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50 Lovely Names For Boy And Girl Twins

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Just got to know you are expecting twins and that too a girl and a boy – What more can you ask for? You are on top of the world with excitement and anticipation. Once your little darlings come into your world, you will have no time for anything. So make sure you are all geared up to receive them in every sense of the word. One major and enjoyable job that awaits you is naming the twins and although you do want to name them based on something similar, the names need to be distinct and identifiable with their respective gender. Searching for some unique and exclusive twin names can be quite interesting. Find out 50 Lovely Names For Boy And Girl Twins.
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Read ahead and see if you find anything that you may catch your eye from the below set of twin boy and girl names that have been compiled especially for you.

50 Lovely Names For Boy And Girl Twins

  1. Brianna and Brian: Of Gaelic- Celtic origin, these two names have the meaning “noble” and would be a nice pick for your boy and girl
  2. Bertha and Bert: They are quite popular twin names since quite a long time now and have the meaning “the bright one
  3. Emma and Emmanuel: Of Hebrew roots, Emmanuel has the lovely meaning “God is with us”. Emma being the female version of Emmanuel may be just apt for your baby girl
  4. Nathan and Nathalie: Nathalie that is a beautiful spiritual name which means “born on Christmas” is an all time favorite. Nathan, a lovely name for your boy means “he has given
  5. Tara and Dhruv: Both of Sanskrit origins, these names have the meaning “polar star”. Wouldn’t this be a wonderful pick for your little twins?
  6. Adithya and Aditi: Aditi is a well liked name which has the meaning “mother of Gods.” Adithya means” belonging to Aditi”
  7. Harshini and Harsh: Yet another pair of Hindu names that has the lovely meaning “happy” and is extremely popular among twin children in India
  8. Felicity and Felix: Felicity is a Latin word that has the meaning “happiness and good fortune.” While Felix means “happy”
  9. Laris and Letitia: Yet another Latin name Laris means “happy.” Letitia on the other hand has similar meaning “joy and happiness”
  10. Ren and Rose: While the name Rose requires no explanation, the name Ren is of Japanese origin and means “lotus”
  11. Sophia and Samuel: Lovely matching names that sounds sophisticated and regal for your twins
  12. Alison and Wilson: Wilson means “son of William “and Alison has the meaning “of the noble kind”
  13. Jemima and Jonah: Both these names have the meaning “dove”
  14. Olivia and Olive: Both symbolize the Olive tree and would be a nice pick for your twin boy and girl
  15. Jayden and Jade: Jade is becoming extremely popular while Jayden is the male variant of this name
  16. Andrea and Andrew: A lovely pair of names perfect for your twins
  17. Beach and Bay: While Beach would be a wonderful pick for your son, Bay would be an excellent choice for your daughter
  18. Julia and Julius: While Julia is a sweet name that means “soft haired and youthful,” Julius matches beautifully and is no doubt classy and dignified for your boy
  19. Nikko and Sunny: Nikko is of Japanese origin and means “sunlight” Sunny would be a lovely name for your little girl that matches Nikko beautifully
  20. Amira and Amir: Both names are of Arabic origin and while Amir has the meaning “tree top” Amira is the female variant of this name
  21. Mason and Madison: Of German roots Madison means ” mighty battle”
  22. Isabella and Isaiah: Isabella is a beautiful name that has the meaning “God is my oath.” Isaiah matches this and has the meaning “God is salvation”
  23. Reagan and Riley: While Riley boasts of an Irish origin and means “valiant.” Reagan has the meaning “impulsive”
  24. Landon and London: An excellent choice for twins. These are destination inspired twin names for boys and girls
  25. Calm and Amity: Amity is a lovely variant of Amy and means “friendship” while Calm is a lovely name of virtue
  26. Freya and February: While February has the meaning “purification feast”, Freya is the” Norse Goddess of Fertility and love”
  27. Hope and Fidel: Sweet names of virtue for your twin boy and girl
  28. Grace and Garret: While Garret means “strength”, Grace is a very popular name since ages
  29. Augusta and Augustus: While Augusta is the female variant of August, Augustus is of Latin origin and has the meaning “great and magnificent”
  30. Asher and Alisa: Alisa has the meaning “great happiness” and Asher, although a Biblical name matches Alisa perfectly
  31. Ethan and Emma: Isn’t this an idyllic set of names for your twin boy and girl? Ethan is a biblical baby boy name with the meanings ” strong, the gift of island” while Emma is a popular name for your little girl with a beautiful meaning ” whole, complete”
  32. Verona and Eden: Lovely names for your little darlings and becoming quite popular these days too. Hebrew origin, which means “place of pleasure” and is apt for your little boy. Verona on the other hand is name of an Italian city and is becoming a popular variation for Veronica, a popular baby girl name
  33. Caleb and Chloe: Caleb is now gaining much popularity and Chloe is a wonderful match for this name
  34. Charlotte and Charlie: Try this pair that now tops the list in many countries
  35. Clover and Cliff: Cliff is extremely popular and a shortened version of Clifton while Clover is an enchanting name for your little girl
  36. Benjamin and Abigail: Both of Hebrew roots, Benjamin have the meaning “fortunate” while Abigail means “Source of joy”
  37. Alexander and Ava: Regal names perfect for your twins
  38. Zoey and Zac: A pair of short and sweet names that would be an idyllic choice for your little girl and boy
  39. Hunter and Hayden: they sound wonderful together. Hayden has meaning “from the Hay Downs”. Hunter is a unisex name and has the meaning “one who hunts”
  40. Hannah and Noah: A simple pair of names that sounds beautiful to the ear. Hannah is a beautiful Hebrew origin name for your little girl meaning “grace” while has the meaning “rest, comfort” and is an ideal choice for your boy
  41. Ryan and Emily: Sweet names that may catch your fancy
  42. Petunia and Pine: Yet another lovely pair of names that match beautifully
  43. Nova and January: A pair of nice names that would be simple and nice for your twins. Nova is of Latin origin and an apt name for your little angel and means “new beginning” On the other hand January marks the beginning of a new year and fits well with Nova
  44. Max and Mia: A pair of matching names that sounds simple and sweet and start with the same alphabet
  45. Zachary and Marie: A pair of lovely rhyming names that would be perfect for your little darlings
  46. Forest and Flora: Yet another pair of unique names for your twins and associated with Roman goddess of spring and flowers
  47. Lola and Leo: They sound lovely together. Leo originates from Italy and means “lion”. Lola is a popular Spanish girl name
  48. Aidan and Nadia: Aidan has the meaning “little fire. While Nadia is a beautiful name which means” hope”
  49. Noel and Leon: Noel has the meaning” Christmas and would be idyllic for your baby girl while Leon is a nice name for your boy and means “lion”
  50. Ira and Ari: Of Hebrew origin, Ira means “watchful one”. Ari is of Arabic roots and has the meaning “lion”

    Hope this list of 50 Lovely Names For Boy And Girl Twins helpful for finding names for your boy and girl. Just remember while selecting names for your twin boy and girl you stick with a theme. Do not choose two entirely opposite names for your twins. You can even choose names that sound the same or are rhyming. More on baby names in our section here

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