300 Popular Prince Names With Meanings For Your Baby Boy

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300 Baby Names That Mean Prince

Every child is an heir to the kingdom of happiness, love, and care that their parents have created for them. Parents often want to welcome their children with a beautiful and meaningful name. For those parents who want a royal prince names for their baby boy, let’s check out our article on 300 baby names that mean Prince.

From Akbar to Aladdin and Alexander to Christopher, you will find royal baby name options to choose from. These names are not only a unique choice for your baby boy, but they also hold important meanings. Baby names that mean princess are brave and valiant, strong, powerful, and have leadership qualities.

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If you are looking for popular baby names that mean prince, then you can choose from the table listed below. The names are arranged in alphabetical order for easier reference.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aahil Emperor; Great King; Prince
2 Aashadh Name of Lord Shiva
3 Aeneas A trojan hero
4 Ahil Prince; Emperor; Ruler; Commander
5 Amir Rich; Leader; Wealthy; Ruler
6 Arjun Confidence – Power; A Warrior
7 Armel The bear prince
8 Arsalan Fearless; Warrior
9 Arthur King
10 Aryaman Princes; The Sun
11 Baldur Prince
12 Balthazar God protects the king
13 Bardick Ruler
14 Basha King; Emperor; Noble
15 Basil Kingly
16 Bhatta Noble Lord; Prince; King
17 Bhuminjay Earth Conqueror
18 Claudius Cripple
19 Conrad Bold Ruler
20 Constantine Steadfast
21 Cosimo Prince
22 Donovan Chieftain
23 Duke Leader
24 Duncan Chief
25 Dushyant Destroyer of Evil
26 Eadric Wealthy
27 Edgar Wealthy; Prince
28 Emmanuel God is with us
29 Emon Truthful
30 Enzo Home ruler
31 Eric Eternal ruler
32 Felipe Prince of Asturias
33 Felix Fortunate
34 Ferdinand Bold voyager
35 Gervase One with honor
36 Griffith Strong chief
37 Guillaume Heir to the Crown of Luxembourg
38 Gummadi Princess
39 Iar Forest
40 Idris Fiery leader
41 Ilamporai Prince
42 Ilavarasan King; Prince
43 Kanwardeep Light of Prince
44 Kaunish King; Prince
45 Kehul Prince
46 Keiji Prince; Respectful; Lead
47 Kumara The Young One; Prince; Youthful
48 Kunik Gift of God; Prince; Kiss
49 Kuppu Prince
50 Kuwar Prince
51 Muhammad Praiseworthy
52 Nagarjuna Hero; Confidence and Power
53 Nedumaran Prince
54 Nekasi Withdrawal
55 Nicholas Victory; Prince
56 Oba A local chief in Nigeria
57 Oscar Champion
58 Othello Prince
59 Paarthiv Earthly; King; Warrior of Arjuna
60 Padmanabh One with lotus in his navel
61 Panchanana Prince
62 Percival Pierce the vale
63 Peregrine A powerful falcon
64 Princy Prince like
65 Prinshu Son of King; Prince
66 Qaddam Leader; Prince; King
67 Rafael A variant of “Raphael”
68 Rainier Judgment warrior
69 Raj King; Prince
70 Rajababu Prince
71 Reagan Little ruler
72 Sahadev Most Talented King
73 Zeev A Prince
74 Zilya Kingly
75 Zyed Increase

