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51 Baby Names Inspired By "The Sun"

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Sun”? The magnificent Sun God has permanently been a source of inspiration for baby names. From time immemorial, civilizations across the world have worshiped the sun, and there are ever so many beautiful names that mean ‘Sun’ for parents who fancy it.
Read through some of the wonderful baby names which can be considered for your little one.

51 Beautiful Baby Names Inspired By The Magnificent ‘Sun’

  1. Aditya: The name Aditya in Hinduism means sun and is one of the all-time favorite names among boys
  2. Cyrus: This name of Persian origin also means the sun and is one of the most common names in the community of Iran. It is an apt choice if you prefer a modern as well as a friendly name for your little boy
  3. Apollo: This, of course, is the Sun God for the Greeks and has multiple meanings, including light, poetry, and even music. The name sounds quite powerful and proud, and it would be a lovely move to name your son after Apollo, the Sun God.
  4. Elio: This name which is of Spanish origin is one among the umpteen alternative names of Helios, the Sun God who is pictured to drive across the heavens in a chariot driven by horses
  5. Samson: Of Hebrew origin, this lovely name also has the meaning sun. If you have always wanted to pet name your little one Sam, this would be the perfect choice
  6. Eliana: On the other hand, if you are looking for a name for your baby princess, this would be a lovely choice meaning the sun’s daughter. You could also shorten it to Ellen which by the way also means light of the sun
  7. Arun: This name with Cambodian or Hindi roots means the sun again. It is beyond doubt one of the most popular Indian names beginning with A
  8. Eleodoro: This is yet another name that is quite unusual and rare inspired by the sun, which you can consider naming your n\ew bundle of joy. With Spanish roots, this name means the sun’s gift
  9. Surya: Named after the popular Hindu Sun God, this name can be used for both girls and boys alike
  10. Levant: If you are searching for an unusual and rare name, related to the sun, your search ends here
  11. Sharik: This name with Arabic origin means “one on whom the sun shines. “
  12. Phoebus: Another name for Apollo, many people go for this as it ends in S
  13. Suraj: This is yet another Hindu name which has the meaning of the sun
  14. Sol: This name which means Sun in Spanish is an all-time favorite for Mexicans
  15. Aelius: With Roman origin and having the meaning sun, it is one of the most famous names among Greeks
  16. Ravi: If you are by any chance on the lookout for a conventional name inspired by the sun, try out this name as this is the Sun God of the Hindus
  17. Ishan: Yet another Hindu name with Sanskrit origin is even quite a hit in Canada and UK too
  18. Aftab: This name of African origin is extremely well-liked in countries like Pakistan and the Middle East
  19. Blaze: With strong connections to the sun, this daring name denotes the blazing personality of the sun
  20. Aarush: Another name of Sanskrit origin, with the meaning “the first ray of the sun, “it is an ideal choice for your baby
  21. Ra: This is the Sun God of the Egyptians
  22. Easter: This is a good name if your baby is a girl, and it means “where the sun rises. “
  23. Freyr: This is the God of sunlight, peace, and fertility in Norse mythology
  24. Aine: This is an Irish Goddess in relation to the Sun in Ireland
  25. Elaine: Yet another beautiful name inspired by the sun for your baby girl
  26. Arunika: A beautiful name of Sanskrit origin
  27. Marisol: An ideal name for a baby born in Summer
  28. Helen: Chic and classy meaning rays of the sun
  29. Sunniva: This Norwegian name has the meaning gift of the sun
  30. Siria: It’s meaning is glowing like the sun
  31. Thea: Goddess of Sun
  32. Savita: Hindi origin meaning sun
  33. Solange: French roots and means an “angel of the sun. “
  34. Kalinda: It means sun again in Hindi
  35. Arpina: A lovely name related to the rising sun
  36. Malina: A Hebrew name for baby girls, meaning the tower and getting translated into the Sun Goddess
  37. Solana: Spanish word for Sunshine, used to name girls
  38. Sunshine: A bright and beautiful name, no points for guessing that this name is given to girls and often brings cheer to those who say or hear it
  39. Alba: This name is of Latin origin, which means dawn. It also means the advent of sunlight
  40. Solveig: Sun’s daughter
  41. Aurora: The lovely Goddess of Sunrise
  42. Adarsh: This also means the sun
  43. Aan: This short and rare name also implies the sun
  44. Ahnay: This means “bright as the sun. “
  45. Zohran: This is another one meaning the sun, used to name boys. The name is of Muslim origin
  46. Ceyone: Meaning “The rising sun, “this name is for baby boys and is Indian in origin
  47. Mihit: One among the many names in Indian mythology which mean the sun
  48. Stash: Meaning the “Rays of the Sun,” the name comes from the English American language
  49. Ashwani: Sun’s son
  50. Diwakar: This also means sun and is of Sanskrit origin
  51. Elidi: Sun’s gift

So go ahead and find the perfect baby names for your little one and make sure you do not delay this lovely experience of naming your precious baby.
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