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15 Tips To Ensure Your Toddler Stays Safe This Diwali

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With most of us gearing up for the upcoming Diwali celebrations, kids too are anticipating fun and enjoyment on their way. In-fact, Diwali is one of the major Indian festivals and the preparations start way in advance. Festivals are enjoyed by young and elders both when practiced with ample of precautions. Kids are dynamic and they love to experiment. So when your little one sees his elder brother lighting a rocket which shoots away in the sky and splatters a lot of colorful sparks, he is mesmerized and wants to see the magic happen again and again or perhaps want to touch the glittery spark. With lights shining brightly all around, the festive spirit and the glee, the celebrations and noise of the crackers, your little ones are way too stimulated. With such tiny exploratory brains around you need to be more careful to ensure their safety. And, you need to ensure that the festivities do not leave any scar behind. Below are a few tips to keep in mind this Diwali:
Diwaly with Toddler

15 Tips To Ensure Your Toddler Stays Safe This Diwali
    1. Do not leave kids unattended: Firecrackers, candles, matchsticks, all are potentially dangerous and can harm you and your kids. Make sure that your kids are supervised when lighting crackers. Children can be fearless and careless at times, so you need to watch them closely lest an accident happens. Sometimes you simply need to hold your kids hands while they make circles with “Phuljari” and they have a happy Diwali!
    2. One at a time: Kids can become overly excited amidst the colorful crackers and may want to watch more of them crackling together. Firecrackers burn with a very unpredictable tendency which may easily cause burns. Encourage your kid to light one cracker at a time enjoy it and then proceed to next one. Never let them hold more crackers in their hands as they can catch fre quickly and burst
    3. Lighting: Do not light diyas on the passageways in the house or near any curtains or upholstery items. Buy good lighting equipments so as to avoid any short circuits and other electrical accidents. Make sure the lights are installed above the height of your kids and all extensions are well secured. Let there be no lights, candles or diyas on the doors and hallways where kids would be running around
    4. Keep a bucket of water handy: Its best to be prepared for any unwanted accident. In case of fire simply pour ample of water. You may want to put used firecrackers in the water since you never know how the leftover gunpowder reacts to environmental activities. You can also keep a blanket should the need arise
    5. Practice beforehand: You can add to the growing excitement of your kids by practicing for the D Day with them. You can practice holding agarbatties or candles while lighting crackers from a distance

Diwali decoration

    1. Ensure proper clothing: Festivals are the perfect occasions for flaunting fancy clothes, but make sure that your kids change before lighting crackers. The ghagraa and the dupattas or the sherwanis are perfect for the pooja, but dress them in something more sensible when they go out to burn the crackers. Even if they are young to burn them, dress them in body-fitting cotton clothes. Any kinds of flowing clothes are a big no-no, they are simply more susceptible to catching fire!
    2. Inspect your surroundings: It’s a good idea to secure a proper place for lighting crackers. Make sure the place is free from obstructions and vehicles. The area should have plenty of air and there should be enough room to run after lighting the crackers
    3. Buy stuff from reputed and known shops: This applies both to the firecrackers as well as food. Diwali is not just firecrackers: Do not let your kid associate Diwali with just firecrackers. It is also about the diyas
      , the festivities, the sweets, and friends and family. Indulge your kids in other activities and plan get-togethers as well as games for them
    4. Firecracker handling: Do not let your kids carry firecrackers in their pockets. Store firecrackers safely in a place and hand them to your kids one by one. Impose this strict rule that all kinds of firecrackers should be lit only at the designated place and that’s definitely not within the house! The upholstery, cylinder and vehicles can increase the chance of accidental fire
    5. Good shoes: Make sure your kid is wearing proper footwear with no flowing laces or ornaments. Running around barefooted can easily burn their feet not knowing where a piece of hot firecracker landed!
    6. No re-trials with fire-crackers: Young kids get easily disappointed if a firecracker turned out to be a fused one. Discourage them from attempting to light the used firecracker again, some have the tendency of surprising by bursting suddenly and causing injury
    7. Be sensitive to noise: Exposure to smoke and such loud noise is not good for young kids. They are still developing and such exposure may impact their development or even hurt their hearing. Its best to let your kid enjoy for a while and then take them inside for other fun activities

Diwali festival

  1. No playing with firecrackers: Teach your kids not to hurl the firecrackers on others or on their stuff. This may hurt them and damage the property too. Do not let your kids experiment with the firecrackers. The crackers should be lit as per the instructions printed on it
  2. Sweets and food: If you are preparing sweets and food yourself, then there is nothing like that. However, if you plan to buy them, make sure you go to reputed shops and buy only as much as you need. Most sweets lose their freshness in 24 hours so stocking them beyond requirement may not be sensible. Sometimes cheap places sell spurious materials which may pose threat to your family
  3. Environmental factors: Diwali would be best celebrated by going green. If you have to light firecrackers, buy a very small quantity. Air-pollution and litter are common after Diwali festivities end. Plus, the loud noises scare the pets, babies, and can be pretty troublesome for the elderly

Kids have very fertile minds and you can chance upon such festivals to teach them the significance of Diwali, rituals and involve them in the preparations. Simply take them shopping along to buy colorful diyas or you can together make a lot of paper craft and team it up with lights!
So with these tips, open your doors for Goddess Lakshmi to bless you and your family with health and prosperity!

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