How to Clean Baby Toys – Simple and Effective Tips

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Kids love to play with their toys. Some of them even take them out in their social gathering, and some love to take them to their beds while sleeping. Maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of their toys is very important because most of the children have a habit of taking the toys in their mouths or don’t wash their hands after playing with the dirty toys.

How to Clean Baby Toys – Simple and Effective Tips

How to Clean Baby Toys – Simple and Effective Tips

In this article, we will discuss some of the straightforward and effective tips to clean the toys of your little brats.

Why Is It Important To Clean Your Baby’s Toys?

Toys are the best companions of a child. They use it for entertainment purposes and love to stay around such colorful and enjoyable creatures all day. They leave no way to use their toys, and once they get bored with it, try to chew them by putting it in their mouths. This is the primary reason to maintain the cleanliness of their most loved toys. They are directly or indirectly connected with your child’s well-being.
How To Clean/Sanitize An Infant’s Toys?
The cleanliness criteria of a toy vary from toys to toys. Here are cleanliness methods you can use to wash different types of toys:

  1. Plastic toys: Plastic toys can be easily cleaned by dipping them or wiping them with hot water along with a soap or detergent. You can place them on a clothing tray after washing to let them drip down. If you prefer washing them in the washing machine, wash them on gentle mode for very few minutes. Let them dry naturally without using the washing machine’s dryer. For moving parts, use an old toothbrush to clean them gently.
  2. Rubber toys: Rubber toys are quite harder than plastic ones. They can also be cleaned in the same manner by using hot soapy water. You can use a sponge to wipe it up. Keep them for an hour in water or wash them with vinegar and toothbrush for better results.
  3. Bath toys: Many of the babies love to take a bath along with their toys. Due to their usability in water, microbes keep on thriving on their wet surfaces. They need to be cleaned on a daily basis and disinfected after a regular interval of time. Ensure to dry them every time after your baby is done with bathing.
  4. Stuffed toys: It is better to wash them with your hands with hot water and soap. Other than that you can wash them in the washing machine too. Wash them with gentle detergents, or you can use baby shampoo to wash them.
  5. Wooden toys: These toys require some extra care while washing as compared to other toys. You can use a cloth that is just a little wet. Use a mixture of water and vinegar to wipe them. If not needed, not wet the wood completely.
  6. Battery toys: Before washing, ensure to remove the batteries. While cleaning the battery toys take full care of the outer parts. Avoid touching the battery contacts since they quickly catch rust when in contact with water. The Disinfectant laden solution is way better than using water for such toys.
  7. Silicon toys: Silicon pacifiers, bathing toys, teethers, etc. are durable and easy to clean. In a bucket of warm water, pour some baby shampoo, and put all the toys into it. Soak for at least half an hour. You can use a brush or soft cloth to clean. After cleaning, rinse the toys with plenty of clean water. Dry it.

What Is The Difference Between Cleaning And Disinfecting?

Cleaning And Disinfecting

Cleaning And Disinfecting

The main difference between cleaning and disinfecting is that cleaning is done to make a toy free from any kind of visible dust or dirt particles. While disinfection is done to get rid of microbes and germs that cause infection in the babies. However, cleaning will always come prior to disinfection.

When should I Clean and Disinfect Baby Toys?

You should clean your baby’s toy regularly. We recommend doing it (if there are no other particular reasons to clean) no less than once in a month. However, there are certain situations calls for additional cleaning, or even disinfecting, like:

  • If your child or his playmate is sick
  • If the toy falls on the playing ground
  • If the toy is visibly dirty
  • If your child or child’s playmate has a habit of putting toys in their mouth
  • If the toys coated with food, milk, saliva, vomit, etc.
  • If your baby has rediscovered a toy after a period of time.

How To Disinfect Baby Toys?

Washing can only prevent toys from dirt and dust for better protection. You need to disinfect them to save your child from various infections. The method of cleaning and disinfecting depends on the size, material, and type of toy. Strictly follow the toy manufacturer guidelines when cleaning or disinfecting the bay’s toy. Here is a method you can use to disinfect your child’s toy:

  • Warm water
  • White vinegar
  • Rosewater


  • Mix all the required material in a container.
  • Keep the toys immersed in the solution for half an hour. For the bath, toys keep them overnight for proper disinfection.
  • This solution can be sprayed on toys for disinfection purposes.

Is It Safe To Clean Baby’s Toys With Bleach?

As mentioned above, different toys are made up of different material that shows variable properties while washing. Bleaching can be a good method for cleaning some of the toys, while for others, it may prove very destructive. The best method to know the suitability of bleach on your baby’s toy is to apply it on a small surface of the toy in a diluted proportion. If it does not cause any harm to the toy, you can apply it fully to the toy.
Some Final Words:
Different toys are made up of different materials. So, it becomes very difficult to figure out an appropriate way to clean them. But at the same time, it is very important to clean all the toys of your baby at regular intervals, and don’t forget to disinfect them once in a while for better protection from germs. By using all these methods, you can easily make your little ones best buddies safe for him.

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