Beach hair, tan skin, sandy toes and flip flops – don’t all these remind of the beautiful summer season? The summer season is also an ideal time to give birth to your little bundle of joy whom you have been eagerly waiting to hold in your arms. If you are just awaiting the arrival of your summer baby, go ahead and look at our list of some wonderful and exquisite summer baby names.
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50 Fun And Exquisite Summer Baby Names For Girls And Boys

If you are expecting your baby in summers or if you simply love this season and just the smell of summers can make you fall in love then here are some summer inspired names that will make a perfect label for your little one.

Summer Inspired Baby Names For Girls
  1. Adena: This beautiful name has the meaning “fire” which would make a befitting tribute to the scorching heat of the summer season or sun
  2. Pearl: This being the birthstone of June, it is an ideal pick for your baby girl born in this month and is quite a fun selection
  3. Brooklyn: A simple name of English origin that has the meaning “water” and is apt for the summer season where water is always welcomed with open arms
  4. June: The perfect pick for your baby girl born during summers. June is undoubtedly the hottest month of the year. This sweet name has English roots and is also inspired by the well-known Roman Goddess “Juno”
  5. Alexandria: It is a shortened version of another birthstone, Alexandrite, which is popular for the month of June
  6. Summer: No doubt an exclusive and different name for your little princess born in this warm weather
  7. Suma: A short, sweet and apt name for your little girl. This name with English roots that has the meaning “born in summer”
  8. Oceana: Isn’t there something cool and carefree about beaches in summer? So why not present your little girl with a name like Oceana that evokes a summery feel?
  9. Jasmine: This is a classic summery scent. So name your beautiful princess Jasmine and see her spread the fragrance in your life. This name is becoming quite popular lately
  10. Tallulah: A beautiful and unique name of Native American origin which means “leaping water”
  11. Daisy: This lovely and floral name means “day’s eye”. An elegant and classy name for your darling daughter
  12. Ruby: This stone is July’s birthstone and is a lovely, sassy and summery name for your little princess
  13. Kyra: A beautiful Egyptian name which means “sun”. This name has a sweet and summery feel to it
  14. Genevieve: This exquisite name has the meaning “white wave” and if you love beaches during summers, then this can be an apt name for your little girl. This name reminds of the bright summer day by the beach
  15. Eden : An attractive and serene Hebrew origin name for your doll which has the meaning ” a place of pleasure , delight”
  16. Sky: Sky may sound a little hippie-ish but nonetheless has bright and sunny feel to it. After all, nothing is more delightful than a beautiful summer sky and isn’t this a lovely pick for your boy or even girl?
  17. Siria : This sweet Spanish/ Persian name is apt for your baby girl born during the summer season and has the meaning ” the sun, bright glowing”
  18. Solange: A soft and sophisticated French name for your little princess born in the sunny summer season and has a fanciful meaning ” angel of the sun “
  19. Alba: Another lovely summer Italian name for your little girl which means “dawn, white pearl”
  20. Solana: This beautiful Spanish name has the meaning “sunshine” and is bright and warm name for your baby girl born in summer
  21. Isla : This short, sweet and unique name of Spanish origin which means “island”. This name exudes a breezy and summery feel which is apt for your little girl born in summer
  22. Idalia: A nice name for your little angel. This name of Greek origin has the meaning “behold the sun”
  23. Arpina: Of Armenian origin, this name with a fresh early morning meaning “rising of the sun” is perfect for your baby girl
  24. Helen: This is a name that has connoted beauty since ancient times. A classy Greek origin name for your little girl which means “sun ray or shining light” that also evokes summer thoughts
  25. Marisol: Of Hebrew Origin, this is a beautiful name for your summer baby as it has the combination of both sun and the sea
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    Summer Inspired Baby Names For Boys
  27. Beckett: A handsome English/ Irish origin name with an attractively brisk sound, this has the meaning “bee cottage”. This is a lovely name for your little boy that has a beautiful link with the beautiful summer season
  28. Keegan : An exclusive summer name for your little boy which means ” little fire”
  29. Nikko : A lovely name of Japanese origin which means ” daylight”. Such an apt summer name for your baby boy
  30. Kai : A strong, evocative, exotic multi-cultural name for your child which has the meaning ” sea” in Hawaiian
  31. Dax: This appealing and energetic baby boy name that has a trendy X-ending making it charming to the ears. Although a very popular and common name, it has the meaning “water” and is an ideal pick for your baby boy born in summer. It is also a name of a town in France
  32. Theros: A nice and powerful name of Greek origin which means” summer” making it an apt choice for your little boy
  33. Somerset: A beautiful English name for your boy which means “from the summer settlers”
  34. August : August which is the final month of summer will make a nice macho sounding name for your little prince
  35. Leo: Most babies born in summer have the sun sign Leo. So why not give your baby boy this strong yet friendly name?
  36. Julian : If your little one is born in the hot July month, go ahead and name him Julian. This name has a very youthful feel to it
  37. Cain: A beautiful Welsh name which means “clear water” and so apt for your baby boy who is born in summers
  38. River: River is an ideal pick for your baby boy born in summer months as this name evokes feelings of calmness and strength
  39. Cyrus : A powerful name of Persian origin which has the meaning “the sun” is an ideal choice for your little boy
  40. Pacifico: A Spanish name that reminds you of the Pacific Ocean that looks beautiful and serene during summer months
  41. Birch : This name brings to your mind the strong white barked tree that stands graceful and tall during the summer season. This is a unique summer inspired name for your baby boy
  42. Dylan : A Welsh name tied to the sea. This popular baby boy name which has a poetic feel to it means “son of the sea”
  43. Hudson : This name evokes feelings of the sunny and bright days of summer. It is a popular choice for your baby boy born in the summer months
  44. Aelius: A nice Greek name that means “sun” and is a nice and unique choice for your baby son. Aelius was also the family name of the Roman emperor “Hadrian”
  45. Ishan: A very popular Hindu baby boy name which has the meaning “the sun”
  46. Blaze: With strong ties with the sun, this name is an ideal pick for a baby boy born in the hot summer season
  47. Anshul: Another popular Hindu name for summer season which means “Radiant” and is so apt for your baby boy who has brought in so much radiance to your lives
  48. Aftab : This Muslim name also means “sun” and reminds us of the summer season when the sun is the strongest
  49. Sharik: With Arabic roots, this evokes summer feelings and has the meaning “one on whom the sun shines”
  50. Bay: A cool name similar to River and Lake and is a nice choice for your little boy
  51. Augustine: If your baby boy is born in the month of August then this English names makes it a viable choice

We hope that you will find a suitable summer inspired name for your baby from the above list. Do let us know your favorite name for your baby who is born in these sweltering months. For more baby names see here.