Breaking the News to Your Boss

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Breaking The News To Your Boss

Pregnancy is a happy phase for you and your family. The challenge surfaces when the time arrives, and you want to reveal the news to your manager at the workplace. This is when you need to be calm and composed. Not that you will have to face any impolite consequences, but it may give rise to awkward discomfort between you and your workplace. Figure out a better plan which makes breaking the news to your boss about your pregnancy easy for you.

There are certain parameters that you will need to check before you tell your boss about your pregnancy. Make sure you are in a safe environment devoid of gossip and bad-mouthing. There are a few tips that may help you to give the news in the right way and receive a prompt and genuine response. We have discussed certain things to keep in mind while breaking the news to your boss. pregnancy pillow

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When to Tell Your Boss You Are Pregnant?

Remember that you can’t hide the news as the pregnancy starts to progress. It will be respectful if you inform them about your pregnancy before it reaches him/her in an impromptu manner. There are certain timings and manners in revealing the news that can’t go wrong most of the time.

Breaking the News to Your Boss When Working at Office

Breaking The News to Your Boss When Working From Office

Pregnancy is different for each body. Symptoms like nausea and heartburn may start surfacing from the early first trimester and may last till it ends. If you are going to the office, you may not want to hide the news for a long time. So, be sure to let your boss know before anyone in the office, be it your close colleague.

Make an appointment with your boss. This can make you comfortable and not having anyone around to give an ear is very much helpful while revealing the news. Do not rush, do not break the news when you or your boss is signing off from work. Make sure to arrange a proper meeting, this can make your boss feel respected and it also elevates the feeling of respect in you.

If you feel nervous and feel that you may stumble on words while talking, write it on paper. Thoughtful writing with appropriate words is a perfect way to impress anyone. If you do not possess a healthy relationship with your boss, try to reassure him of the work assigned to you and then reveal the news. Do not be in a state of confusion while revealing it. You must look and say confidently that you are very happy about your pregnancy.

Breaking the News to Your Boss When Working From Home

Breaking The News to Your Boss When Working From Home

Pandemic has brought certain things to a halt. A regular trip to the office is one of them. It came with many changed rules because of minimal interaction with colleagues and managers. Staying at home and working can be a bit comfortable while you are expecting. When it comes to revealing the news, it may be easier when compared to face-to-face interaction. Since most of the meetings happen on video calls, you can reveal the matter at your convenience with proper planning.

It is vital to get a meeting appointment with your boss even if you work from home. Schedule a video call during your boss’s free time and reveal the news with confidence. It is also vital to plan your work proceedings when you are not in the office. It can reassure your boss and he may ensure you get better facilities.

Breaking the News to Your Boss Via email

Breaking The News to Your Boss When Via email

Email is always an official and best way of conveying certain things. A pregnancy email should consist of a briefing about your health condition and on how you can balance your work-life besides pregnancy. Make sure you send the email by keeping it simple and conveyable. Do not get into any details about asking regarding maternity leave facilities. All this can be compiled into another category and can be sent to the human resources team once you convey the news to your boss.

How to Prepare For Your Pregnancy Announcement?

Before you confirm the news, you need to keep yourself informed about the maternity leave and related provisions from your company. Make a note of some points before you plan to reveal the news

  • Ensure to finish your ongoing goals and deadlines.
  • Make a plan in mind of how you can manage to offload your duties.
  • Plan on not committing to the upcoming projects if they clash with your maternity leave days.
  • Before you announce your pregnancy, make sure your absence will be taken care of.
  • If you do not plan to come back to work, ensure to deliver the current running project by the right time.
  • It is important to keep your boss intimated about both the options (coming back and not coming back to work) that you may consider.

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The Challenges of Being Pregnant at Work

Challenges of Being Pregnant at Work

Every pregnancy is different, some might require special care and should only work if the body permits and under the supervision of your doctor.

There are some challenges at work like

  • Hectic physical burden, which is not recommended while you are pregnant.
  • Exposure to chemicals, which may be harmful to you and your baby.
  • Sitting for a very long time may obstruct proper blood circulation.
  • Hectic stress at work may be harmful and can even lead to miscarriages.

Talk to your doctor and ensure to let them know about your work culture. Make a list of the precautions you need to take during the first trimester as that phase is vital. Have a plan to take care of every challenge you might face while working during pregnancy.

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What to do if You Experience Pregnancy Discrimination?

Pregnancy Discrimination
Even if it is rare, there is a possibility that you may be looked down on while assigning new projects if you are pregnant and working. It may not be an act of discrimination, but your employer may not want to experience the burden of your absence. Reassuring your boss of the quality of your work may reverse this. But it is illegal to not let you get the benefits of maternity leave and post-delivery or miscarriage comeback. It is illegal to fire you from work based on your pregnancy.

Know About The Maternity Benefit Act, India

The Indian government and law introduced an act called the Maternity Benefit Act in 1961. According to this act, there are certain benefits provided to pregnant women at work and women post-delivery. This act applies to every place in India. According to this act, discrimination against pregnant women at the workplace is not acceptable and illegal.

If you face discrimination while pregnant or after you are back at work, you can file a case based on the maternity benefit act. You need to have proper evidence of discrimination that you face to file a case against the employer. Justice will be provided according to the regular new amendments made in the act. The employee will have every right to get the benefits according to the maternity benefit act.

Pregnancy while working comes with many challenges. Proper planning and executing that particular plan appropriately can help you deal with everything smoothly. Thinking and acting accordingly may help you have a peaceful pregnancy. Do not hesitate to let your boss know about your pregnancy. Be confident and let the workplace know that you are happy about your pregnancy. Your confidence reflects in your work and reassures your boss of your abilities.

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1. When Should I Tell My Boss That I am Pregnant?

It is always better to listen to your body. Some women might feel extremely down during their first trimester. Others may have a smooth pregnancy and will be able to hide it till the middle of the second trimester. Prepare yourself and let your boss know before anyone in the office.

2. How do I Share My Pregnancy News With My Boss?

  • Make an appropriate appointment, one-on-one meeting if you go to the office.
  • Make an appointment by video calling your boss if you are working from home.
  • Write an official email to your boss in a subtle way revealing your pregnancy.

3. How Can I Prepare Before Sharing My Pregnancy at Work?

Keep yourself informed about all the maternity benefits and leave that your company provides. Try to finish your work deadlines. Plan the upcoming projects accordingly. Be confident to let your boss know about your pregnancy. Inform all the arrangements you have thought of. This may help relieve the burden.

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