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How Soon Can I Get Pregnant After An Abortion?

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What most women do not know is that they can get pregnant soon after having an abortion. This is because the process of ovulation begins after an abortion, though you might be having slight bleeding or spotting. If you have unprotected sex within 2 weeks of getting an abortion done, you may very well get pregnant. Use contraceptives if you intend to avoid getting pregnant. Ovulation or the process of releasing egg from the ovary is a natural phenomenon and is regulated by mother’s hormones. In absence of any contraceptive measure, pregnancy can occur as the regular ovarian cycle resumes its due course.
pregnancy after abortion

  • How To Avoid Pregnancy After An Abortion?
  • How To Get Pregnant Fast After An Abortion?
  • How Can I Ensure A Safe Pregnancy After An Abortion?
  • What Can Be The Effects Of Getting Pregnant After Abortion?

How To Avoid Pregnancy After An Abortion?

If you do not want to get pregnant immediately after abortion, then take appropriate steps and seek doctor’s advice. Contraceptive measures such as intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUD), contraceptive pills, condoms, depot provera injections, etc., should be adopted in order to evade the probability of having an uneventful pregnancy.
It is optimally safe to discuss your pregnancy after abortion with the gynecologist to ensure maternal and fetal safety. Ideally, it is recommended to wait for at least three months before you try to become pregnant. An important point that your doctor will consider when you wish to become pregnant is to keep the safety of mother and fetus in mind.

How To Get Pregnant Fast After An Abortion?

If your doctor gives a green signal and you wish to conceive soon after abortion, following steps are advised-

  • Intake plenty of fluids
  • Refrain from heavy physical work for few days
  • Take adequate rest
  • Eat a lot of healthy fresh fruits and vegetables to get natural supply of vitamins, and minerals
  • Take antibiotics as prescribed by your doctor to avoid falling prey to infection
  • Do not exercise for at least initial two weeks after abortion
  • Say no to swimming for two weeks
  • Maintain strict personal hygiene

How Can I Ensure A Safe Pregnancy After An Abortion?

Make sure to discuss at length about the various factors affecting pregnancy after abortion. Here is a list of steps that ensures viable pregnancy post abortion-

  • Safe abortion: Make sure the abortion is done by a qualified doctor and so that no damage occurs. This is very important from the point of future pregnancies. Damage to cervix, perforation of uterus and incomplete abortion are some of the common adverse effects of inadequately done abortion. They impede your chances of future pregnancies too
  • The ‘right time’: Avoid sexual activity for at least a week after abortion. This is beneficial for the health of the women as well as it ensures good quality of semen. Both are important for ensuring viable pregnancy
  • Sexual intercourse: Catch the right time at the right time as soon as the rest period is over. Have frequent healthy sex as it amplifies your chances of becoming pregnancy
  • The ovulation kit: Use ovulation kit in order to keep a record of ovulation period and assess your fertility chances. According to doctors having sex during first 14 days after your menstrual periods increases you chances of becoming pregnant. This is termed as fertile period
  • Lie flat: Do not rise immediately after having sexual intercourse. In fact place a pillow or rolled up sheet under your buttocks for few minutes and lie flat for about 15 to 20 minutes. This facilitate the sperm to reach the released eggs in uterus and makes fertilization possible
  • Maintain fitness: After an abortion your health suffers so it is very important to take good care of your health. Refrain from smoking or consuming alcohol and cut down on your caffeine intake too. Do light exercises such as walking or mediation
  • Eat healthy: Diet is an important factor affecting your health. Include lot of fresh seasonal fruits and green leafy vegetables in your regular diet
  • Be positive: Adopt a positive attitude towards life. Shun all negative thoughts and ideas. This is helpful in keeping you happy and healthy-both are important for having a good life
  • Regular medical checkups: Get regular and routine medical checkups done from your doctor. Remember your health is of utmost

You can become pregnant soon after having abortion as normally the process of ovulation begins.
Pregnant after abortion

What Can Be The Effects Of Getting Pregnant After Abortion?

Whether the abortion is planned or spontaneous, the future pregnancies are generally not affected. Sometimes abortion can adversely affect your physical and psychological health. There are chances of complications that might affect your future pregnancies.

  • Repeated threat of abortion: Having a previous abortion can put you in the risk zone of having another abortion
  • Fallopian tube blockage: This is another serious risk of abortion. If the fallopian tubes are blocked, then the sperm and eggs cannot meet and this result in secondary infertility
  • Abdominal pain: Sometimes abortion can result in persistent abdominal pain and discomfort
  • Bleeding: This is another complication of having abortion because the inner lining of uterus gets damaged and this can hamper future conception

Well, it is good news that you can conceive immediately after abortion especially for those who are eager in conceiving. The loss of a fetus can be quite discouraging but with proper medical care and recommendations you can conceive and have a baby again. Keep the pregnancy-supporting factors in mind and have a wonderful pregnant life!

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