Best Baby Names That Mean Prince

Best Baby Names That Mean Prince

We all look for the best baby names that mean prince. They are very rich in meanings and may help in imbibing good qualities like bravery and honesty in the little one’s personality.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Abbas Lio
2 Adam Son of Earth
3 Adar Noble prince
4 Ahmed Highly praised
5 Akbar King
6 AkshayKumar Indestructible Prince; Immortal
7 Amiran Royal; Prince
8 Andrew Strong
9 Antony Priceless one
10 Ashfaq Kind
11 Binal Prince
12 Brice Speckled
13 Brioc Mighty prince
14 Carl Freeman
15 Carlos Freeman
16 Caspian Name of a fairytale prince in Narnia
17 Cosmio Merchant
18 Cral Slow speed
19 Cuthbert Brilliant
20 Cynfael Chief prince
21 Edla Prince
22 Edmund Wealthy
23 Edward Powerful; Prince
24 Ericson Eternal ruler
25 Esteban Crown
26 Eugene Ruler
27 Everard Brave
28 Eze King
29 Fitzgerald Ruler
30 Fjord King
31 Flaithrí Princely king
32 Gustab God’s satff
33 Hansraj King of the swans
34 Harry The Duke of Sussex
35 Hector Steadfast
36 Inaros Egyptian prince
37 Indulf Chief
38 James Supplanter
39 Jayaraj Victory of Kingdom; Prince
40 Kanwar King’s Son; Prince
41 Kenelm Brave
42 Kgosi King
43 Khalfani Destined to rule
44 Kingsley King’s meadow
45 Krishnendu Lord Krishna; Prince of Earth
46 Kuwarjee Prince; Youthful
47 Ladomir Famous ruler
48 Leopold Brave people
49 Nikolai People of victory
50 Nikul Face; Royal Prince of Pandavas
51 Nirgun Full of Virtues; Prince; The God
52 Paladin Chief
53 Panav Prince
54 Panava Prince; Small Drum
55 Peter A rock
56 Raj-Kumar Prince
57 Rajdulari Dear Princess
58 Rajkishor Prince; Young King
59 Rajakumaran Prince; Son of King
60 Rajnandan Prestige; Prince
61 Rajnesh Prince
62 Rajratna Prince; Gem of the Kingdom
63 Ricardo Brave ruler
64 Richard Powerful
65 Rihaan Prince; Destroyer of Enemies
66 Rollo Famous
67 Romeo Name of a prince
68 Sahdev Most Talented King
69 Sancho Holy saint
70 Saphir Sapphire
71 Sargon The faithful king
72 Windsor Riverbank with a winch
73 Xanth Golden
74 Yuvrajsinh A Prince
75 Zachariah Lord

Unique Baby Names That Mean Prince

Unique Baby Names That Mean Prince

If you want to give your baby a unique name that means “prince,” you have come to the right place. In the table below, you will find 75 of them, along with their meanings, to help you decide.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Addo King of the road
2 Adebowale Return of the crown
3 Ademola Wealthy
4 Alaric Regal ruler
5 Alberich Ruler of elves
6 Albert Prince Consort of Great Britain
7 Alexander Warrior
8 Arjunlal Confidence and Power
9 Aslan Lion
10 Augustus Exalted; Prince
11 Azul Prince
12 Chandragupta Famous ruler in India
13 Chao fa Prince
14 Charles Freeman
15 Cheri Loved one
16 Cyril Lord
17 Darius Kingly
18 David Prince
19 Delroy King
20 Egon Prince
21 Elango Prince; God
22 Elavarasan Beauty; Son of King; Prince
23 Florian Powerful
24 Flynn Son of a red haired one
25 Frederick Peaceful ruler
26 Heinrich Home ruler
27 Henry Home ruler
28 Hilarion Happy prince
29 John Princely
30 Kaanishik King; Prince
31 Kaiser Emperor
32 Maxon Son of max the greatest
33 Michael One who is like god
34 Miraan Princely
35 Mithridates A king in Anatolia
36 Moulay My lord
37 Mubarak Blessed
38 Philip Prince
39 Pinu Little Prince
40 Prince Royal
41 Rajkishore Young King; Prince
42 Rajkumar Prince
43 Ratheesh Prince
44 Ratnakant Prince of Gems
45 Rawat The Best; Prince;
46 Rayin Little Prince
47 Reagon Little king
48 Rehal King; Prince
49 Rex King
50 Rey King
51 Rian Little king
52 Sébastien Young prince
53 Sehzada Prince
54 Shahdev One of the Pandava Princes
55 Shahzad Of Royal Birth; Prince
56 Simba Lion prince
57 Sorab A persian prince
58 Stephen Crown
59 Steven Crown
60 Suhan Good Looking; Prince; Beautiful
61 T’Challa Fictional prince
62 Tarendra Prince of Stars
63 Tarkesh Prince of Stars; God of Stars
64 Terry People’s ruler
65 Theo God’s gift
66 Théodred Fictional prince
67 Thierry People’s ruler
68 Timur Like Iron
69 Tivela An honest person
70 Tommen Innocence
71 Tor Innocent
72 Xerxes Ruler over heroes
73 Yaphet Comely
74 Yizrael God’s prince
75 Yuvaraja Son of the King; Crown Prince

