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Oral Check-up A Must

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Seeing A Dentist During Pregnancy is a Must

Seeing A Dentist During Pregnancy is a Must

The fact that you are making a human being inside you gives a reason to smile and feel proud. But this comes with a lot of responsibility towards you and also towards the development taking place inside you. Therefore, while you are pregnant, making sure that your health is ready to cope up with health challenges that pregnancy brings about is not a bad idea at all. At the same time, not just your reproductive system, but also your dental care is important.

Why to go for dental check-up in pregnancy– Pregnancy can have vast impacts on your tooth. If you have been prone to tooth decay and gum problems, it is likely to become more challenging during pregnancy. Therefore, even before conception ,it is advised to make yourself free and visit a dentist to avoid future issues during pregnancy.  Moreover, during pregnancy, gum diseases also tend to surface owing to hormonal changes in the body. Hence, all pregnant or likely to be pregnant women should fix proper appointments with their dentists and get this problem fixed in order to have a healthy and tension free pregnancy.

Why should you go for dental check-up before getting pregnant– There are several reasons that justify why you should get your dental problems fixed before conception. Firstly, it gives you a chance to have all X-rays with respect to your dental problems done before you get pregnant as after pregnancy all type of radiations in any forms are generally avoided. Secondly, even though it is permitted to go for dental check-up during pregnancy also, but still getting it treated early gives you a chance to get rid of your dental problem before pregnancy and reduces your stress. Thirdly, you will be able to enjoy your pregnancy far better if dental problems were not a concern.

Several problems can be caused if this is not taken seriously. Firstly, hormone generation in your body make your teeth more prone to decay. Secondly, they tend to become swollen and gum bleeding is a common challenge during pregnancy. Having an untreated gum can definitely cause serious problem because of this reason. Thirdly, untreated gum may lead to gingivitis which can further lead to periodontitis that can induce problems like early labour and gestational diabetes in some women who have severe gum problems. Therefore it is advisable to get rid of such a risk and meet your doctor.

Dental care before and after conception– To ensure dental care for yourself, following a good oral care regime is very important.. You should regularly brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day -after waking up and before going to sleep at night. Also, clean your tongue to kill any possibility of developing bacteria while brushing. Taking food that causes minimum tooth decay is a good and healthy option. Such food is rich in vitamin C and vitamin D and Calcium.

A healthy oral regime means a healthy you – directly implying that a healthier baby is on the way!!

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