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8 Effective Ways To Treat Sore Gums In Babies

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Once your little one enters your world, those first milestones are memories that you will treasure forever. One such milestone is the eruption of the first tooth and that tiny little pearl puts a smile on everyone’s face. However teething does come with a lot of irritation and even sore gums for your little darling. The tears and crankiness that follows can be quite challenging and dealing with this can be an enormous task. Read on to know ways to effectively treat sore gums in babies and help them with the teething pain.
sore gums in babies

8 Effective Ways To Treat Sore Gums In Babies

Once your baby’s teeth starts pushing their way out, the little one’s gums begin to swell and become sore making the entire teething process quite uncomfortable and painful too. It can be heartbreaking as a parent to see your child cry in pain. But relax as here are 8 simple tips that will help to relieve your baby of the pain and also reduce the soreness in your baby’s gums.

  1. Teething rings: Teething rings have been found to be quite effective for the little one to get some relief from their sore gums. So get some silicone teething rings that are easily available in the market and give them to your little one to chew after refrigerating it. These cold teething rings are sure to provide some relief for the baby’s sore gums. The frozen teething rings numb the area and the pressure is soothing for the inflamed gums
  2. Massaging gums: Massaging your baby’s gums with a finger dipped in cold water or even a cold spoon is found to be quite effective and age old remedy in easing the uneasiness of sore gums.
  3. Pacifier: Suppose the little one is not yet six months of age, a pacifier is also quite good Option. Chewing the nipples of the pacifier will help to soothe your baby’s gums that have turned sore due to teething
  4. Chewable foods: Suppose your little one has crossed six months of age, you can provide hard food that they can chew. Foods like breadsticks, rusk or extra hardened bread are good options. Even a cold banana or cucumber can be tried
  5. Teething gels: There are many teething gels that are easily available in the market today and are safe to use. They will provide temporary relief to your little darling. These gels normally contain an antiseptic and local anesthetic combination that works effectively to provide pain relief and also keep any kind of infections at bay. The only disadvantage is that they are washed off quickly by the little one’s excessive saliva that is another symptom of teething
  6. baby sore gums
  7. Over the counter medication: Suppose the little one is experiencing severe pain and uneasiness making them extremely cranky and irritable, you could try giving them over the counter medications like ibuprofen or Advil that will help to relive their discomfort of swollen and sore gums. Certain homeopathic medicines are also known to provide relief from teething pain
  8. Ginger: Ginger is also an excellent home remedy to treat sore gums. You just require taking a piece of peeled ginger and massaging the little one’s gums for a couple of minutes continuously. Ginger works as an anti-inflammatory when rubbed on your baby’s sore gums
  9. Almond extract: One more home remedy that is found to provide a soothing effect for sore gums is almond extract. You just need to mix a few drops of almond extract with little water. Massage this solution onto the gums of your baby either with cotton or with your fingertips. You need to repeat this procedure on a regular basis. It has been proven to be very effective for treating swollen gums in babies
Some Precautions While Dealing With Sore Gums In Babies
  • Remember that you should rub gently while massaging your baby’s gums and take care not to be harsh or exert too much pressure
  • Care should be taken to ensure strict measures of hygiene are followed while the little one is suffering from swollen gums due to teething as they drool excessively and try putting anything they find into their mouths
  • Ensure you brush the little one’s teeth twice daily with a tooth paste that is free of fluoride and make sure you use a soft and gentle tooth brush made for babies
  • Try indulging your little one’s attention in some kind of activity while you are massaging their gums as this will help to divert their attention
  • Make sure you buy good quality teething rings or pacifiers for your little baby. Also remember to sterilize these teething rings regularly so that your little one does not catch any infections. Avoid using liquid-filled teething ring because they can leak and also they cannot be sterilized
  • If you have given your baby something hard to chew, it is advisable to keep a watchful eye on your baby. This is because your baby may happen to take bigger chunks which can cause choking hazard

Swollen and sore gums are one of the most common symptoms that tell you your little one has begun teething. Relax and try out the above mentioned remedies that are sure to provide your little mite with some relief and help them deal with their sore gums.
Don’t forget to share in the comments section below as to what worked for your baby!

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