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50 Classic Literary Baby Names For Girls And Boys

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Looking around for the perfect name that will be ideal for your new born? If you happen to be a voracious reader and love literature, why don’t you opt for a classic literary name for your little angel? Literature embodies and enriches our life as time goes by and if you are searching for a name which has character, look no further. We have compiled a comprehensive list of classic literary names for both girls and boys for you to take your pick from.
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50 Classic Literary Baby Names For Girls And Boys

Baby Girl Names

    1. Alice: An all time favorite in literature and besides “Alice in Wonderland” this name is featured in various works of modern authors. An awesome name for your baby girl
    2. Anne: The most lovable character in “Diary of a Young Girl” and of course so many other famous literary works makes a perfect choice for your little angel
    3. Bronte: A lovely literary name that pays tribute to the well known sister authors namely, Emily, Anne and Charlotte. It is of Greek origin and means “thunder”
    4. Daisy: A short and sweet name for your little girl and of course the name of the most important character of “The Great Gatsby”
    5. Clarrissa: Another wonderful pick for your baby princess and is also the name of the powerful heroine in the well known novel “Mrs Dalloway”
    6. Cordelia: An enchanting name for your baby girl which has the meaning “heart” and also the famous character of “The Last Lear”
    7. Elizabeth: A beautiful name full of character and the most famous character in “Pride and Prejudice” too. You can shorten it to Lizzie
    8. Emma: Will anyone forget the most sweet and loving character of Jane Austin in the famous novel “Emma”? A lovely choice for your baby girl
    9. Gertrude: This beautiful and exclusive name which has the meaning “strength of a spear” is one of the most well-known characters in the famous Shakespeare play “Hamlet”
    10. Hazel: An inspiring and strong character in the popular novel “The Fault in out Stars”
    11. Jo: The shortened version of Josephine which is one of the strongest characters in the lovely novel “Little Women”. An apt pick for your little girl
    12. Kairi: This exotic name for your little girl has the meaning “sea” and is one of the names of the well known characters in the famous novel series “Kingdom of Hearts”
    13. Jhumpa: A lovely Indian name after the famous author Jhumpa Lahiri and whose famous work is “The Namesake”
    14. Matilda: Another beautiful name for your girl baby and is one of the famous characters in the novel of Roald Dahl ” Matilda”
    15. Louisa: A fantastic name for your baby girl after the popular author of the famous novel “Little Women”
    16. Katniss: If you are a fan of the famous novel “Hunger Games”, go ahead and name your daughter Katniss
    17. Juliet: A beautiful and romantic name for your little princess derived from the lovely character of Juliet in Shakespeare’s epic novel “Romeo and Juliet”
    18. Olivia: If you are a literature lover, you are not likely to forget the beautiful character of Shakespeare’s well known novel “Twelfth Night”
    19. Rosalind: Another lovely name from Shakespeare’s famous play “As you like it”
    20. Rue: A well known character of “hunger Games Trilogy” A nice pick for your little daughter
    21. Lyra: One of the famous characters of the well known trilogy “His Dark Materials “and is a sweet name for your little angel
    22. Ramona: The cute and mischievous Ramona is an all-time favorite character among children
    23. Sylvia: Name your little darling after the well known American poet Sylvia Path. The name means “spirit of the woods”

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Names for Boys


  1. Alcott: A nice pick for your baby boy after the author of “Little Women”
  2. Albus: The name of one of the most favorite teachers of Harry Potter’s Novel. It has the meaning “white”
  3. Ambrose: A beautiful Latin name which means “immortal one” and also the name of the popular short story writer and journalist, Ambrose Bierce
  4. Ashley: One of the most popular characters in the famous novel “Gone with the wind”
  5. Amory: An exclusive name for your baby boy which means “industrious” and a well known name in Fitzgerald’s “This Side of Paradise”
  6. Auden: A classic name for moms who love poetry
  7. Atticus: The famous character in the popular novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”
  8. Athos: A rare name for your baby boy after one of the “Three Musketeers”
  9. Buck: A strong character of the popular novel “Call of the Wild” by Jack London
  10. Benvolio: This is Romeo’s cousin’s name in the famous play “Romeo and Juliet” and sounds really cool for this generation of boys
  11. Barrett: Name your boy after one of the most well known poets of the Victorian Era “Elizabeth Barrett Browning”
  12. Colin: This is the name of the little boy in the famous novel “The Secret Garden”
  13. Charlie: Meaning “the man” , isn’t it a nice name for your boy after the character in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”?
  14. Dorian: Can anyone forget the famous novel “Picture of Dorian Gay”?
  15. Ernest: Name your boy after the famous writer Ernest Hemmingway
  16. Elwin: The full name of the famous author E.B White
  17. Darcy: The favorite name of Jane Austin’s hero and a nice pick for your baby boy
  18. Caulfield: A nice pick after the character in the novel “The Catcher in the Rye”
  19. Don: The name in the novel ” Don Quixote”
  20. Harry: What better name than Harry after the famous Harry Potter Series?
  21. Henry: Another literary name in the novel “Red Badge of Courage”
  22. Homer: The famous Greek poet Homer is an ideal pick for your son
  23. George: A classy literary name in the novel “Of mice and Men”
  24. Huckleberry: The naughty boy in “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”
  25. Rhett: Can anyone forget Rhett Butler, the favorite hero of “Gone with the Wind”?
  26. Sawyer: Another lovable boy from Mark Twain’s famous novel “Adventures of Tom Sawyer”
  27. Scout: The spunky hero of “To kill a Mockingbird “

So go ahead choose the persona that you think will suit your little one. For more baby names see here.

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