Is Stem Cell Banking Good or Bad?

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Stem cells are those primary cells that multiply and develop into specific cell types to build specific organs of our body. They are the constant manufacturers of our body cells from our birth to death. Now research has successfully proved that by transplanting healthy stem cells, one can get rid of the cell damage caused by accidents or diseases. But there are a lot of speculations on whether taking one’s stem cell in another person’s body is good or bad. Many conservative minds, religious groups, and anti-abortion groups are against this practice of taking stem cells from an embryo. But are stem cells good or bad? Can they bring revolution in medical science by rebuilding or replacing the damaged organs again? Here are all the truths and myths about stem cells so that you can judge why stem cells are good or bad.

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Why are Stem Cells Good?

We can say stem cells are good because they are helping us discover many new aspects of medical science. Replacing an organ is a tough job. Finding the matching donor and waiting for them to donate is another difficulty. But what if one can take a human or even an animal organ and strips the cells chemically from it, and let the recipient’s stem cells build the new cells for the organ? Then there will be no chance for a mismatch. During this process, which is named the recellularization or decellularization process, the recipient’s stem cells are taken from the bone marrow and applied on the scaffold or extracellular matrix of the donor organ to create fresh and matching cells for the recipient. In this, even a pig can be taken as a donor because their organ size is quite similar to humans. Though the use of animal organs is still a distinct process from practical implementations, yet things are going in the way to minimize the organ donor shortage. The decellularization process has already successfully transplanted re-cellularized kidneys, hearts, and lungs in rats and mice. By letting the research continue on stem cells, we can get a better future, where complex human organs can get fully artificially scaffold with all their fine structures and necessary functions.

If you are still confused about whether stem cells are good or how good is stem cell banking then this point will clarify it. As we age, our stem cells gradually stop repairing or maintain their health. They only focus on multiple new cells. This eventually causes our aging, along with organ, and tissue failures. Researchers have found a way of stopping aging by infusing young blood with old tissue. By doing so, the aged stem cells can restore their youth and reverse the course of aging of the tissue to some extent. So there is no doubt that by the near future stem cell research will give us new life or new youth by rejuvenating our aging tissues and organs.

Stem cell researchers can help to create advanced regenerative medicine that can repair mechanical damages caused because of aging; such as worn-out joints and muscles. The success of this can redirect the person’s own stem cells to repair the damage of his organ without any surgery. Diseases like cancer and Parkinson’s disease slowly eat up the cells and cause their premature death and permanent void on the tissue or organ. By supporting stem cell research, many lives thus can be cured and saved.

researcher doing stem cell research in lab

Myths and Truths about Stem Cells:

Here are the myths or misconceptions about stem cell research that make people doubt whether stem cell banking is good or bad.

  • Stem Cell Therapy is Illegal:

While there is a restriction on embryonic stem cells, but adult autologous stem cell therapies are fully legal.

  • Stem Cell Treatments are Fully Dependent on Embryos:

The embryo is not the only source for stem cell researchers. You may be concerned about stem cell banking good or bad as it involves exploiting the embryo to get fresh stem cells but this is not the only way. The umbilical cord, bone marrow, and even the adult body can be the source of stem cells as they are present in our body throughout. For the treatments of the spine, ligaments, joints, and tendons the stem cell from another adult’s body is routinely used. This can be collected from the adult’s bone marrow and the adipose tissue.

  • To Get Treatments Later We Need to Bank the Stem Cells at Birth:

Collecting umbilical cord blood for the future cure of the child is effective but not the only option. The adult stem cells from the adipose or fat tissue and bone marrow can effectively work as an alternative for knee replacement and spinal fusion.

  • The Best Source of Stem Cell is Bone Marrow:

As we age, the number of stem cells begins to reduce in the bone marrow but the adipose or fat tissue can retain the stem cells regardless of the age. They can contain 100 to 1000 times more stem cells than bone marrow in a specific volume.

  • It is Unsafe:

Stem cells are they good or bad or are they safe this must be your concern. Using autologous cells or a person’s own stem cells to form their organ is safer than transplanting another person’s organ into your body.

  • The Therapy is Unproven:

Research is going on every day and many people suffering from a degenerative lumbar disc, shoulders, low back, and joint pain are getting results.

  • Religions Do Not Approve It:

Though not embryonic, adult stem cell research is approved by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

So these are the misconceptions that make many of us wonder whether stem cells are good or bad or if stem cell banking good or bad. Now that all your doubts are cleared, embrace this innovative progress with an open heart.

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