Resuming Work After Delivery

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Resuming Work After Having A Baby Requires Some Planning

The biggest challenge for any woman after pregnancy is taking care of new born and meeting his demands. It becomes even more difficult when a lady is working and if she plans to resume work after delivery. With a little bit of pre-planning, patience and emotional intelligence you can surely prove that women can raise children and work, both with seamless effectiveness. . Here are a few tips which will prove to be very helpful for you if you are about to return to work post delivery.

  • Talk to Your Partner: Discuss with your husband that the things will change or become little difficult for both of you and baby, once you resume work. You both need to be physically and emotionally strong. At the same time make him understand baby is not only mother’s responsibility, father has an important role to play equally.
  • Kin Help: If you have someone from family to take care of your baby, you are lucky. Else, you need to go for babysitter or childcare center, whatever suits you best. Search for it in advance, that is, before you start going to work. Get a preview of how things will be by starting to leave the baby in the daycare for smaller intervals first. This dummy can be done before you resume office.
  • Official Maternity Benefits: There are companies who relax the office timings (relaxation of one or two hours for in and out time) for women who have recently delivered. It may be two hours early day off till fourth or sixth month of your delivery. Speak to your human resource manager to know about your benefits and leave policies.
  • Formal Shopping: Silly as it may sound, but you actually might get pissed off by not fitting into your old clothes, and this might make a way for a distressed day. Shop some smart outfits or see if you can get your old clothes altered.
  • Prepare Your Bag: Along with preparing a kit for your little one you must keep your medicines, a pump to take out milk from the breast when you are not feeding (prefer electric one: it saves energy and time), some fruits and nuts. Other than lunch you will have to eat something at regular intervals to keep your energy levels up.
  • Do Not Aim to Be Perfect! You are not God or magician. Things will get smoothen gradually. Initially your baby may not be able to adjust. You need to be little tough at times, so be prepared! You might feel exhausted in the initial days but circumstances would definitely change.
  • Get Maids: It is a good idea to depend on maids for household work so that you may save your energy and time for your baby and yourself. You may leave some tasks for weekends if they are not very urgent.

There is nothing bad about being career oriented, it’s just how you and your partner manage these few years. Be smart, play wise and win this situation!

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