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Pregnancy At 22 Weeks

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fetus week 22

Week 22

Have you thought of any names for the baby? It’s time to decide on the baby’s name, you might like many names and change your mind a million times. Think of a name you would like to give to your little one.

The baby is hearing a lot of sounds, and has got used to the habit of listening music and the voice of your partner. This helps in future for the baby to recognize your’s and your partner’s voice after it is born. If you go out for shopping, buy a toy for the baby ( or is it for you?) in black and white as this helps the baby in recognizing colors.

Physical and Emotional You

  • This week you will be filled with joy and happiness. The whole world around you seems to nurture love in you. From this week your tummy will start to grow above your navel and it will become difficult to breath. The nature has so designed us that the rib cage moves upward so that it is more out of way and the outer ribs adjust sideways.
  • You won’t have any relief from the indigestion and heartburn.
  • Constipation to be watched out for – keep your dietary fibre high and also have lots of fluids, most of it can be water.
  • You may notice your legs getting swollen if you stand for long. They are retaining more fluid than usual. So rest your foot while seated and do not stand for long.
  • Bigger feet Mama! Yes, your feet will grow too, and this may just not be right if you bought a pair of Jimmy Choo a few months ago!

The fact that you will be delivering a baby soon might be settling by now. Worrying how will you take care of the baby and be a mother to someone is normal.

Your Baby at Week 22

  • At the size of a papaya, and about 60-580 gms, this little thing inside you is getting notorious day by day. When she is not kicking or performing somersaults, he dozes off to sleep.
  • More fat develops in the baby’s body and the skin does not look transparent as before.
  • Your baby has tiny figure nails too. If the baby is a girl her womb and vagina will be in place and if it is a boy testes will be settling down from abdomen to the scrotum sac. Due to pregnancy hormones some babies are born with enlarged genitals but after few weeks they will settle down to a normal size.

Things to Note

  • It’s time to plan a holiday, and taking a break before the baby is born.
  • If you are not asked to refrain from water restriction, rediscover baths. Lying back in water and looking at your tummy can be very relaxing. It also makes the baby active.
  • Avoid a back strain and do not bend. If your mattress is sagging it’s time to get another one. Remember you are spending 1/3rd of your day sleeping.
  • Practice pelvic floor exercise, yoga, meditation, walking or swimming is also a great idea.

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