How To Choose Lamaze Classes?

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How To Choose Lamaze Classes_

The entire pregnancy adds up to a single day of winning, the day of labor and childbirth. You can assimilate your knowledge on pregnancy and put through the phrase anywhere on the internet, but proper guidance on labor and birth can be hard to find. Each body is different, and so is the extent of pain they go through. There is a tsunami of anxiety and fear in every woman as she nears her time of childbirth. She might need something more than an assuring doctor and an assuring family. That’s when Lamaze classes come to the rescue. 

Lamaze classes can uplift her spirits by erasing the veiled devour of childbirth. Education on handling labor is vital as healthy childbirth without unnecessary medical intervention can rejuvenate the mother and child after they are reborn and born. Lamaze classes can educate on most of the benefits of having natural labor and childbirth. It will also help the expectant parents understand the true need for medical intervention during delivery. Read to know more detailed information about Lamaze classes and their exceptional benefits.

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What is Lamaze?

Lamaze courses typically focus on educating expectant parents on the process of a healthy delivery. The word Lamaze is the second name of a Russian Doctor Dr. Fernand Lamaze, who sowed the seed of this childbirth education. He observed the remarkable intervention of breathing patterns that eased the labor and executed it in his country.

By showing remarkable results in easing natural labor and childbirth, it spread across quickly like wildfire. Many countries started to adopt the procedure, which paved the path for many parents to choose natural birth. Lamaze classes teach several things about pregnancy management, childbirth, and possible complications. In short, it is a course that mainly takes a ride on the last trimester of pregnancy and breathing patterns during labor which can help ease the pain.

How Important Are Lamaze Classes?

A Lamaze class can be a helpful course for you and your partner, as it can help answer the most anxious doubts about labor and delivery. The techniques allow you to get into labor with a clear and confident mind about childbirth. They also help you understand when to accept medical interventions during delivery. Taking Lamaze class gives an understanding of breathing techniques during labor, one thing that nobody takes away from you.

It is vital to gather the appropriate information on childbirth as the whole process is a rebirth for the mother. Until there is a medical complication, you can always proceed the way you are comfortable. Lamaze breathing techniques and childbirth classes also educate you on the postnatal period.

What Will You Learn in Lamaze Classes?

What Will You Learn in Lamaze Classes_..

Lamaze classes help you practice healthy birth techniques. Based on their extensive research on spontaneous labor and its benefits, Lamaze designs its curriculum according to the needs of expectant parents. In these childbirth classes, you will learn specific breathing techniques that help you manage the pain without any epidurals.

These classes

  • Encourage natural labor without the intervention of pain inducers.
  • Help gain knowledge on dealing with early postpartum.
  • Provide guidance on building proper communication with doctors regarding their needs.
  • Emphasize the presence of an experienced health care provider during childbirth.
  • Teach techniques of relaxation and pain management.
  • Promote self-triggered labor.
  • Educate about the importance of moving around while in labor and the position during childbirth.
  • Help parents avoid unnecessary medical interventions.
  • Do not stress giving birth by lying on your back. The mother should be allowed to move her body following its urge to push.
  • Emphasize the importance of having emotional support during labor.
  • It says that a mother and baby need to be close after birth. It builds bonding and can be helpful during breastfeeding.

The Lamaze classes are conducted based on their respective curriculums. There is a choice for the parents to choose the suitable curriculum according to their needs and queries. There are some common vital points of every Lamaze curriculum which include,

Based on the choice of your curriculum, Lamaze also helps you learn about the prenatal and postnatal phases. It can help you anticipate the common prenatal problems and educate you on managing them. It gives information on breathing strategies and massage techniques during labor. Predominantly, all Lamaze classes focus on pushing the mother to opt for natural and healthy delivery without unnecessary medications.

How to Choose a Lamaze Class?

Way To Choose a Lamaze Class_..

You have to choose a Lamaze class based on the type of education you expect and need on pregnancy and childbirth. There are some vital points to consider before joining the Lamaze courses.

a. Curriculum

Gain knowledge of the content a curriculum offers and select accordingly. Selecting a proper and suitable curriculum is vital for putting all your queries and fears before the professional.

b. Is The Class in Person or Online?

Find an in-person childbirth education class near you. Attending a live class can provide a chance to interact with the professional comfortably. Hospitals associated with Lamaze teaching professionals provide both online and in-person classes. You can also attend an online class based on your comfort.

c. Size of The Class

Lamaze educators provide room for 12 couples for one class. It is vital to take note of this point and book your Lamaze class as early as possible, or you may run out of slots.

d. Experience And Background of The Prospective Teacher

It is vital to choose an experienced teacher while taking childbirth education. Lamaze offers internationally recognized teachers with specialization in childbirth education accredited by NCCA (National Commission of Certifying Agencies).

e. Duration of The Class

Lamaze classes are for a total duration of 12 hours. Expectant parents can attend the classes once they enter their 7th month of pregnancy (third trimester) for 6-10 weeks. You can also cover the course by marking your attendance on weekends.

There is a lot of anxiety hidden associated with labor and childbirth. The lack of proper guidance and education on natural childbirth is leading women to look for alternatives. The dread and panic are genuine and need to be addressed well by an experienced prospective teacher. Lamaze classes are the best option to go for if you are in so much confusion and distress.


1. How to Find a Lamaze Class?

You can book an online Lamaze class by searching for an experienced childbirth educator. You can also proceed with the in-person childbirth classes associated with your hospital.

2. When to Take a Lamaze Class?

You can opt for a proper curriculum and schedule your attendance. It is better to attend a Lamaze class from the 7th month of your pregnancy.

3. Should Second-time Parents Take a Birthing Class?

Pregnancy and labor are different even with multiple experiences. You may require childbirth education to understand your body more if you are pregnant again.

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