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Baby on its way! Have You Bought the Right Things? Do you find yourself asking the same question and finding yourself on your first parenting test?
As the day closes in when you are ready to welcome the new family member there are a few very important things which you need to be prepared with. There are millions of baby products available in the market and while you will want to get most of them to cater to your newborn’s needs, you need to narrow down to the things you absolutely cannot do without.

Newborn Baby Shopping Checklist

We have furnished a checklist for the things you absolutely cannot afford to forego if you have a baby coming. In fact, we suggest you to buy these things before the birth is scheduled because you will need them immediately after the birth.

    1. Baby Clothes- They are the cutest!
      Though you are going to want to spend majority of your budget on those cute dresses, you should keep in mind that you are going to receive a lot of baby clothes from your friends and family and your focus should be on getting the ones you will surely need. They include:
      • The coming home outfit: Your baby will be going out of a protected environment for the first time so he will need some extra protection. If the weather is cold then you should cover your baby in an extra layer of clothes. If the weather is hot then it is alright to take him out in a single layer but it is advisable to use a sun hat or a blanket shade to protect him from overexposure to the sun
      • Some basic clothes: Comfort is the word. You baby’s skin is super sensitive so make sure the fabric you choose is soft and does not rub roughly on skin. Buy body suits, socks, lots of small towels, vests, mittens and bibs
      • Buy clothes which are easy slip-ins and take-offs

      Also, ensure that you buy 100% cotton clothes and prefer the ones that can be washed in the machine – you do not want to spend time doing the laundry when other things are far, far more important.

Newborn shopping essentials

    1. Nursery Items
      Nursery is the place where your baby will spend most of his time. At the same time it will be the place where you will store the things to take care of your baby. So, make sure you have the following items ready:
      • Cot or Bassinette: Though parents prefer cots more than Bassinets nowadays, if you find it more convenient to use them, it is absolutely fine. Just make sure that it has wheels which you can lock and that it fits properly on its stand. Cots and cribs are more in trend now. They will be more than just a bed to your baby because they will be able to play as well as sleep in it
      • Sleeping: Soft baby bedding, cot sheets or baby bottom sheets are some essentials for a sleep. A crib or a Moses basket or a cot, as your preference would be
      • Changing table: It will be a very helpful thing for you as the traps providing will help hold the baby still while you do the changing; probably 10 nappies a day!
      • Cot or crib mattress

      Though you would be tempted to fill the baby nursery with choicest of baby gears and furniture, we’d suggest you limit yourself on the essentials only.

    2. Baby Bathing Items
      A baby’s bathing time is very special both for the baby as well as the mother. The bath will help your baby relax and also give you a chance to bond with your baby. The experience should be fun, hygienic and safe. These items are a must-
      • Bath tub – it should be clean, preferably with round and soft corners, and should be comfortable for the baby
      • Baby soap and shampoo – buy baby products with pH 5.5
      • Hooded towels to keep your baby warm after a bath. Hooded towels also help wrapping the baby after the bath
      • Baby lotion, petroleum jelly, or nappy rash cream

      Baby bathing can be a delicate affair, not only you need to be careful while bathing your little baby, but also confident.

Bathing a newborn

    1. Feeding Supplies
      After you have decided whether to bottle-feed or breast-feed your baby you should definitely keep the feeding supplies ready to fill that little tummy.
      • Breastfeeding Essentials
        • Breast pump – this will help you pump the milk and store in bottles
        • Nursing bras – buy atleast 3 pairs so as to enable you to change every day
        • Breast-feeding support pillow
        • Other essentials required would be nipple shields, Maternity pads
        • Breast milk freezer storage containers
      • Bottle Feeding Essentials
        Feeding bottles, teats and other sterilizing equipment should be kept ready.
        • Feeding bottles – Preferably glass or good plastic
        • Burp clothes, and bibs – you’d find them handy
        • Nipples
        • Infant formula

Shopping for the baby

    1. Diapering Supplies
      One of the most important and perhaps most required item from the moment the baby arrives are nappies. Newborn baby’s nappies need to be changed at least 10-12 times a day. If you plan to use cloth nappies, keep a good stock of nappies so that if some day you do not wash them, you still have some next day. It is good to keep some disposable ones too. You would require baby wipes and cotton wool for changing nappies. You should be ready with:
      • Diapers or nappies – you can opt for disposable diapers or cloth nappies
      • Baby wipes – buy the ones that are moisturized, unscented and free from alcohol
      • Changing mat and changing table
      • Rash cream, baby powder, nappy liners and a bag that contains all the essentials

      Many parents like to leave the baby without any nappy or diaper a few hours everyday. That is not a bad thing either!!

    2. Travel Gear
      When you take the baby from the hospital or take him out after a few days of birth, you should have the following-
      • Stroller
      • Child car resistant
      • Care seats

      Though not compulsory in India, many countries as a rule do not allow parents to take the baby home without a car seat!

    3. Some Extras
      • Baby monitor
      • Toy bin
      • Burp clothes
      • Night lights
      • Slings and Baby Carriers

      Newborn Shopping

Some optional stuff which you may think of going for are bibs, diaper changing table, baby nail clippers, baby’s brush or comb. Buying baby’s essential items before the baby arrives is a wise decision, but it is also recommended that you do not go overboard with the shopping. Not only will it save time, but will also make it easy to take good care of your little one from the day she is born. If you do not have anyone to help, it becomes even more difficult to shop after baby’s birth – delivery blues, stitches and the fact that the baby needs you 24/7.
We are sure there are hundreds of other things you would have wanted to include in the list because when you are a parent, you can’t stop thinking of things useful for your baby. We are sure the list is endless but the above mentioned things are the ones you simply cannot afford to miss.


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