Dropping A Baby Accidents

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Comforting a child
A new born does bring unprecedented joy to a family, but a new born also brings along a lot of responsibility on new parents. Taking care of a new-born baby certainly takes the toll on new mothers and fathers. Although you may have the bliss of occasional helping hands, the mind remains restless unless your new life is in your sight. How hard one tries, one cannot prevent accidents. It’s the worst feeling if your little baby gets hurt in your presence. A little rubbing and lullaby might be all it takes to calm down the baby, but are you sure there are no internal injuries? Read below to know more about accidental falls and effects of dropping the baby.

  • Effects Of Dropping A Baby Accidentally
  • Symptoms Of Injury After Falling
  • Common Incidents Of Dropping A Baby
  1. Dropping A Baby On The Stairs
  2. Baby Falling Down From The Bed
  3. Accidents Of Falling From High Surfaces
  • Tips To Prevent Accidents Of Baby Falling
  • Does Dropping a Baby Accident Cause Brain Damage?

Effects Of Dropping A Baby Accidentally

When the soft head of the baby strikes a hard surface, as in the case of dropping, the delicate and yet developing brain may hit the skull thereby rupturing blood vessels and causing bleeding. This is also known as hemorrhage. If there is no bleeding, there may be a risk of swelling which may create pressure in the brain causing injury.
Concussion is another traumatic brain injury which may occur as a result of dropping the baby. This may cause changes in the functioning of brain and affect development too.

Symptoms Of Injury After Falling

Rush in your baby to the hospital if he displays following symptoms:

  • Convulsions i.e. uncontrollable shaking of the body
  • Drowsiness
  • Vomiting
  • Unconsciousness
  • A visible bruise or swelling in the head region
  • Bleeding from nose, ears or mouth

But the baby looks fine!
Your baby is very delicate and his skull is also soft. If after accidental dropping you do not find any external bruise, it’s still recommended to check with the pediatrician. The pediatrician may take X-Rays and make sure there are no internal injuries such as fracture or concussion.
Baby Falls From the bed

Common Incidents Of Dropping A Baby

Dropping A Baby On The Stairs

A new mother who lacks sleep and energy, or a new father who is still trying to figure out life the ‘parent way’ need to be doubly sure when they are carrying their baby on stairs. Carrying a baby up and down the stairs itself sounds risky, for the fear of tripping, slipping, missing a step and hurting the baby and yourself. Our wise elders have always advised against using stairs with the baby and recommend shifting the room downstairs. Always remember, stairs and baby are never a match.

Baby Falling Down From The Bed

Most mothers let their baby rest on their tummy after feeding to induce burping and in the process both may fall asleep. A turn and your baby lands down on the floor with a thud. Try to sleep in the middle of the bed and erect pillow barriers on the bed.

Accidents Of Falling From High Surfaces

Babies cannot sit still and always fidgeting with things around. So make sure you do not leave your baby unattended on the kitchen counter top, table, high chair or any elevated surface as this increases the chance of accidental falls.

Tips To Prevent Accidents Of Baby Falling

You cannot blame gravity for falling, below are a few tips on childproofing your house to prevent accidental falls:

  • Try to put up fluffy carpets so that there will be a bit cushioning, just in case!
  • Provide more comfortable, fluffy carpets in the play area
  • Erect a child minder at the stairs, in case your baby’s room is upstairs
  • Wherever possible strap your child. While driving car or on the changing table. These little bundles are extremely wiggling and lose no opportunity in slipping and jumping
  • Put up grills on the windows and balconies, and never ever leave your child unattended

Child after the fall

Does Dropping a Baby Accident Cause Brain Damage?

Many of us have casually heard that, accidents do happen and that babies are far more tough than we think. We need to be aware that when the baby’s head suffers a bump, blow or severe jolt, this may injure the brain. These traumatic brain injuries may cause permanent brain damage or hamper cognitive functions of the brain. Such children may show slow development, convulsions or difficulty learning. Such injuries may not be recognized till days or weeks. It is advised to immediately consult a pediatrician, who may involve neurologists and perform a CT scan or other imaging tests to confirm injury.
It’s difficult not to lose the calm and feel guilty if the accident happens by you. If the injury is not serious then your baby will cry for some time and eventually behave as if nothing happened. However if you would continue to cry and fuss about it, then your baby can sense this from you. Yes the bond between mother and child is that strong! So the key is to stay calm, keep a vigilant eye on the baby and take him immediately to the pediatrician.


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