Hugs Make Babies Smarter – Says Huggies!

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Have you seen the new video by the diaper market leader, Huggies signifying the importance of touch? The video captures the essence of the warmth and tenderness in the power of a mother’s hug, and rightly so. It touched my heart, like millions of others, and I could feel the first few moments of my motherhood coming back to me – where my touch was just enough to soothe and calm my baby, my angel. The brand has captured the focal point of a mother’s hug brilliantly, and while it is safe to say that nothing can beat a mother’s hug, I’d still say that Huggies Wonderpants do come pretty close to it. And I have my reasons!

Touch is the essence of life, in fact touch is one of the first sense that develops in a baby while still in the womb, at just about 8 weeks. How many times others in the home hand over a crying baby to the mother to soothe her? And the benefits of embraces don’t just end in a calm and peacefully smiling baby, but extend beyond those moments- for these snuggles and affectionate cuddles trigger a baby’s brain development as well, which are vital for her development.
Starting from the very first days of her life, a baby’s brain begins to shape up and develop. Neurons to the count of a hundred billion start to interconnect with each other, and the more these connections, the smarter your baby gets. So how do you ensure that your baby turns out to be one smart lad or lass? Simple – by exposing her to stimulating environments that that trigger these connections in the brain. Sounds pretty simple, eh? Well, apart from what physical exposure to environments does to your child’s brain, there is something else that stimulates your baby’s brain cells – and that is – giving your baby plenty of hugs, snuggles and lots of cuddles. Physical affection with your baby doesn’t just calm her down and make her feel loved, it also helps your baby grow into a smarter, happy and confident person.

How Does A Baby Benefit From Hugging?

huggies-logoA human baby comes into this world with a flexible wiring in the brain. The baby’s earliest experiences are most likely with the parents, and hence the parents end up shaping the baby’s brain by interacting with the baby. Though you may feel that the baby is too young to comprehend things, but the fact is that her very early interactions with the world develop and shape her future behavior and thinking capacities. It is this flexibility of the brain that a baby adapts to any given culture and grows to be a socially well-adjusted adult.In a nutshell, after a baby is born and handed over to his mother, the very first hug sets the foundation of a healthy, illness-free and intelligent life. That is what Huggies believes in, taking the inspiration from a mother’s hug.

  1. The brain region that holds the memory, learning, and stress response is known as the hippocampus. This area of the brain has been found to be 10% larger in babies whose homes have a nurturing environment. It is no brainer that the larger the hippocampus, the better your baby. This reference has been taken from a 2012 study by the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis entitled “Maternal Support in Early Childhood Predicts Larger Hippocampal Volumes at School Age”
  2. When you make physical contact with your child through a snuggle or a hug, you help her prefrontal cortex to develop which is the place where she holds the information. This area also helps her reflect on her feelings, and hold on any impulsive behavioral traits. This makes your child emotionally strong and smart
  3. When you make hugging your baby a daily routine, every snuggle and squeeze helps the baby to develop her self-esteem and self-confidence. The baby also learns to be expressive, loving and nurturing through hugs and physical contact. This sets a solid foundation for a happy tomorrow
  4. Hugging and getting close to your baby boosts the production of oxytocin, and this helps reduce the stress hormone cortisol. This in turn helps your child feel calm and deal with any stressor, lowers the blood pressure and improves the mood. All these positive responses to hugs and cuddles make your baby smarter in dealing with stress and other hardships that life will throw at them in future
  5. Physical contact with a baby influences the way a child handles aggression. As a positive physical touch reduces stress, it further helps your child restrain any impulsive behavior and develops conscience; boosting the very important quality of empathy. This enables optimum moral development of a child, which not only helps in developing the brain, but developing the personality of the child

It is no wonder that kids who grow in a positive, encouraging environment in the care of sensitive mothers grow up to be more successful in both their personal and professional life. A study conducted on the subject has been published here

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Making Time For Hugs – Do It Often, Do It Now

Parents often undermine to make time for hugs and snuggles battling hectic schedules between feedings, changing, sleeping schedules and then schools. However, once you start it as a routine, it will get imbibed in your daily schedule. Begin by cuddling together for a few minutes when your child wakes up, followed by cute little snuggles every time she steals your heart with her cute antics. After all, a hug is a simple way to ensure your child grows to be a smart, intelligent adult – why not ensure it from now itself?
The new Hug-Fit design Huggies Wonderpants Diapers is inspired from a mother’s hug, bringing with itself the same sense of warmth and comfort that a baby gets from her mother.Believe in the power of hugs, that not only makes your baby feel safe, but makes her stronger and sharper as well.

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