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Pregnancy At 18 Weeks

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Week 18:

Officially this marks the onset of your fifth month of your pregnancy and you can be all happy about being just a week away from the halfway mark! This will be an exciting week for you. All this while you knew you are pregnant with the symptoms of it but nothing could be more exciting than feeling your baby.

Until now the amniotic fluid was surrounding the baby and it was too small to touch the nerves around the uterus. Now the baby has grown and is touching your nerves, resulting in nerves sending signals to the brain that something is moving around there.

Physical and Emotional You:

  • You will be able to feel the top of your womb half way between the pubic bone and navel.
  • The womb is now a size of a melon, so it gives you a feeling of density and heaviness in your pelvic region.
  • By now you would have gained a lot of weight and started to get stretch marks. Rub some soothing cream on your tummy to relive the itching. Do not spend money on those creams that claim to clear stretch marks, they don’t. These marks will soon go after pregnancy.
  • Is that your partner snoring? No, it’s you. This is due to nasal stiffness and congestion. Apply some jelly to keep it hydrated, keeping a bowl of water in the room might also help.
  • The heart it working very hard and pumping 50 % of more blood in the body. If you have been smoking and drinking still, its high time to quit for healthy you and the wellbeing of the baby.
  • The baby is quickly growing and so is your urge to eat more. Keep the fridge stocked with food high in carbohydrates which take longer to digest and keep you feeling full.

All this while if you were feeling a little indifferent, it’s time to feel happy. You start to feel your baby. Some women become secretive as they try to build connection with the baby, but share it with your partner, and enjoy the movements of your creation together.

Your Baby at Week 18

Your baby’s bones are becoming stronger and less cartilage. Increase your dairy content. If you do not like to drink milk have curd, cheese, custard, ice cream, fish, and green leafy vegetables.

Your baby is growing and moving too, she has to fit between the placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic fluid. The uterus muscles are designed in such a way that it expands and grows with the size of the baby.

The baby may be sucking her thumb and many babies are born with blisters on their thumbs due to months of hard practice that they do inside the womb.

Things to Note

  • If you are still enjoying that puff and drink, high time to give up, it’s hazardous for the baby. Haven’t we been advising against that long enough?
  • Go get that sonography done if you haven’t done that yet.
  • Keep a note of what you have to ask the doctor, you tend to forget things due to pregnancy amnesia.
  • Sleeping on the sides will be good- for both the little one and you.

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