Pest Control With A Baby Around – How To Go For It?

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Written by Bindu Raichura

Bindu Raichura

Pest Control With A Baby around

Do you have pests troubling you? Do you have a small baby at home? Now, that’s a fix, isn’t it? You can’t let the pests thrive around in a house, especially with a small baby around, nor can you do pest control, right? Wrong! You can definitely do pest control around your house even if you have a small baby at home.

It is in fact important you keep the house free of rodents and other insects that can cause harm to your infant. You just need to be careful and do it the right way. No, don’t you worry. We shall guide you about doing pest control with a baby in the house.

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Is Pest Control Safe for My Baby?

The biggest question lurking in any parent’s mind is – is pest control safe for babies?

It is safe as long as you exercise caution and get an experienced person to do it for you. If you are planning to do it yourself, ensure you follow all safety instructions and keep your baby away from the area for a few hours at least.

Risks of Wrong Pest Control Practices

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Pest control, when done wrong, can be harmful to not just your baby but you and other adults in the house as well. Some of the risks involved are:

  • Babies ingesting the pesticide or its residue left all around the house.
  • Aerosol-based pesticide sprayed all around the house may cause both babies and adults to inhale it which is not safe.
  • Not discarding it the right way might put your baby and others who come in contact with it at risk.
  • Overuse of pesticides than the recommended dosage/ frequency can be dangerous.
  • Prolonged exposure can even result in cancer (if you were to spray the pesticide ever so often just to keep the pests at bay).

Minimize Pest Control Risks With These Tips

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Prevention is the first step in pest control. Keep your house free of clutter and attack areas where the infestation of pests is high. If your house has too many food crumbs lying around and is not swept or mopped on a regular basis, it can be a rather conducive environment for pests.

When you have decided to go with pest control, minimize the risks in the following ways:

  1. If you are doing it by yourself, follow the instructions carefully.
  2. Opt for a pre-mixed pesticide so that you don’t have to worry about mixing it right.
  3. Ensure you use only the pesticide meant for the particular type of pest in your home.
  4. Use only pesticides that are meant to be used indoors (do not use an outdoor pesticide inside your house, no matter how bad the pest issue is). Choose indoor pesticides that are safe for babies.
  5. Keep your baby and their belongings away from the area. Follow the instructions on the pesticide package to know when it is safe to let your baby in again.
  6. Open doors and windows for ventilation after applying the pesticide.
  7. Use the pesticide in the smallest area possible as per instructions rather than using it liberally all over the place.
  8. Use pest control spray which is considered safe for babies.
  9. Buy only the required quantity. Do not store these around the house for later use as your baby might find them. If you are storing it, ensure it is far away from your baby’s reach.
  10. Dispose of the leftover pesticide as instructed by the manufacturer.

Choose a Baby Safe Company

Choose a Baby Safe Company

Finding a baby-friendly pest control company can be challenging. Some might claim to be baby safe but in reality, might not be so complete. As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure your baby is well protected.

Here is how you can choose an exterminator safe for babies:

  • Look for reputed exterminators who have been in the pest control business for a while. These people will not only know which the safest practice is with babies around but will also know what problems could arise and warn you accordingly.
  • Enquire about the method of using pesticides. Spraying the pesticide might be effective but it can seep into all areas of the house, which is not safe health-wise. Look for companies that inject pesticides into the walls of the infested areas of the house.
  • Find out about the pesticides they use. Some pesticides can be more potent than others. There are highly effective pesticides that do not cause side effects in humans. Look for a company that uses such products.
  • If you are having trouble with a particular kind of pest, ask for that particular pest control. A general pesticide might help with all pests, but a pesticide specifically made for use against particular pests is what you need.
  • Check the reputation and reviews of the company for honest feedback from customers.

Are termites dangerous to infants? Most definitely yes, and so is too much pesticide to get rid of those termites. Sometimes even the best pesticide in the market may not be enough to get rid of those pesky pests. This does not mean you should use more pesticides that are not recommended. As long as you follow the instructions and keep your baby away from the area sprayed and the products, pest control can be safe.

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