Cute Baby Names That Mean Prince

cute royal infant

Cute baby names that mean Prince always have a special prince in our hearts. For all parents, their little boys are not less than any prince. So lets look at the options below:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Adhit Prince
2 Adi Putra First son
3 Adjovi Prince
4 Adrian Son of Adria
5 Alfred Elf counsel
6 Aladdin Disney prince
7 Ameer Ruler; Prince; Superior; Chief
8 Anwealda Ruler
9 Ara Light bringer
10 Aragorn King
11 Archie Genuinely bold
12 Ashfaque Noble Prince
13 Ashoka Noble king
14 Chinnadurai Prince
15 Chirakumar Long Life Prince
16 Choton Prince; Ruler; Protector
17 Christopher Bearing Christ
18 Derek People’s ruler
19 Dharmendra Like a Prince
20 Dhanvik King; Archer; Bowman; Prince
21 Divith Lord Shiva; From Heaven; Godly
22 Donald World’s ruler
23 Elavarasu Prince
24 Ilayaraja Young Prince
25 Elmurza Prince of the nation
26 Emir To Command; Prince; Home Ruler
27 Gansh Prince; Lord Ganesha
28 Garibaldo Bold and brave
29 George Earthworker; Prince of Cambridge
30 Gerald Spear
31 Humayun Indian king
32 Humphrey Peaceful warrior
33 Hussein Small handsome one
34 Jerriff Gifted ruler
35 Jhuni Good fortune
36 Jishaan Proud Prince; Enjoyment
37 Jishan Noble Person; Prince
38 Kublai Khan Strong
39 Kumanan Name of a Charitable Prince
40 Kumar Youth; Prince; Son
41 Leroi The king
42 Lin The lineage prince
43 Louis Famous prince
44 Magnus Great
45 Malcolm Disciple of Saint Columba
46 Mandhatri Prince
47 Mandlenkosi King
48 Paris A Mythological prince
49 Parthiv Prince of Earth; Earthy; King
50 Parvatha Prince of Earth
51 Qasim Divider; One who Divides
52 Quincy The fifth
53 Quyen A king of bird
54 Rajdeep Light of the Kingdom; Prince
55 Rajkumar Prince
56 Ramesses A male sovereign
57 Ramiro Great judge
58 Rana Kingly
59 Ruaidhri Red king
60 Rupert Bright Fame; Prince
61 Rushal Handsome / Charming Prince
62 Ruslan Lion
63 Trikakud Mountain; Prince
64 Triton Prince
65 Umberto Bright warrior
66 Unis Flourishing one
67 Valor Bravery
68 Victor Prince
69 William Strong willed prince
70 Yuvanath Lord or Prince of Youthfulness
71 Yuvarajan Prince
72 Yuvaram Prince
73 Yuven Prince; Prince of God
74 Yuvesh Youthful King; Lord of Prince
75 Yuvi Prince; King; Youthful

For parents looking for royalty inspired names like Prince, we have curated a total of 300 baby names that mean Prince. These names are very popular and have great references in history. Names that mean princess can help your baby feel more confident while he grows up to be strong and Brave. We hope you get to select the best name for your little prince.

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