Raising A Confident Child

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‘I want my child to be confident. Do I need to do something different in order to build confidence in my child?’ This is one question that runs in every parent’s mind. Confidence is not inborn, the child acquires it from his/her surrounding atmosphere. Our behaviour in front of our kids creates a huge impact on their minds. Confidence plays a crucial role in a child’s positive mental growth and his/her social happiness. It helps the child in being realistic, understanding, knowing his/her strengths and weaknesses, disciplined and being positive about life.

confident child

How can the parents be certain they are on the right track in building confidence in their kids? Are their efforts headed in the right direction? How about going through some check points for the parents to analyse the same?

  • Belonging: A sense of belonging between a parent and child boosts his/her confidence and the child feels loved, special, worthy. Love your child, spread positive vibes and happiness around him/her.
  • Scolding: If the child commits mistake make him/her understand. Avoid shouting or scolding when angry. The child stops sharing and expressing. The thoughts of indignation slowly start creeping in their mind, gradually resulting in the decline of their confidence.
  • Goals: When the child is attempting something new and fails or faces difficulties appreciate his/her efforts. Encourage him to complete the task at hand. The journey travelled is more essential than the outcome. Set realistic goals.
  • Fear: Avoid creating fear in the child’s mind. Always bear in mind that to implant fear is easier than to remove it from the child’s mind. He/she may avoid attempting in future.
  • Over protection: Avoid being over protective, give him/her an opportunity to try and get confidence of doing things by themselves.
  • Mirror: Be an optimistic mirror to your child. How others perceive the child impacts them more than how they observe themselves. At a young age, he/she is dependent on the family for his/her behavioural feedback. Our mind-frame becomes crucial in building his/her confidence.
  • Be Happy: It seems very silly but the fact is when the child is surrounded by happy faces and peaceful environment, he/she becomes more confident. Always be happy in front of your child, avoid pretence.
  • Time: Play or get involved in activities with your child, make him feel important and worthy of your time. He/she is your priority, and involving with him/her will help create a distinct bonding and make your child learn a lot of new things.
  • Encourage: Constantly encourage your child to attempt something new or to practice a new hobby. Understand the child’s talents and motivate him to practice.

Every time you address your child, he forms a pattern related to you and your mood – addressing the child by his/her first name gives him/her a sense of pride and confidence. When you use nickname to address he understands what’s coming next. It can be aptly said, “Every action or reaction of a parent has a profound impact on the child.”

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