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Pregnancy At 21 Weeks

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fetus week 21

Week 21
Your baby is of a size of a large banana and weights half a kilo. There are many changes happening inside you, mum so it’s very important to eat healthy and do some exercise. You may be finding it difficult to sleep on your tummy. You may also sense a creeping sensation while trying to sleep, signalling that the baby is awake.
Physical and Emotional You

  • Due to high level of estrogen the skin in your leg and arms may feel blotchy.
  • If you think your belly button is flat and just in tune with the rest of the skin, do not worry. The belly button goes through a permanent change during pregnancy.
  • The growth of breasts would have stabilized by now but the nipples continue to become large and areola darker with the progress of pregnancy. Make sure you wear a comfortable and supporting bra.
  • Gaining weight will become more obvious to you now. This is because a muscles and a layer of fat forming in the baby’s body.
  • You may start craving for non- food substances like charcoal, chalk, or sand. This is called as “pica”. This would seem strange but shows the need of the body for other elements. Try to eat a wide variety of food in taste and texture.
  • You could be a little stressed this week, if you are working the time you go on maternity leave is coming near. So better prioritize your work and also prepare for the baby.

Your Baby at Week 21


  • Those kicks and movements are a collective product of the brain and the muscles. Your baby will find her comfortable positions by moving around if she doesn’t feel so comfy in the one you are in.
  • The baby is constantly swallowing the amniotic fluid and the same is getting digested in the body. The fluids are discharged in the form of urine. Waste products are getting formed in the baby which will be passed in the baby’s first motion called as meconium.
  • The permanent teeth will be in the place of the tiny tooth buds, getting formed now.

Things to Note
The increase in weight might have increased the size of the shoe, as the feet is swollen.
The CG of your body is changing as the tummy becomes heavy.
Try to wear flats / slippers if you are used to wearing heels for better balance.

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