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Pregnancy At 29 Weeks

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Week 29
The belly is so very out now! You might need to opt for some smart dressing now, and might even need some maternity wear with belly space. It’s all about eating right, exercising and relaxing now, and a bit of happiness that your baby, if born just now, would actually be fine and this is real good news.
Most important thing to do is to count the baby kicks. The OB will ask you to count the number of times the baby kicks or moves atleast twice a day, and will also let you know how to do it. This is to ensure that the baby is active and there is no complication. Less than ten counts in two hours will need the doctors’ advice.
Physical and Emotional You

  • Back is at it again, and with the baby’s head headed downwards, there is a lot of pressure on the uterus and the bladder – further complicated with a sluggish digestive system to make constipation a daily issue.
  • You might be walking with your legs apart – we know how much you dislike, but the back is staying inwards to balance the growing belly. Do not care much.
  • Puffiness and swelling are playing around, we’d say it’s a good idea to remove those rings now, and be a little more comfortable. Leg cramps are also creating unrest and varicose veins – the blood vessels that are coming on the front may be too obvious now. Why, you are pregnant lady!
  • All your old friends stay with you – no matter how badly you want them to take leave.
  • Breasts would be more heavy, and getting ready for colostrum. The nipples are further darkening on.
  • Just not the time to do anything new – just be comfortable how and where you are.
  • Packing the bag is a very good idea, add the items you want to take to the hospital as and when you remember.
  • Braxton contractions – you’d be familiar with false alarms by now.
  • Do not look at the mirror often, and leave the thought of “how am I looking” behind. You are beautiful, if in doubt ask your partner.

Your Baby at 29 Weeks:

  • He’s moving around, and gaining weight, growing everyday. He should be around 1.3 kgs now, and in the next few weeks would be doubling or even tripling his weight.
  • He’s squeezing in a lot of nutrition from your body – be sure to have a good, fibre rich nutrient packed diet everyday.
  • More fat – both for you and the baby – and the chubs begin to form.
  • He’s changing positions, and is fighting for space in your womb – though there is still enough. You might have an elbow jolt or of a knee swish. The movements can be frequent and fervent – you might be in pain now.

Things to Note:

  • Calcium – your baby is using a lot of it to make his bones, around 250 milligrams a day – make sure you are backing that up.
  • Pelvic exercises – just to keep things in control.
  • Bending is all the more difficult now – consider slip ons.

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