to be well armed with the right kind of new born baby clothes to make those first few days hassle and tension free. You need to keep in mind the fact you may require changing your little one’s clothing very frequently during the first few months and it can turn out to be real messy if you happen to be unprepared to face this eventuality. Make sure you get soft and comfy clothes your baby will feel at home in. So take care that the outfits are not very complicated and are easy to open for those frequent diaper changes. Basically, you will want soft, comfortable clothes for your little one which are no irritating to their delicate skin. Here are some guidelines on how to dress your little one for the first six weeks.
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What’s The Right Size?

It is very hard to foretell which size clothing your baby will need in first few weeks. Many babies quickly outgrow the newborn or 0- to 3-month clothes and some larger babies completely skip the newborn sizes and directly start with 3-month or 3- to 6-month sizes. While there are those little ones who will fit into preemie sizes in the beginning and wear the newborn clothes for many months. The best tip is to buy clothing in different sizes and exchange the ones you don’t use.

The List Of Clothing That You Need For Your Newborn In The First Six Weeks
    • Single piece outfits: They are actually just spiffed-up jammies perfect for playing and sleeping snugly. Since your little one is going to be napping most of the time during the first few days, these are just perfect and convenient. It would be advisable to get at least half a dozen of them
    • Shirts: It would be a good idea to shop for turtlenecks and t-shirts that are roomy in the neck and is easy to slip through. You can also go in for a one piece t–shirt that can be snapped at the crotch. You can purchase around 6 to 7 of these too
    • Pull up pants or leggings: If you have separate pants, it becomes quite easy to change the soiled clothing without having to change the top portion. Make sure you go in for pants that are stretchable at the waist so that it easily slides up your little one’s bottoms as well as belly. It would be good to purchase around half a dozen of these pants too
    • Jackets or sweaters: It is better to get ready with a sweater or two that have button downs as little ones hate pulling anything over their heads
    • Sleepers or pajamas: Always bear in mind the fact never purchase sleepwear which is full of tricky snaps and takes a lot of time and effort to get it off or put it on. You can buy half a dozen of these too

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  • Booties and socks: There is no doubt you need to purchase quite a few pairs of socks while your baby is indoors and a few booties to adorn while taking them out
  • Blankets that are wearable: These kinds of cotton or fleece sacks that can be just zipped over your little one’s sleepwear while sleeping at night helps to ensure he is warm and cozy throughout the entire night
  • Hats or caps: If the season is summer, you require a hat that has a broad brim while you need a warm and soft hat that wraps your baby’s ears if it is winter season
  • Snowsuits or fleece suits: Suppose you have delivered your baby right in the cold winter period, purchasing a couple of fleece suits will be ideal to adorn your little one when you go out. Just ensure you do not go in for bulky suits as they can turn quite heavy and will make your little one extremely uncomfortable

Here are some wonderful tips that will help you purchase the perfect clothing.

Wonderful Tips To Dress Up Your Newborn

There is every chance you may find dressing your little one quite an upsetting and tension filled ordeal if you have no prior experience.
Remember you need to relax and keep your calm so that you and your little one are free of stress during each dressing session.

  • Never go in for clothing that will wind up too tightly around your little one’s neck and clothes that have tying threads or cords
  • Make sure you pull open all the snaps and widen the stretch necks while pulling the dress over your little one’s neck
  • You will find that is much more hassle free to dress your little one on a changing table or even the floor
  • It would be a good idea to talk and coo with your little one while dressing her or him up as this helps to strengthen the bond between the mother and the baby
  • Make sure all buttons, ribbons and such paraphernalia are all fastened securely as it can create a choking hazard if they tend to untie
  • Even while removing your little one’s clothing, take care to see the clothes do not touch your baby’s face
  • Adorn the little one in a nappy so that he will not pee on you while dressing
  • Ensure your little one is fully clothed in layers if it is winter season and the rule is one layer more than what you are wearing
  • If the season is summer cover your little one’s arms and legs while going out in light clothing so that he does not get sunburned

So go ahead and follow these tips and enjoy dressing your precious little newborn for the first six weeks.

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