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Passive Smoking is Dangerous For Your Child

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Smoking is injurious to health!! We know it is not anything new for you and that it is a well known fact and known to all, who smoke or who do not smoke. One has

Passive Smoking

Passive smoking is dangerous for your child

to make his own choice. But before you make your choice, you must consider your wife if she is expecting your child. A partner should never smoke in front of his spouse who is pregnant, whether it is the first trimester of pregnancy or the last one; you need to be cautious throughout her pregnancy. Smoking is injurious to the health of the expecting mother as well as the baby, be it a smoke directly inhaled or through passive smoking. Though chain smoking among women is not much prevalent in India as in other countries but women here, face a lot of passive smoke dangers. If a husband smokes in front of his pregnant wife, she inhales all the smoke and together with the smoke are inhaled all the elements of a cigarette that are harmful. A husband should be well aware of the harmful effects of smoke to the child, specially-

  • Researches show that cigarettes contain more than 400 toxic elements along with other heavy metals that are really harmful to our lungs and causes diseases.
  • Smoking directly or the smoke inhaled increases the chances of still birth to a certain level.
  • Researchers have also shown that due to the harmful effects of smoke the chances of defects in birth also increase considerably.
  • The babies of those women, who have been exposed to smoke regularly, weigh less than the babies of those women who haven’t absorbed this smoke.
  • This can also reduce the IQ level of your child.
  • The smoke inhaled has DNA damaging agents.
  • The deformities of feet, testes or non formation of brain can happen in the child exposed to such smoke.

The responsibility of keeping your wife and your baby safe lies solely on you. The decision is entirely yours; you have to set your priorities. It is best to quit smoking at this time, if that is not possible, at least make it a point not to smoke in front of your wife. It is the responsibility of the mother also to make sure that she is not in the environment that is unsafe for her baby and for her health. If that means offending someone then too, you should not hesitate at this point of time or explain it to him politely. Reviewing the above mentioned effects, no father will take a chance with the health of his spouse and his child to face the unwanted consequences later.

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