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Spotting during pregnancy or periods

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Spotting or bleeding while pregnant can be very traumatising for any women, but one can be self-assured that this I absolutely common if it is not very intense. Spotting means a light vaginal bleeding which is in pinkish or brownish colour much like the bleeding seen at the beginning or end of every normal menstrual cycle. But if the spotting is bright red colour, then it can be considered as bleeding. Whether it is spotting or bleeding it can be distinguished by its quantity, if it’s only a few drops then it is spotting, whereas if it possibly soaks a sanitary pad or panty liner it is bleeding.
Most women experience spotting at some point, but it can be a little unnerving for women who are experiencing this for the first time in their life. A million questions may be running through their mind such as; is this how spotting look like, is it nothing to worry or something more serious, and much more.
Here are five things that every woman should know about this common occurrence:

  1. Spotting is just light bleeding from the vagina. It’s similar to a period, but will be much lighter. The colour of the blood can vary from pink to brown. 
  2. During the early weeks of pregnancy, a little 
    spotting or bleeding is very common due to implantation. As many as one in five moms-to-be with an on-going pregnancy will experience some sort of bleeding in the first trimester. 
  3. A woman is slightly more likely to have spotting if they conceived with the help of an IVF treatment, or any other similar fertility treatments. If two embryos were put into the uterus, one may stop developing and this may trigger some bleeding. 
  4. Sometimes, spotting can be a sign of something more serious, such as a miscarriage and that is why it is always best to get it checked with the gynaecologist at the earliest.

 Dark or Pink Blood is Normal

If you are spotting and notice some dark brown or light pink blood, then it is perfectly normal. But red blood is a sign of complications incase of pregnancy and if not pregnant, then it is just the menstruation blood.Please note that If you are pregnant and notice red blood or spotting for a day or two continuously, you must consult with your doctor right away.

Signs of Implantation

If you have been having unprotected intercourse, the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine wall and may cause some bleeding. This is called implantation. This is a sign of pregnancy because implantation occurs shortly after conception. in this case, the spotting will be very light and the colour will be pink or brown. You might have to wait until a day after the missed period to test for pregnancy.

Spotting on and off May be a Sign of Pregnancy

During the early stages of pregnancy, typically the first trimester, many women experience spotting on and off. If you are doubtful whether you are pregnant or not, confirm with your doctor if you are pregnant with a test and also discuss about the spotting.  In case the doctor confirms pregnancy, check the type of spotting – a light red or brown blood is normal, but anything denser than a very light spotting is a cause for concern.

Spotting Can Happen Mid-Cycle or During Ovulation

Spotting can sometimes occur in the middle of your cycle or during ovulation.Bleeding during ovulation is typically dark brown in colour, it is light and does not last more than 2 or 3 days. The reason behind this is sometimes because of birth control ways which cause slower than normal levels of hormone.The spotting is likely to be just the onset of periods if you are experiencing other PMS symptoms and the spotting occurs just before your menstruation date.
So, the next time you experience spotting, ask yourself these questions to diagnose the cause;

  • When did you first notice the spotting?


  • Are you pregnant?
  • Are there any changes in your menstrual periods?


  • Are you facing any other symptoms such as fatigue or rapid heart rate?
  • Any medications you are taking?
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